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iOS Bug. The following message will freeze an iPhone when received as an iMessage and displayed as a banner notification.

iOS Bug

Use responsibly. This bug appears to only affect through iOS v10.1.1. 10.2+ does not seem vulnerable. Click in this text area Select all (ctrl+A or cmd+A) and copy Paste in Messages on Mac or in new note on to send from your phone You will not be able to copy/paste this text on your iPhone. You must create a new note from, open that note on your phone, and share via messages, or send via iMessage from a Mac. Update. Top 100 Best Blogs for iOS Developers to Learn and Gain Insights.

(by JP Zhang | Last updated: July 27, 2016 ) If you are looking for insightful and educational iOS development blogs, you've come to the right place.

Top 100 Best Blogs for iOS Developers to Learn and Gain Insights

Here are my 100 favorite, active blogs about iOS. While there's no shortage of high-quality iOS blogs on the web, I decided to separate the wheat from the chaff -- and share the absolute cream of the crop. Whether you're an experienced iOS developer looking to connect with other peers, or a student eager to improve your mobile app development skills, these blogs give you the tools, insights and techniques you need to get the most out of your software engineering journey. Recommended Training Although this article recommends the best industry blogs for you to follow and learn, another way to quickly improve your iOS dev skills is via training, especially for those of you who are new to iOS development.

Printable device sketch sheet templates for UI & UX designers. Behance. Mobile Payments Made Easy. Stripe. Buy and Sell Apps and Games for iOS and Android. App Store Optimization Blog - Why did I stop spamming the App store. (The death of Reskinning) Check Out These Great iOS and Android Development Blogs. A New Simplified iOS App Development Using Facebook's React Native - IT Blogs - MyTechLogy. Making the jump to smart phone application development from web application development might be scary for any web developers.

A New Simplified iOS App Development Using Facebook's React Native - IT Blogs - MyTechLogy

Facebook is now offering them a new open-sourced framework called React Native Framework to build applications for apple devices. The React Native Framework carries a new way to build user interface using HTML5 and other web standards to develop an application for iOS devices using a well used programming language called JavaScript. React Native compiles an application written in JavaScript into native views with a platform specified view.

User Experience. A Comparison of Syncing Technologies — Joel Grasmeyer. Over the last year, I've been evaluating several syncing technologies to use in a new app.

A Comparison of Syncing Technologies — Joel Grasmeyer

When Apple first introduced iCloud at WWDC in 2011, most of these technologies didn't exist. However, all of the problems with iCloud have pushed developers to come up with alternatives. It's great to see all of the syncing technologies that we have to choose from today, and it will be interesting to see how these technologies evolve over the next few years. This post discusses the pros and cons of the most popular syncing technologies from the perspective of my particular requirements. If you want to read about a few other syncing technologies, Alex Curylo wrote a great blog post back in April about the problems with iCloud and some alternatives.

Apple's App Bundles - Is There Still Potential For Paid Apps? How to build a mobile enterprise app that works everywhere. Mobile apps are a way of life.

How to build a mobile enterprise app that works everywhere

Employees expect the tools they need to get their jobs done will be available from their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and eventually watches and face computers. But it's challenging to build a useful app, especially for non-technology companies that have never done it before. You have to think about designing the app, connecting it to your enterprise backend, and powering it up with services like cloud storage, identity, push notifications, and management -- and unless you're imposing IT fascism on your employees, you have to serve a mixture of iOS, Android, and other platforms.

A Statistical Comparison of the iOS and Android Stores - ShinobiControls Website. A few months ago I published a blog post which showed the results of analysing the meta-data of 75,000 apps from the iTunes App Store.

A Statistical Comparison of the iOS and Android Stores - ShinobiControls Website

This analysis revealed some interesting results; 75% of apps are free, 60% have no ratings and the Entertainment category has the worst user ratings. This blog post continues the analysis by adding 60,000 Android apps into the mix. For those of you that like their information presented in tweet-sized portions, here are some quick results The iOS store has 3.5x more business apps than the Android store, and 2x more Education apps.Both stores have roughly the same number of free apps, at 75%The most expensive category in the Android store is Medicine at $21 avg, which is double the most expensive iOS category, Business, with an average price of $12.The average user rating of Android apps is slightly lower than iOS appsThe Apple store has 3x more apps with zero user ratings.

A deeper look at Amazon’s latest backend-as-a-service features. Building modern mobile apps used to be hard.

A deeper look at Amazon’s latest backend-as-a-service features

You had to set-up servers, design APIs and server applications, and set up databases; all before you wrote a line of mobile code. 5 Metrics for Measuring the Success of a Mobile App. “How do you go about measuring the success of a mobile app?”

5 Metrics for Measuring the Success of a Mobile App

- John | Marketing Executive Good question John. In this world of big data it’s the marketer with the right metrics that gets the cheese. Making a call on raw, unsegmented, broad, inaccurate or tampered data is a rookie mistake, and a fast way to kiss your job goodbye. La app economy creerà cinque milioni di posti di lavoro. Israel's Gingee joins the cross-platform app-development-tool fray. Israeli startup Gingee is launching its cross-platform app development tools today so mobile developers don’t have to go crazy developing for thousands of different devices.

Israel's Gingee joins the cross-platform app-development-tool fray

Gingee points out there are 11,000 different Android devices running eight distinct versions of Android — along with smartphones and tablets working off iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and other platforms. And while app makers now use a cross-platform development solution for only 5 percent of the apps that they create, 68 percent of them expect to be able to do so by 2015, according to data from mobile market researcher Research2Guidance.

Subway Surfers creator explains why co-development is key in mobile games. Not all players are the same!

Subway Surfers creator explains why co-development is key in mobile games

Join GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi for a free webinar on April 29th that will explore why players leave Free to Play games and how you can change this. Sign up here. Smartphone Market Share by Country - Q3 2013: Android Dominates Outside US, Windows Phone Grows in Europe. It's time for my quarterly recap of smartphone market share trends by region. As usual, global sales figures are from Gartner, while region-wise market share figures are from Kantar. In Q3, Android continued to lead the market, the iPhone saw a cyclical decline leading up to the iPhone 5C/5S launch and Windows Phone continued to grow at a smaller scale.

The chart above shows Gartner's global smartphone sales (sell-through) estimates. Nearly 82% of the 250 million smartphones sold in Q3 ran on the Android operating system, while iOS and Windows Phone represented 12% and less than 4% of the market, respectively. Android recently became the fastest platform to reach 1 billion users and has yet to register a single sequential, quarterly decline in smartphone sales/shipments. The Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform App Design. In 2011, having a mobile strategy shifted from "nice to have" to "must have" for businesses of all sizes. In 2012, that same shift is taking place when it comes to supporting multiple mobile platforms. Sure, some companies can focus on just one operating system and exclude all others, but most businesses and brands need to target myriad device types. It's no longer enough to just have an iPhone app — even small and medium sized businesses need to have a plan to support iPad, Android phones, the Amazon Kindle, larger Android tablets, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Developing for all of these platforms is a challenge, especially for the developer or business with limited resources. Fortunately, an entire sub-industry of development tools and languages exist to help solve this problem. Disponibile il Belkin WeMo, l’interruttore che si controlla dall’iPhone. Ricevi telefonate anonime? Ora puoi sapere chi è. Little Italy Startup by Max Ciociola, La app che fa "vedere" i non vedenti. E' italiana. Presentata ieri al Keynote di Apple. Luca Ciaffoni non ha un ufficio, non ha una srl, non ha convocato una conferenza stampa per lanciare la sua App Ariadne Gps per iOS. iOS 7 tops 2013 Mobile OS User Experience Benchmarks. iOS 7 has taken top billing in Pfeiffer Consulting’s annual Mobile OS User Experience Benchmarks, scoring just over 73 percent against 57 percent for Android and 47 percent for Windows Phone.

The disunited state of Android. 77inShare Jump To Close An extensive survey has detailed what the Android market looks like with stunning clarity. OpenSignal (OS) looked at some 682,000 devices currently in use — the same sample size as its 2012 survey — revealing the split between manufacturers, their devices, Android versions, and screen sizes. There can be few charts that better demonstrate how Samsung has come to completely dominate the Android smartphone market: saturation. L'app che mappa gli edifici abbandonati. The disunited state of Android. Il Siri del futuro saprà chi sei e non dormirà mai.

Startup, l'italiana ProxToMe raccoglie 700mila dollari e lancia una nuova app. Mobile: non solo app. Il Ministero dell’Istruzione e veDrò lanciano un concorso digitale per studenti. Google Gets Patent for Using Background Noise to Target Ads. Google, on Tuesday, was awarded a patent for "advertising based on environmental conditions. " In other words, Google has patented the technique of using environmental factors gathered through a device's sensors to target ads at users. "When determining what ads to serve to end users, the environmental factors can be used independently or in combination with matching of keywords associated with the advertisements and keywords in user search queries," the patent reads.

"A web browser or search engine located at the user's site may obtain information on the environment (e.g., temperature, humidity, light, sound, air composition) from sensors. Advertisers may specify that the ads are shown to users whose environmental conditions meet certain criteria. " Nokia premia un informatico di Ragusa«Tutte le strade mi portano via dall’Italia»

Panpan - ask everywhere. Un iPhone, Raspberry Pi e Siri bastano per controllare la tua casa. Siri, l’assistente virtuale lanciato poco più di un anno fa da Apple e ancora in fase beta, ha un enorme potenziale, tanto che diversi geni dell’informatica sono riusciti ad utilizzarlo per i più disparati scopi. Siemens lancia HomeControl, la nuova app su iPhone per i controllori HVAC (sistemi di riscaldamento, ventilazione e condizionamento dell’aria)

Le 10 cose che la Apple non vuole dire. Tapjoy. Ubuntu Linux arriva sugli smartphone dal 2014. Ecco com'è. L’esigenza dell’appendice digitale e gli smartphones sempre più “smart” Intervistiamo la Hungry Nerdz, software house nata da un corso universitario! Apple e Samsung rendono pubblici i dati di vendita dei propri prodotti durante il processo. Da telefono cellulare a terminale di pagamento: Ingenico punta sui sistemi m-pos di RoamData per i pagamenti mobili. Lo smartwatch è sold out. Le apps più interessanti dei social network di prossimità. Mercato pubblicitario in crisi, web in crescita E a Catania arriva un corso dedicato. Apple accredita ufficialmente OpenStreetMap per le mappe incluse in iPhoto. iPay, il nuovo servizio di pagamento elettronico targato Apple?

As global consumers shop mobile, Apple outshines rivals. Reaching the fastidious mobile consumer. Internet delle cose, 7 meraviglie alla portata di tutti. News Province siciliane - Catania. Why Apple is Winning: Innovation, Opportunity and Execution. Facebook compra Instagram. Ecco perché. San Antonio NISD Schools Tracking Kids with RFID pilot program. Point Inside » Why “Check-Ins” aren’t enough. App native contro web app: quali sono meglio? Lillipuz: il Mobile Personal Network ora in versione beta! Using Virtual Worlds to ‘Soft Control’ People’s Movements in the Real One.