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Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio. FRANCE. 1957. Widow of Montmartre. Bruce Davidson USA. 1958. The Dwarf. USA. 1959. USA. 1960. USA. 1961. USA. 1963. Hellen van meene has photographed awkward adolescents for 20 years. "Rabbits can make babies so fast that we can't even count," muses Dutch photographer Hellen Van Meene.

hellen van meene has photographed awkward adolescents for 20 years

That speed is the essence of the title of her new collection of photographs, The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits. Taken from 1994-2015, the vast majority of the images are square portraits of young women. By turns awkward, gorgeous, opaque, and inviting, the photos are beautifully composed in a way that is often compared to Dutch master paintings. But Van Meene sees them as more ephemeral, "It's about the speed of life. The Astonishing Artistry and Aesthetics of African Masking. Masking is one of the oldest and most widespread cultural practices in the world.

The Astonishing Artistry and Aesthetics of African Masking

Whether at ancient Greek bacchanalia and Roman saturnia, at rituals and ceremonies in Igbo and Edo cultures in western Africa, masks have been used, paradoxically, to evoke the inner spiritual self and to communicate with animals, nature or supernatural beings. New York native and photographer Phyllis Galembo has a deep interest in costuming and masking in different cultures around the world: prior to her book, Maske – the result of more than five years dedicated to photographing participants at contemporary ritual masking, or masquerade events in western and central Africa and the Caribbean – she published books on masquerade in the US, on ancient voodoo and ritual clothing. “It wasn’t easy – my assistants tell me, never forget how hard it was!” Helen Levitt / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes.

During the early 1940's Helen Levitt made many photographs on the streets of New York.

Helen Levitt / Biography & Images - Atget / Videos Books & Quotes

Her photographs were not intended to tell a story or document a social thesis; she worked in poor neighborhoods because there were people there, and a street life that was richly sociable and visually interesting. Levitt's pictures report no unusual happenings; most of them show the games of children, the errands and conversations of the middle-aged, and the observant waiting of the old. What is remarkable about the photographs is that these immemorially routine acts of life, practiced everywhere and always, are revealed as being full of grace, drama, humor, pathos, and surprise, and also that they are filled with the qualities of art, as though the street were a stage, and its people were all actors and actresses, mimes, orators, and dancers.

Some might look at these photographs today, and, recognizing the high art in them, wonder what has happened to the quality of common life. Tina Modotti. Graciela Iturbide. Graciela Iturbide. Infrared photography black and white. Article Dedication In honor of Weegee and Kohei Yoshiyuki All photos are from Piercing Darkness project – a forthcoming limited edition artists’ book of infrared flash photography by Daniel D.

infrared photography black and white

Teoli Jr. Documentales de fotógrafas. Mary Ellen Mark And The Caged Prostitutes Of Mumbai : Goats and Soda. Rekha is one of the many caged prostitutes Mary Ellen Mark came to know as she photographed in the red-light district of Mumbai.

Mary Ellen Mark And The Caged Prostitutes Of Mumbai : Goats and Soda

Courtesy of Mary Ellen Mark Studio and Library hide caption itoggle caption Courtesy of Mary Ellen Mark Studio and Library. What Happened To The 9-Year-Old Smoking In Mary Ellen Mark's Photo? A good photograph can speak volumes about its subjects, yet still leave you wanting to know more.

What Happened To The 9-Year-Old Smoking In Mary Ellen Mark's Photo?

The acclaimed and prolific American photographer Mary Ellen Mark, who died May 25 at the age of 75, was known for her humanist portraits: homeless children in Seattle, prostitutes in India, a family living out of their car. In 1990, she took one of her most memorable shots, titled, "Amanda and her cousin Amy. " The location is listed as Valdese, N.C. "Amanda and her Cousin Amy": Mary Ellen Mark photographed Amanda Marie Ellison, 9 (right), and Amy Minton Velasquez, 8, in Valdese, N.C., in 1990.

Jean-François Jonvelle, le site officiel. Photo Juillet 1973 Photo Septembre 1973 Photo Aout 1977 Photo Juin 1981 Photo Novembre 1981 Photo Avril 1983 Photo Mai 1983 Photo Juin 1983 Photo Mars 1985 Photo Mai 1985 Photo Avril 1986 Photo Juin 1986 Photo Septembre 1986 Photo Novembre 1986 Photo Fevrier 1987 Jardin des modes Fevrier 1987 Photo Septembre 1987 Photo Mai 1988 Photo Novembre 1988 Jardin des modes 1988 Photo Avril 1989 Japon 1990 Japon 1993 Photo Mars 1996 Reponses photo Mai 1996 Chasseur d'images Aout 1996 Profession photographe Ete 1996 Photoargus Fevrier 1997 Gala Decembre 1998 Japon 1998 Femme Avril 1999 Photo Juillet 1999 Photo Octobre 1999 STUDIO Mars 2000 Photo Mai 2000 Photographe amateur Juillet 2001 Gala Septembre 2001 Black & White 2001 Reponses photo Mars 2002 Reponses photo Aout 2002 Photo Juin 2003 Bossant Lefevre Vente Elle Mode 1 Mode 2 ZOOM Contact |

Jean-François Jonvelle, le site officiel

Josef Koudelka. Josef Koudelka (10 de enero de 1938) es un fotógrafo nacido en Checoslovaquia y nacionalizado francés.

Josef Koudelka

Retrato con la muerte: Walter Schels. Twitter462 facebook11.4K pinterest5 google plus3Sharelinked in1 email0 stumbleupon1Sharemeneame10Share El cielo, el infierno, el limbo eterno, el camino a la resurrección o la iluminación.

Retrato con la muerte: Walter Schels

La muerte ha sido uno de los temas universalmente atemporales dentro del imaginario colectivo humano. 1407789218MX_v7n7_WEB.pdf. TOILETPAPER. Mexico by Martin Parr - Matt Willey. 46 fascinantes fotografías de las tribus más remotas del mundo antes de que desaparezcan. El mundo nunca ha estado tan interconectado como hoy. El ritmo de urbanización de los países aumenta a un ritmo trepidante, tanto que en 2008 más de la mitad de la población mundial pasó a habitar en ciudades por primera vez en la historia. Pero ello no significa que en pleno siglo XXI no existan comunidades que vivan en su más absoluto aislamiento. En realidad se estima que pueden existir alrededor de 100 tribus indígenas sin contacto con el resto del mundo de forma voluntaria, aunque los datos no son muy claros.

Las investigaciones han revelado que Brasil es el país que maneja los datos más precisos al respecto. Según información recogida a través de reconocimientos aéreos y entrevistas a miembros indígenas que han decidido tener contacto exterior, serían casi 80 las tribus que viven en una cerrazón total respecto al resto de la sociedad. Es en el propio Brasil donde vive el hombre más aislado del mundo. Fulgurator-idee : Julius von Bismarck. Foto by Richard Wilhelmer The Image Fulgurator is a device for physically manipulating photographs.

Fulgurator-idee : Julius von Bismarck

It intervenes when a photo is being taken, without the photographer being able to detect anything. The manipulation is only visible on the photo afterwards. In principle, the Fulgurator can be used anywhere where there is another camera nearby that is being used with a flash. It operates via a kind of reactive flash projection that enables an image to be projected on an object exactly at the moment when someone else is photographing it. William Eugene Smith: el nacimiento del ensayo fotográfico.

Cámaras y accesorios.

Wp-content/themes/newfish/pdf/daido_moriama_tokio.pdf. Núcleos de ferrita - D3100 - Comunidad Nikonistas. MODELS - LONDON - Home. Spectacular Old New York Images (130 pics. Howard Schatz - Portfolio. Daguerreotype. Daguerreotype of Louis Daguerre in 1844 by Jean-Baptiste Sabatier-Blot The daguerreotype /dəˈɡɛrɵtaɪp/ (French: daguerréotype) process (also called daguerreotypy), introduced in 1839, was the first publicly announced photographic process and the first to come into widespread use. By the early 1860s, later processes which were less costly and produced more easily viewed images with shorter exposure times had almost entirely replaced it. A small-scale revival of daguerreotypy among photographers interested in historical processes was increasingly evident in the 1980s and 1990s and has persisted into the 2010s.

The daguerreotype image is formed on a highly polished silver surface, normally Sheffield plate. HOUSE 5. Lee Miller. 360° Lee Miller o la invención del amor. Lee Miller en la bañera del apartamento de Adolf Hitler en Munich, 1 de enero de 1945. David E. Scherman. Lee Miller - Untitled (Severed Breast from Radical Mastectomy) Lady%2Bbirdhead%2Bwith%2Bpearls.

Técnicas y herramientas.

MODERNISM : ARTISTS : Erwin BLUMENFELD. August Sander. Juergen Teller. Fotógrafos contemporáneos. Erwin Blumenfeld.