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17 People All DSLR Video Beginners Should be Following. Canon EF 11-24 mm f4L - Canon 5d Mark III - Glidecam HD-4000 (random test shots 2) Cheap Steadicam Laing P-04 Camera Stabilizer DEMO. Wondlan Leopard II carbon fiber steadycam on a road test. Drops of Light - Canon EFS 17-55mm 1:2.8 IS USM. 9 camera cleaning mistakes photographers make (and how to avoid them) Keep your camera gear in top condition by avoiding these 9 common cleaning mistakes. 1.

9 camera cleaning mistakes photographers make (and how to avoid them)

Failing to dry and clean immediately Even if you have a weather- and dust-proof camera it’s best to dry and clean it as soon as possible after it’s got damp or dusty. In the first instance use a soft lint-free cloth to dab it dry and soak up as much moisture as possible. Then use a brush, or a dry cloth to brush or wipe off any dirt and dust. Take particular care if you’ve used your camera on a windy beach as there’s likely to be abrasive sand and corrosive salt on your kit. A blower brush or canned air is useful for blowing sand any without scratching – but take note of point 9 about using canned air. SEE MORE: 10 surefire ways to maintain the health of your new camera 2. Some cameras allow you to specify when the cleaning takes place – as the camera is turned on or off, or both. SEE MORE: Don’t bide the dust: a perfectly safe guide to sensor cleaning 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 21 pro tips for taking landscapes in bad weather.

It doesn’t matter if it’s overcast, misty, stormy or pouring rain; with these 21 expert landscape photography tips you’ll undoubtedly get great scenics.

21 pro tips for taking landscapes in bad weather

While we are all comfortable shooting landscapes when the weather is favourable, we should also be aware of the excellent opportunities that exist when it’s more challenging. It helps to develop an open-minded approach to the potential for taking great photographs, irrespective of the weather. Adopting the right mental attitude is important. When you look out in the morning and see that it’s raining, don’t leave your DSLR at home, instead it should be a time to celebrate some great photo ops. When you arrive at a location and discover that it is shrouded in thick mist, ponder your good fortune. It’s so easy to dismiss the ambient weather conditions as ‘ordinary’, but no such thing exists.

It really is disappointing to hear fellow landscape photographers complain that the weather had not been kind to them. How do thunderstorms form? Tutorial: Film Look & Mood. Easy grading: How to get a filmic look! (Tutorial) 17 People All DSLR Video Beginners Should be Following. I count my favorites down.

17 People All DSLR Video Beginners Should be Following

I’ve wanted to do this post for awhile now to share what I feel are the top 17 people to follow if you want to learn and be inspired for shooting DSLR Video. I am going to be counting them down, but before I start, this list is in order of how I feel when they have produced new content. You know that feeling you get when you see they have published something new. I look for people that are inspirational, educational or creative. Top 17 17. Oops, I totally forgot to add Tony Reale from NextWaveTV.

Now this list moves around a lot because some people that started sharing great stuff a year or so ago have become less sharing now so I have move them down a little bit. What I need help with is I know they are other people out there that I would love to know about so please leave a comment on who’s videos do you most look forward to seeing? Royalty free music by Products Used In This Video Used in this video Canon 50mm 1.8. 6 Things To Check Before Hitting the Movie Record Button On Your DSLR. Canon 70D Cinematic Color Correction and Grading.

Winter's fairytale (Canon 70D - 50mm f1/8 II, Sigma 17-50mm f2/8 OS HSM) Canon 70D Video - Photohunter - Part 2. Macro Red Ant. Nature Macro Video - Monsanto/Lisbon (Canon 60D) Macro Video of Incense Burning. Our World - Beauty of Nature [Short Film] 10 Tips for Beginner Filmmakers. NECESSARY CONDITION - Jaka Bulc. Petros Koublis. Clip-1794905-stock-footage-alone-tree-in-blizzard.

How to achieve a Film Look - DSLR film making.