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Laptop Standing Desk The Ideal Workspace for Creativity & Productivity. 8 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Standing Desk - HumbleWorks. So you've decided enough is enough and you won’t take it sitting down anymore but decided to work from a standing desk.

8 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Standing Desk - HumbleWorks.

Great but what do you look for, how much should you pay, should it be sustainably designed? Not to worry we’re here to help…. Here is a list of 8 things that will help when considering buying a standing desk, we’ve listed them in descending order to outline the most important. Budget As standing desks are an excellent investment for your long-term health and wellness, we’re placing ‘budget’ with least importance. Weight capacity Not all standing desks are designed to hold the average laptop and desktop. Ease of assembly and user-friendly Some standing desk requires a simple one-off installation while others may need complicated mounting. Work surface If you’re the messy co-worker that the entire office is aware of or require multiple large screens, be sure to check the available work surface the standing desk offer. Warranty Material and quality/durability Ergonomics Budget.

Standing Desk Humbleworks. Standing Desk Laptop The ABCs Of Illness Due To A Sedentary Lifestyle. Wooden Laptop Stand for Desk 10 Ways to reduce sitting time at work. Humbleworks Standing Desk. Are You Sitting Too Much? It’s Time To Find Out! The life-long benefits of ‘Good Posture’ Portable Standing Desk for Laptop. 4 Key HR Metrics Affected by Workplace Design - HumbleWorks. The roles and responsibilities for Human Resources (HR) vary significantly with organisation size and industry.

4 Key HR Metrics Affected by Workplace Design - HumbleWorks.

It could entail everything that deals with people and issues related to people such as compensation and benefits, recruiting and hiring employees, onboarding employees, performance management, training, and organisation development and culture. In all but a few organisations human resources role stops short of impacting the physical environment. Workplace design has a profound impact on the employee health and wellbeing and in turn on performance, engagement and morale but this responsibility rests with real estate or facilities team which, more often than not, are not responsible for HR metrics.

We conducted a detailed analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) for HR professionals to understand which metrics are most affected by office design and environment. Here are the top four: Employee Surveys: Surveys have been the most important source of getting employee feedback. Wooden Laptop Stand for Desk Laptop Standing Desk Humbleworks. The Ideal Workspace - Adjustable Standing Desk - HumbleWorks. Source Do you feel lazy, unmotivated or disengaged when you walk into your workspace?

The Ideal Workspace - Adjustable Standing Desk - HumbleWorks.

Why not try to amp it up? Whether you’re in the office or at home, you should create a space that talks to you on a personal level — a space that motivates you to work, one that inspires you. Operating in an environment where you can engage, collaborate, connect and produce freely while remaining calm and relaxed is the key to success. To help you create a desktop space thatimproves your posture at work while enhancing your physical as well as mental wellbeing, we’ve got a few tips up our collective sleeve—and we’re going to share them with you, right now. Get your ergonomics just right Trendy workspace furniture is a must, but as trends change, your choice and expectations will change too. Adjustable Standing Desks Humbleworks. Wooden Desk for Laptop Humbleworks. Portable Standing Desk - Humble Works. Keep your home working life healthy, consistent & sustainable with our ‘M.S.S’ method. Top Quality Wooden Laptop Stand for Desk. Minimalist, Portable, Wooden Laptop Stand for Desk.

4 Key HR Metrics Affected by Workplace Design. Standing Desk. Humbleworks. What You are Entitled to When Working from Home Portable Standing Desk HumbleWorks. Humbleworks Standing Desk. The Ideal Workspace for Creativity & Productivity (1) Cost of Standing Desk. Humbleworks PowerPoint Presentation - ID:10310091. HEALTH RISKS OF AN INACTIVE LIFESTYLEHUMBLEWORKS Have you ever thought about how you sit for a prolonged time and still don’t realize it, let alone realize the effects it has on your body?

Humbleworks PowerPoint Presentation - ID:10310091

Humbleworks A – AGEING A pivotalstudy shows that a sedentary lifestyle accelerates ageing. When Telomere (a nucleotide sequence of DNA) of two different lifestyles (one active and the other inactive) were compared and repeatedly recorded, the active one had longer telomere, while the inactive one had a shorter telomere (this had shortened with every recording, showing slow degeneration)Since telomere is a marker for a person’s biological age, it’s clear that inactivity accelerates ageing. Also, the health issues caused by sitting indirectly impact the ageing process..B – BLOOD PRESSURE Immobility and lack of physical activity of the body results in hypertension or high blood pressure as it goes unregulated.

High Quality Standing Desks at Humbleworks. Wooden Laptop Stand for Desk Humbleworks. Mental Health Wellness in Self-Isolation. Are You Sitting Too Much? It’s Time To Find Out! Adjustable Standing Desks. Sedentary Lifestyle A Bain Adjustable Desk.