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Jayashree Iyer is a Business development manager for Marg online. She brings vitality, professionalism, warmth and a mindset of service and advocacy to her work with clients and Marg Online. Her primary focus is to build awareness about Marg Online unique capabilities among prospective clients, and develop and maintain relationships with current and past clients.

Why Self Control Is Lost And How To Reactivate It.

Why Self-Control Is Lost And How To Reactivate It? People who lose self-control ultimately upset their performance. Avoid any such scenarios and practices that can make your employees lose self-control. #SelfControl #LeadershipSkills #LeadershipDevelopment Read More @: – margonlinebangalore

Are You A Transformer Or Conformist. If you communicate in the same way every day, do you think you will get different results?

Are You A Transformer Or Conformist

Obviously not! If you want the results to change, you will first have to change your attitude and presentation. It is true that there is no neutrality in the world. How Can Technical People Become Soft Skill Superstars? We all have seen how proficient technical people are in their field of work.

How Can Technical People Become Soft Skill Superstars?

But, we have also seen how cold and distant they could be when it comes to dealing with people. Obviously, technical abilities are the key to professional success, but soft skills like personal interaction and communication are also equally important. How To Implement Change Across Functions? Change management aims to increase the likelihood of new initiatives that can deliver the intended outcomes.

How To Implement Change Across Functions?

MARG offers a specialized program that offers professional Change Management Training in Bangalore to leaders, directors, and all those who have the responsibility of the company goals on their shoulders. When an organization introduces change with a project or initiative, the change needs to be managed by both people and technologies involved, only then can the outcomes be effective. The management generally provides all the processes, tools, and structure that need to be implemented for the change. Therefore, the technological side ensures that the change is applied and delivered effectively. Now, when it comes to the people's side, the employees who have to undergo changes in their regular processes are the ones responsible to ensure that change is adopted and utilized proactively. Mutual goal identification. The 5 Best Methods To Train Employees! There are various ways in which one can train their employees for better productivity in the workplace.

The 5 Best Methods To Train Employees!

The most popular ones include internship training, apprenticeship training, on-the-job training, off-the-job training, and vestibule training. Before selecting a method, you must make sure which training method best suits your organization’s requirements. Check for the skills of candidates you have, time available, depth of knowledge, amount of capital that can be spent, etc. Let us take a look at each training method in detail. Which Soft Skills Should A Manager Possess? What Are The Different Types Of Executive Coaching? Why would an executive opt for coaching?

What Are The Different Types Of Executive Coaching?

The basic reasons could be because he may be stuck up at a point and looking for a way to move the organization ahead where he can find nobody for assistance or discussion, or because he may be ready to bring about some change for improvement, but he may not be sure what the change should be. Executive coaching helps such executives to go from where they are, to where they want their organization to be, by utilizing a different perspective and reaching a definite goal.

Executive coaching in Bangalore helps executives to identify problems, work them out, apply solutions, and review results. All of this when done properly can lead to long-lasting learning. The main reason such coaching is successful is because the coach is from a third party not tied to the organization, and can thus provide a focus that other forms of organizational support cannot.

Developmental Coaching. How To Manage Expats The Right Way? In today’s global economy, having a team that is confident in the ways of the world is a necessity.

How To Manage Expats The Right Way?

This is why we see majority of large sized companies, and those that can afford it, sending their professionals abroad. However, such international assignments are not economical. What Kind Of Leadership Is Required Today? What Qualities Prove The Effectiveness Of A Manager? Being an effective manager means having the right traits and qualities.

What Qualities Prove The Effectiveness Of A Manager?

A manager cannot be called an effective one without having the right leadership skills. Why And Which Communication Skills Are Important In A Workplace? What does it take to be a successful professional?

Why And Which Communication Skills Are Important In A Workplace?

Obviously it is your skills and knowledge, your education, your talent, your art of taking up an opportunity, and your beforehand preparation. But, the list is incomplete without effective communication! Indeed, communication is one of the most important pillars that help us portray ourselves better, and build better relationships with your seniors, co-workers, team members, employees, and clients. Best ways to manage a team member who does not work well with other members of the team (manager’s perspective) The success of a manager largely depends on how the individuals in her/his team perform and can achieve the team objectives by working together cohesively.

Best ways to manage a team member who does not work well with other members of the team (manager’s perspective)

For this, the manager should have clear expectations set for each team member and as a team and the team should have a work culture established.I recommend the following 2 ways to manage a team member who does not work well with other team members: Establish a team culture /team identity Every individual team member is usually aware of their own roles and responsibilities but teams together face a lot of hurdles if clear expectations are not set as to in what areas and how they should work together, what would be the team identity, how should they behave with each other on work or otherwise.

This should clearly establish the common ground rules signed off by all team members and that should discourage an individual to stand out by not adhering to the same. 4 Tips To Building A High Performing Team. Everyone wants to build up a team that brings in expected or more-than-expected results every time.

4 Tips To Building A High Performing Team

However, this isn't as easy as it may seem. Do You Need Microsoft Excel Training? Microsoft Excel is an application that is highly employed in both corporate as well as personal usage. In the business world, it is very important to make a large impact on employee and company productivity. Microsoft Excel is indeed useful in every workplace and must be utilized by every organization. However, if your company faces one or more of the below mentioned most commonly faced issues, you must be very quick in having your employees trained in Excel for professional benefits. You can approach MARG for the finest MS Office training in Bangalore, where your employees can grasp the knowledge of not only Excel, but all other MS Office tools thoroughly too. #GroupThink #Leadership #TeamManagement How to Eliminate #Bias from the #Workplace? Read More @:… Is Excessive Conversation At The Workplace Diminishing Your Energy? Although communication is one of the most important aspects of being a professional, it is important to know how much communication is needed in the workplace.

Communication skills have always been focused upon by leaders while looking for hiring people on the job. However, majority of these leaders also admit that 80% of their entire day is spent in conversations that are actually not even needed. These conversations include meetings, phone calls, email conversations, video conferences, and teleconferences. This leaves only 20% of the day to complete all other critical tasks required of a leader. The 80% of conversation time is sure to diminish your energy by a great extent, leaving you with only a scattered amount of energy to do the tasks in hand. There are two main conversation types that are used in the working environment. Let us consider a setting where you consider implementing a new process within your organization. Does Your Team Possess These Important Communication Skills? Communication is one of the most important elements of life.

In both personal and professional scenarios, the way you communicate with others decides on half of the relationship you share with those around you. Whichever level you work at in your workplace, you need to master some specific communication skills to help you be effective and build a bond with your fellow mates, juniors, and seniors. With MARG’s professional communication skills training in Bangalore, you can master all of the below mentioned most important business communication skills, along with many others that will help you walk the path towards success. Verbal skills. Work Upon These Traits For Highly Effective Speech Delivery. We generally consider our words and language as the most important elements of a conversation. But, do you know that this is not true!? Yes, the words you speak are not the most important part when you have a face-to-face conversation with someone. How to Help Your Employees Become Better Problem Solvers?

As an entrepreneur, you have a vision for your company. You know what you want to achieve, and you may also know how. But this doesn’t mean that you are going to do all the chores on your own. To make a successful company, you need a complete team to work for you. It is your employees who are going to work for you. Their involvement and their actions are what can make or break the possibility of achieving success. Hire the right staff The process of having an effective problem solving team begins right from the time you hire your staff. Give them space. How Can You Be a Successful and Confident Leader? Ethics Of Change Management. Years back, there weren’t such huge markets as are today.

Markets were either closed or undeveloped. Therefore, leaders could easily deliver their expectations through a strategic plan. But today, with huge markets and competition, the entire scenario has changed. Are women still struggling to maintain work-life balance? Bengaluru-based Marg trains them to become effective. Which Soft Skills Are The Most Important In 2017? - Communication, Presentation and Soft skills training in Bangalore. Soft skills are the qualities every employee today is ought to have, no matter which level in the organization he may be working on. How important is team building for virtual employees? Are You The Right Task Delegator? One of the important tasks of being a leader or manager is to assign tasks to your team.

More importantly, it is about assigning the right tasks to the right people to bring positive outcomes. How Does MS-Office Knowledge Help In The Work Environment? MargOnline: Marg Online Social Profiles List 2017. How To Build Up Leadership Qualities Even Before Becoming One? Soft skills Training & Workshops Bangalore  How Are Team Building Events And Team Outing Different? You may think that team building events and team outings are one and the same thing.

Every layman would feel these two to be the same, but there is a very big difference between the two. An Introvert’s Guide to Communication. Facts And Myths About Organizational Change. MARG Is Now A Member Of The Prosci Global Affiliate Network - Communication, Presentation and Soft skills training in Bangalore. Soft Skills Training in Bangalore, Communication skills, Leadership Training Bangalore – Marg Online.