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Fascinating Photos from the Secret Trash Collection in a New York Sanitation Garage. (All Photos: Dylan Thuras) On the second floor of a nondescript warehouse owned by New York City's Sanitation Department in East Harlem is a treasure trove—filled with other people's trash.

Fascinating Photos from the Secret Trash Collection in a New York Sanitation Garage

Most of the building is used as a depot for garbage trucks, but there's a secret collection that takes over an entire floor. The space is populated by a mind-bogglingly wide array of items: a bestiary of Tamagotchis, Furbies; dozens of Pez dispensers; female weight lifting trophies; 8-track tapes; plates, paintings, sporting equipment and much more. This is the Treasures in the Trash collection, created entirely out of objects found by Nelson Molina, a now-retired sanitation worker, who began by decorating his locker. Collected over 30 years, it is a visual explosion, organized by type, color, and size. Unfortunately, this isn't a collection that keeps regular hours; drop-ins are not allowed.

Guitars, including an original Fender, surround the Michael Jackson shrine. Paradoja de Banach-Tarski. ¿Puede descomponerse una bola en un número finito de conjuntos de puntos y reensamblarse para dar como resultado dos bolas idénticas a la original?

Paradoja de Banach-Tarski

La paradoja de Banach–Tarski es un teorema en geometría teórica de conjuntos cuyo enunciado es el siguiente: A continuación vemos una versión más contundente del teorema: Informalmente esto se dice con frecuencia de la siguiente forma: Esta última forma se llama la "paradoja del guisante y el Sol. " La razón por la que se considera una paradoja a este teorema es porque contradice la intuición geométrica básica. South.park.9.jpg (474×341) Drinkin' & Drive-in. The above object d’ art is one of the more ingenious renderings I’ve seen on The Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954).

Drinkin' & Drive-in

It’s an island map, but it looks like the Creature himself. Why didn’t I think of that? I could be a millionaire right now if I did. Stupid brain cells, always letting me down. You can own this magnificent poster illustrated by the easily-pronounced Laurent Durieux by going to If you haven’t seen The Creature From The Black Lagoon, pull up a sitting device and let me regale you with my knowledge of said classic cinematic monster. Georgian Eye Jewellery. “Eye miniatures came into fashion at the end of the 18th century.

Georgian Eye Jewellery

In France, where eye miniature seems to have originated, the eye as symbol of watchfulness was adopted by the state police for buckles and belts. In Britain it had a role as a love token, with some eye miniatures glistening with a trompe-l’oeil tear, or a diamond set to imitate a tear. Nurse and baby in gas-masks, 1940. The Major Arcana. Police. Art 1. Optical Design. Tumblr_ll18fkWfbP1qiks5to1_250. Speculum y Luis García. Aprovechando la próxima aparición del maestro Luis García en El Manuscrito, voy a aprovechar para hacer una breve explicación de parte del significado de "Speculum", que como sabreis es la sesión de magia de cerca que vengo realizando útlimamente.Tengo intención de escribir un dosier explicando todo el significado y con el tiempo la unión de este significado con la estructura interna de los juegos y de la unión de todos dentro de la estructura global de método, significado, efecto y emoción de todo el "ente", "unidad metafórica" o acto mágico.

Speculum y Luis García

Pero esto supone un amplio trabajo pues habría que explicar uno a uno los detalles para ir uniéndose a los detalles totales, además de la relación con la persona del actuante y la interacción con el público, amén de un sinfín de aplicaciones teóricas y de Autoconvencimiento. Así que poco a poco. Luis García es una importante influencia en mi magia. Es uno de los mayores exponentes en la simbología en magia. Speculum significa en latín "espejo". Handkerchief code. An assortment of handkerchiefs Today, wearing color-coded handkerchiefs (bandanas), usually in the back pocket or around the belt loop, is the manner in which communication of desires and fetishes is achieved.

Handkerchief code

Wearing a handkerchief on the left side of the body typically indicates one is a "top" (one considered active in the practice of the fetish indicated by the color of the handkerchief), while wearing it on the right side of the body would indicate one is a "bottom" (one considered passive in the practice of the fetish indicated by the color of the handkerchief). This left-right reality is taken from the earlier practice of tops wearing their keys on the left belt loop and bottoms on the right to indicate being a member of the leather subculture. In the past bandanas might be worn tied around the neck (with the knot positioned on either the left or right side); around the ankle (when wearing boots or when undressed); or on other parts of the body. Origin[edit] Hanky code. Vesica piscis. The Vesica Piscis The vesica piscis is a shape that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other.

Vesica piscis

The name literally means the "bladder of a fish" in Latin. The shape is also called mandorla ("almond" in Italian). Mathematical description[edit] The archive page archive.