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Cambridge English. 28906 alte can do document. 28906 alte can do document. User Guide to Getting Started for Teacher Development course on the CLMS2 eng TDv1.0. Find a teaching qualification centre. Teaching English resources and qualifications. Business, Professional and Vocational. Cambridge. Cambridge English.

CPD Tool Kit Teaching Framework

KET Key for Schools. YL Flyers. Preliminary PET for Schools. 291264 learning tips pdf. 291168 colouring book pdf. Cambridge English. 172992 full level descriptors cambridge english teaching framework. Cambridge English Score Scale. Young Learners. Information for parents. Students “Preparing for Cambridge English: First was really useful for me.

Information for parents

My English improved a lot. Since that time daily life is much easier for me as I am living in a foreign country where the daily language is English, not my mother tongue. Games and social media. Games and social media Games, videos and social networking are all great ways to improve your English.

Games and social media

Find out what is available from Cambridge Assessment English.