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Root Words. Teacher Tips I have always used root words as a quick class opener. I have even used them when my school sprang for the Sadlier-Oxford books as the two work well together. Forty years ago, way back at Millwood, my first school, the teachers developed a list of root words as part of a comprehensive 7-12 vocabulary program. We divided this extensive list of roots between grade levels and expected kids to be taught and to master about 50 at every grade level. Of course, that means each kid had at least 300 major roots in head by graduation. For my part, now that I am no longer part of a compre-hensive system, I went with a core 120 roots broken into 10-root sets in My Root Sets.

I write two or three on the board every day and we brainstorm derivatives. I am very proud of the Root Word Tests since I use a big list of roots that I call My Root Dictionary. The students tell me that knowing roots consciously is very helpful on the ACT and SAT. Useful Websites Teacher Resources Check out Neo below: Root Words. Numerical Adjectives, Greek and Latin Number Prefixes. Numerical Prefixes In this page, I discuss a curious set of unusual words: adjectives and nouns for numerical values or multiples. What do you call a group of eleven musicians? An athletic competition with six events? An event that recurs every twenty years?

It can be very difficult to figure out what sort of prefix to use, and there are plenty of exceptions to the rules. In general, these words are made by combining a prefix derived from Latin or Greek number words and a suffix indicating the type or category of the thing being counted. Latin prefixes (uni, bi, tri ...) are normally used for the following categories.

In this first table, I've listed the Latin words for 1 through 12 along with the appropriate prefix that is derived from it. So far, so good. Let's turn to the Greek prefixes (mono, di, tri ...), which are used for the following categories: And now, Table 2 shows us the Greek numeral words and prefixes in conjunction with the appropriate suffixes for the above categories. 111 Greek and Latin Roots for Gifted Learners. 111 Greek and Latin Word Parts To differentiate spelling and vocabulary for my gifted students, I incorporate words with Greek and Latin origins. This list is a compilation of 111 Greek and Latin roots with meanings and an example English word. Groups of Five Related Words In addition to the list of 111 word parts, I made 35 groups of 5 related words. For example, in the “cred” group, I listed the words: accredited, incredibly, incredulous, credible, and creditor.

These groups are designed to expose your students to word families one set at a time. Five Task Cards I also developed several activities for working with these words parts. Think Like An InventorGreekymons! Immediate Download Comes as a zip file with both PDF (for printing) and Word versions (in case you want to make changes). Mrs. McGinnis & Mrs. Surjan / Advanced Root Word Unit. We begin the new year by studying word roots. Many words we use in the English language come from other languages, especially Latin and Greek. Once you learn the most common word roots, you will be able to decode words that you encounter that contain those roots. This unit will help to expand your vocabulary! We will be viewing the PBS documentary Do You Speak American? On January 5th and 6th to facilitate a discussion of American dialects and their impact on our society. Some essential questions we will be exploring: What does the way you speak say about you?

Why study word roots? Guided Notes for Etymology Power Point Click here for a copy of the Map and Vocabulary Activity for Do You Speak American? US Map and Vocab Click for Online Resources: Root Word Dictionary Analogies Practice Click here for a list of the word roots we will be learning and day-to-day activities: Root Word Unit and Definitions Root Word Characters Activity Root Word Riddles Activity Sensational Headlines Activity. Advanced English Vocabulary,TOEFL Words. Root words. Root Word Dictionary - A dictionary of Greek and Latin roots. Find Greek and Latin roots by meaning: First, click on the "Search for roots" link at the top of this page; Then, in the search box, enter the English meaning of the root you want to find; The root word you're looking for should show up in the results.

More about using Root Word Dictionary: To understand how Greek and Latin roots word are used in constructing terminology: First, look a root word up in the dictionary; Then, look up similarly spelled prefixes and suffixes in the prefix and suffix dictionary on this site, which gives examples to show how these roots function in word origins; Next, look up the meanings of the example terms given in the prefix and suffix dictionary (most of which are linked to their definitions in the biology dictionary on this site). Latin and Greek Root Words The Greek and Latin roots listed in this dictionary are words from which the prefixes and suffixes used in constructing biological terminology are frequently derived. How To Find Trustworthy And Reliable Wholesale Clothing Distributors. Buying clothing items from wholesalers is now more advisable than buying at retail. Consumers know that buying on the bulk would yield much more savings than conventional retail buying.

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