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Jayashree Iyer is a Business development manager for Marg online. She brings vitality, professionalism, warmth and a mindset of service and advocacy to her work with clients and Marg Online. Her primary focus is to build awareness about Marg Online unique capabilities among prospective clients, and develop and maintain relationships with current and past clients.

What Are The Secrets Of Successful Leadership? Every organization today has leaders to lead the team.

What Are The Secrets Of Successful Leadership?

May it be a small company or a big enterprise, the number of leaders range from one to multiple. But, not all of those leaders are the best ones. There are certain attributes that set some of the special and great leaders apart from the other average ones. Leadership styles and attributes can be learnt through professional courses, seminars, mentors, etc.

One such place where you can get the best kind of leadership skills training in Bangalore is MARG, who has been providing the same successfully to clients since more than a decade. Leadership is often confused with management and supervision. Finding people who do the right thing is very difficult, which is just the quality of a true leader. How To Balance Professional And Personal Life? We have all faced, are facing, or are bound to face this dilemma at some point or the other in our lives.

How To Balance Professional And Personal Life?

When we start off our career, we are so enthusiastic to make lots of money that we get carried away with our work. But, slowly you start realizing that you hardly have time for your family and friends, and even yourself! How to Deal With Conflict in the Workplace? Conflict is a very common scenario that can be seen between any two people or groups of people.

How to Deal With Conflict in the Workplace?

It could be between family, friends, relatives, or co-workers. Escaping conflict is next to impossible in human relationships, but it is very important that these conflicts are handled skillfully. When conflicts are on the personal front, they can be handled and even forgotten in a matter of time because of the bonding between the two parties. But, when conflict rises on the professional front, it can lead to devastating results.

Why Is Communication The Most Desirable Soft Skill By Employers? While intelligence and educational qualifications are important traits, employers say that verbal communication is the most important skill for job candidates.

Why Is Communication The Most Desirable Soft Skill By Employers?

They say that poor interpersonal skills are one of the most common reasons for employee failure. In fact, the need for effective communication is essential in every industry and every role. None of us can work entirely individually; we work with a team – it could be our colleagues or subordinates – which is why communication is important to provide direction and share information. As a matter of fact, communication is the foundation of professional relationships. Employers use verbal communication skills to explain their business decisions to the staff in different departments or to clients. Indeed, the ability to communicate well is often taken for granted.

Be a good listener Being a good speaker is only one side of the coin. How to Improve Business Communication Skills? - Marg Online Training in Bangalore - Quora. Have You Procured The Benefits Of Microsoft Office Training? Microsoft Office has been one of the most basic and most useful tools for majority of businesses worldwide.

Have You Procured The Benefits Of Microsoft Office Training?

In fact, the success of many businesses relies upon the usage of this amazingly useful tool; no matter what the business or industry. Choosing to provide your staff with professional MS Office training in Bangalore from experts like MARG is a wise decision to help them utilize the programs like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel to the fullest. Also, you can maximize the benefits of MS Office training by making a few other prudent judgments, like those mentioned below.

How To Possess Confidence In Your Communications? Confidence is one of the most important qualities of professionalism one must have.

How To Possess Confidence In Your Communications?

Confidence within you can gain confidence about you within others. This means that if you appear confident about yourself, you will have a positive influence on others, which will help you communicate your thoughts in a way that your words will be accepted quickly; thus making it easy for you to explain things and get tasks done easier. One of the elements that greatly exhibit confidence/uncertainty about a person is his speech and speaking skills. This is why people opt for a professional communication skills training in Bangalore where they are taught what to do and what not to do while communicating, in order to have the best effect, personally and professionally. How Can Communication Go Wrong Or Unproductive? In today’s competitive world, we all know how important effective communication is.

How Can Communication Go Wrong Or Unproductive?

To gain respect, to gain people by your side, and to gain success, you first need to be an effective communicator so that you can converse with those around you effectively and gain their consent in whatever you say. Gaining consent simply by communicating is an art, which is definitely inborn, but can also be learnt if practiced well. You need to get yourself signed up for professional communication skills training in Bangalore with professionals like MARG, who can up your communication skills by focusing and working upon your barriers to communication, approach, greeting, daily office communication, and also workplace etiquettes.

What Qualities Prove The Effectiveness Of A Manager? Being an effective manager means having the right traits and qualities.

What Qualities Prove The Effectiveness Of A Manager?

A manager cannot be called an effective one without having the right leadership skills. How To Bring About Change In The Workplace Effectively? Change management is a complex yet vital process for any workplace so that the business can stand tough in the competitive business world.

How To Bring About Change In The Workplace Effectively?

In today’s huge market and harsh competition, every big and small company needs to face and adapt to change. But before anything else, there must be an understanding of the process of change to encourage desired results. Next, the company’s culture, values, and people need to be aligned. Depending upon the type of organization, the external environment, and the change objectives, different approaches towards change can be taken. How Should You Handle Poor Performers In The Wo... - Marg Online Training in Bangalore - Quora. What Can Be Learnt From Team Building Activities? When working as a team, one of the most difficult things to do is work on the team, meaning that with everyday tasks, we don’t take time to focus on what makes us strong, what annoys us, and what we could learn from one another.

What Can Be Learnt From Team Building Activities?

Every group and every individual is different, and this makes it even more important to ensure that the people working on a team are able to work together as productively as possible. This is where team building becomes important, where special tasks are planned to be assigned to team members, keeping in mind the unique mix of personalities and project requirements. Team building is extremely important and crucial for every organization, no matter what size or which industry it may belong to. However, the planning done for team building activities is of utmost importance. What your people experience during the activities and how they use the experience as a memorable and impactful tool in the workplace is what is important.

Understanding others. What Should Leaders Do For Their Employees? People pursue many jobs in the lifetime of their career. There are so many bosses, seniors, and leaders they work with. But, out of all those, there are only a few remarkable ones who they remember – some so good to be valued forever, while the others shockingly awful! So, which of the two groups would you like to be in? Obviously, we all want to be on the good side. Top Soft Skills That Can Help You Get and Keep a Job. How Do Leaders Handle Difficult Conversations At Work? Having difficult conversations is a crucial part of every leader’s job. Although it may seem to be stressful, but it actually helps both employees and companies evolve. And, to get the best results, it is important that you plan in advance how you will communicate difficult messages. Sharing difficult news is tricky, but planning up on these leadership skills and tactics can improve the process. While many of us would always try to avoid conflict, it is advisable to go towards it instead.

After all, it is only through facing the damage that repair can take place. How To Build Up Self-Confidence Within Your Employees? We all know how the world keeps changing every day to embrace progress and success. This makes it the only reason why employers look for hiring employees who are willing to change with time, and are capable enough to do so too. But, do you know which personality trait is the most important to deal effectively with change? The answer is ‘Confidence’. Confident people are self-motivated to take any risks that come their way, and find a way out of it. No matter how smart or skilled your employees may be, but if they lack confidence, you will always see them performing below their potential.

You may have conveyed your thoughts about an employee being the best one for performing a particular task; you may have been good enough to tell your employee that he is doing a great job; you may have been telling someone how smart he is; but, in spite of all this, your employees may not be sure. Treat them with respect. What Are The Outcomes Of Positive Leadership? Every individual faces some sort of negativity in his personal and professional life. Those who overcome this negativity and problematic situations, and come out with flying colours of positivity, are the ones who succeed. And if you are a leader, positivity is even more important in order to lead a team optimistically and bring affirmative results. But, this does not mean you fake positivity. You need to really get off the negativity around you and bring in positivity into the environment.

How to Develop the People You Lead? Leaders are those who are looked upon in every situation by the team for assistance, guidance, and actions to be taken. Leaders are the role models for those below them, who notice them and act just like they do. Are You Damaging Your Business Relationships? To build any kind of relationship, personal or professional, you need to put in lots of efforts from both sides. More than putting in some good communication skills, you need to put out some wrong habits that can endanger the chances of maintaining business relationships. Why Self Control Is Lost And How To Reactivate It. Are You A Transformer Or Conformist. How Can Technical People Become Soft Skill Superstars?

How To Implement Change Across Functions? Change management aims to increase the likelihood of new initiatives that can deliver the intended outcomes. The 5 Best Methods To Train Employees! Which Soft Skills Should A Manager Possess? What Are The Different Types Of Executive Coaching? How To Manage Expats The Right Way? In today’s global economy, having a team that is confident in the ways of the world is a necessity. What Kind Of Leadership Is Required Today? What Qualities Prove The Effectiveness Of A Manager? Why And Which Communication Skills Are Important In A Workplace? Best ways to manage a team member who does not work well with other members of the team (manager’s perspective) The success of a manager largely depends on how the individuals in her/his team perform and can achieve the team objectives by working together cohesively.

For this, the manager should have clear expectations set for each team member and as a team and the team should have a work culture established.I recommend the following 2 ways to manage a team member who does not work well with other team members: 4 Tips To Building A High Performing Team. Everyone wants to build up a team that brings in expected or more-than-expected results every time. However, this isn't as easy as it may seem. Do You Need Microsoft Excel Training? #GroupThink #Leadership #TeamManagement How to Eliminate #Bias from the #Workplace? Read More @:…

Is Excessive Conversation At The Workplace Diminishing Your Energy? Does Your Team Possess These Important Communication Skills? Work Upon These Traits For Highly Effective Speech Delivery. How to Help Your Employees Become Better Problem Solvers? How Can You Be a Successful and Confident Leader? Ethics Of Change Management. Are women still struggling to maintain work-life balance? Bengaluru-based Marg trains them to become effective.

Which Soft Skills Are The Most Important In 2017? - Communication, Presentation and Soft skills training in Bangalore. How important is team building for virtual employees? Are You The Right Task Delegator? How Does MS-Office Knowledge Help In The Work Environment? MargOnline: Marg Online Social Profiles List 2017. How To Build Up Leadership Qualities Even Before Becoming One? Soft skills Training & Workshops Bangalore  How Are Team Building Events And Team Outing Different? An Introvert’s Guide to Communication. Facts And Myths About Organizational Change. MARG Is Now A Member Of The Prosci Global Affiliate Network - Communication, Presentation and Soft skills training in Bangalore. Soft Skills Training in Bangalore, Communication skills, Leadership Training Bangalore – Marg Online.