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1-to-1 Learning | 21 Steps to iPad Success. Online Flashcards. Mobilize your notes. Study on the bus or in line for a taco. Free mobile apps mean instant access to every note and flashcard you need. If you've got two minutes, you've got time to review your study materials. Get your score before the test. It's one thing to study a lot. The end of forgetting. Assignment notebooks have a modern, good-looking cousin. Study more. There's some irony in the two binders, four textbooks, and 22 handouts required for this semester's Environmental Studies coursework. The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study.

In the first two terms of implementing an iPad programme, Longfield Academy in Kent have noticed a great impact on teaching and learning. Research carried out on behalf of Naace and supported by 9ine consulting is published here. It’s really exciting to be able to announce our research into the use of iPads. After a successful implementation at Longfield Academy in Kent and two terms of embedded use, the research shows some incredibly positive impacts on teaching and learning. The report on the research, carried out on behalf of Naace and supported by 9ine Consulting is available below. It outlines the conclusions of one of the most extensive studies so far undertaken into the use of tablets for learning. Please note: the tablet implementation surveys here include the questions used in this research.

Any further queries can be directed via The iPad as a Tool For Education - a case study. Education Today Term 3 11.indd. Laura Candler's Teaching Resources - Free Printables and Lesson Ideas for Teachers! §. Aussie Educator - Education in Australia. Types of WebQuests - What is a WebQuest? - WebQuest Direct - The world's largest searchable directory of reviewed WebQuests. NFSA Digital Learning - Digital Resource Results. NFSA Digital Learning - Digital Resource Finder. Home - Chinese-Australian Historical Images in Australia. Picture Australia. Picture Australia has been absorbed into Trove. It was originally launched in September 2000, and at that time, was a unique and ground breaking service, bringing together digitised images from cultural heritage collections around Australia for not only all Australians to see but also the world.

Contemporary images were sourced from Flickr via a series of Groups, which ensured individual contributions to Picture Australia were included in the snapshot of Australiana. We will continue with this tradition using the Trove: Australia in Pictures Group. To read more about how we integrated Picture Australia into Trove please see the bulletins in the Trove forum. Please be aware that as a result of this integration the format of search URLs have changed, therefore any saved or bookmarked Picture Australia hyperlinks that use search terms will no longer work. (eg: ( Irony Worksheets. Of all the concepts with which my students struggle, irony may be the most challenging. These resources have been useful in my attempts, I hope that you may too find some use for these.

Irony Worksheet - Read examples of irony and determine which of the three types of irony is used (verbal, situational, or dramatic). Explain your answer. Suggested reading level for this text: Grade 5-9Irony Worksheet RTFIrony Worksheet PDFPreview Irony Worksheet in Your Web BrowserAnswersIrony Practice 1 | Ereading Worksheet Irony Worksheet 2 – Five more examples of irony. Students read each examples and determine whether they are instances of verbal, situational, or dramatic irony and then explain their answers. Irony Worksheet 3 – Six more practice problems. Irony Worksheet 4 – Students need lots of practice to accurately identify irony. Irony Worksheet 5 – Do you need more irony practice?

Irony Lesson – Slide show lesson about the three types of irony (verbal, situational, and dramatic). Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2009 - Highlights from Scotland's Results. English. Syllabus Documentation Revised Syllabus Word format (83 pages, 725 KB) Acrobat PDF (83 pages, 225K) Support Documentation Stage 5 English Course Performance Descriptors (to be used for grading for the Record of School Achievement) Advice on Programming and Assessment Word format (48 pages, 1.1MB) Acrobat PDF (48 pages, 296K) Fiction, Film and other Texts – A support document for the English Years 7–10 Syllabus Word format (108 pages, 528K) Acrobat PDF (108 pages, 336K) Suggested K–10 English texts This is a compilation of quality reading and viewing resources for teachers.

Life Skills Outcomes Worksheet Word format (1 page, 53KB) Acrobat PDF (1 page, 94KB) ICT Skills Reference. Pinterest / Home. ACMI Generator.