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Interactive Games for Coral Reefs

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The Sant Ocean Hall - Coral Reef Interactive. Ral reefs around the world. The Coral Reef Game. S Coral Reef Conservation Program: Interactive Reef. How to Use the Interactive Reef About this Resource How to Use the Interactive Reef As you move your mouse to hover over the painting, ten of the species will 'light up' as you pass the mouse over them.

s Coral Reef Conservation Program: Interactive Reef

By clicking on these species, a feature page is brought up. The page includes a photograph of that species, a fact about it, its role in a reef ecosystem, and a threat to the species. To view information on another species, simply click on the red 'X' at the top of the feature page to return to the main image. Coral Reefs. Shedd Aquarium. Reef IQ Game.

Launch the interactive game by clicking the image below and see how good you are at spotting and naming the coral reef creatures!

Reef IQ Game

First, choose the equipment you'll need for your survey. Next, learn what you might find down in the deep. Then, dive into your first virtual survey! Why not challenge your friends to see who's the quickest and best coral reef surveyor? This game can also be used in schools as part of the Reef IQ Educational Program. ReefQuest CoralWatch Virtual Survey - ReefQuest.

What is CoralWatch?

ReefQuest CoralWatch Virtual Survey - ReefQuest

CoralWatch is an organisation built on a research project at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. CoralWatch uses the Coral Health Chart as a simple, non-invasive method for the monitoring of coral bleaching, and assessment of coral health. The accuracy and efficacy of the CoralWatch protocol was.