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Howto. Productivity. Freeware. News. Jaycees. Web2.0. Programming. Livecd. Weight Training Workout Sheet « Corrie Haffly. Steve and I have been consistently going to the gym three times a week to work out, which consists of biking to the gym (nice warmup), lifting weights, playing basketball (Steve) or shooting around/watching (me), and biking home (nice cooldown, and sometimes we stop off somewhere to go out to dinner).

Weight Training Workout Sheet « Corrie Haffly

Last time, we played ping pong instead of basketball, which was very fun as well. We’ve gotten into a nice weekly routine: Mondays: Arm and shoulder exercisesThursdays: Chest and back exercisesSaturday: Legs Although I’m not strong enough to spot Steve, we enjoy working out together (and Steve just does safer, lower weights at more reps), taking turns on various pieces of equipment and chatting. At one of our old gyms, they offered free ugly forms that you could use to track your weight training routine, which were useful to track your progress as well as remember how much weight you were using on various exercises.

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Creating a Fault-Tolerant Environment in Windows Server 2003 > Optimizing Disk Management for Fault Tolerance

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