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Ascend Tools, Inc.

Ascend Tools, Inc. (ATi) is a wholesale supplier of specialty and unique hand tools. Each of the tools in ATi portfolio solves a specific problem thus helping our customers (and their end customers) execute their projects with ease and efficiency. Visit:

Learn About The Basics Of Wire Stripping And Cutting Tools. Every electrician who really knows how to do his job makes daily use of a common tool or device known as wire stripper.

Learn About The Basics Of Wire Stripping And Cutting Tools

Most of these professionals own various different forms of this tool. As a matter of fact, even the DIYers who does some sort of electrical repair needs to use some version of this particular tool. A highly useful tool is the version commonly known as the combination tool. It comes equipped with a wire stripper and cutter function, along with pliers jaws, cable-cutting blades, and a few threaded holes for cutting bolts that are used together with electrical boxes.

In whatever form you are using the tool, the wire stripper has a series of labeled holes that complements with the common wire gauges, usually in the range of 10-gauge to 20-gauge. It is important to note here that the copper wire usually comes in either stranded/solid form. What Are The Different Types Of Cable Stripping Tool And How To Choose Them. Properly equipping a workstation to work with wire may require more resources than comes to mind at first.

What Are The Different Types Of Cable Stripping Tool And How To Choose Them

Though working on a complex type of project can be a fun experience, using the right resources can also lead to better outcomes. For this purpose, the difference between wire strippers, cutters, pliers, and crimps is important to understand. When dealing with wires, the very first thing you can know is that there is a range of different cable jacket slitters. You may think that scissors or a knife can work in a pinch, but you may end up damaging the wire as well as the job would take longer than it takes.

Such knowledge about the various forms of wire strippers should prevent the job from becoming as difficult as it should be, and you would know how to find cable stripping tool suits perfectly. Gauged Stripper. Get Electrician Wire Stripping Tool. This patented tool set cuts wire with one end and strips wire with the other end.

Get Electrician Wire Stripping Tool

The stripper self-adjusts to wire size as one prong holds while the other catches and strips wire in one quick motion. It is spring loaded to reduce fatigue and is designed for hundreds for wire strips. The cutter makes low profile full-flush cut. Whether stripping wire or cutting wire, it fits the hand nicely and easily. Each wire stripper and wire cutter is compact and light weight and makes the job really easy. Now having both tools in a set allows stripping range of wire from 26-10 AWG. 3 Reasons To Go For A Tool Box Plier Organizer. Most of us would agree that taking care of our tools while we are working is a challenging task.

3 Reasons To Go For A Tool Box Plier Organizer

From keeping them in one place to making sure that you do not lose them, you need to look at a lot of things. Well, to make things easier, one of the best ways will be to get a toolbox plier organizer for you. As it keeps your tools nicely, it is one of the best options to go for. 4 Tool Maintenance Tips Every Contractor Needs To Know. If you are an electrician, plumber, or service contractor, you might use tools and equipment that can wear out after exposing to unfavorable environments.

4 Tool Maintenance Tips Every Contractor Needs To Know

Finding these valuable assets in pathetic conditions when you retrieve them at the time of service call can be costly. It may prompt you to purchase a new set of tools, which can create huge expenses. Here are some maintenance tips and precautions you should know for enhancing their lifespan. Get Tool Box Plier Organizer at An Affordable Price. This product comprises one (1) pegboard only for placement in a tool crib, chest, toolbox or vertically on a wall.

Get Tool Box Plier Organizer at An Affordable Price

It's companion accessories consist of clips to hold the tools, socket holders for 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" sockets in place, plastic and metal hooks to hang the tools on the pegboard, hanging rod and wrench holder. Labels or peg dots to mark SAE / metric socket sizes or other products are available. All accessories can be found in the 'Related Items' section below. If you already own the 76-piece Organizer Genie™ started kit then these boards can be used for expanding your tool organizing area along with available additional clips, holders and hangers.

Recommended ensemble: Start with the 76-piece kit (TCB-PB076). There are tools organizers and then there is Organizer Genie. Organizer Genie is a patented and innovative concept which helps arrange and organize many different types of tools of the trade, for hobby or for DIYers. Special Features: Make Your Work Easy by Wire Stripper and Cutter Tool. Proper Organization of Tools Is A Must For Efficient Work. Top Essential Equipment You Must Have in Your Tool Box. Getting the proper hardware at hand makes you able to respond to important things around the home and bring your flat-pack furniture together in such a flash-you will also have all the basic necessities.

Top Essential Equipment You Must Have in Your Tool Box

If you are beginning to appeal to major home repairs, but you would not have to collect the entire hardware store to feel secure in your DIY-ing abilities. All the tools and equipment are available online you can even find the best fiberglass scissors online at the most affordable price. 5 Different Types of Toolbox Organizers That You Can Buy. Toolboxes are considered to be one of the most difficult things to keep organized thanks to their complicated nature.

5 Different Types of Toolbox Organizers That You Can Buy

They can hold a wide range of small items, and the best thing to keep toolboxes tidy is to go for a high-quality toolbox organizer. These can hold all your tools and other small items in place and you don’t have to worry about losing them. There are 5 main types of toolbox organizers, that are discussed below: Tray — This is similar to the tray that is kept in silverware drawer to separate knives from forks. These trays are nothing else but inserts that reside in the toolbox drawer. Rack — Organization racks are specifically designed metal structures that may sit in toolbox drawers or above the toolbox. What Must You Carry In Your Vehicle Tool Box? Your brain is circled by a few items as you pull out of your garage.

What Must You Carry In Your Vehicle Tool Box?

All are connected to you, whether it's a conference with an influential event or a lovely meadow where you barbecue all day long. Besides beautiful times in your life, the reliability of the vehicle that will carry you to the destinations is the most crucial factor. Purchase a bed toolbox to repair any problem with your car. This handy piece of machinery can organize stuff for you. You will hold all the equipment and kits in this box any time you pick up your truck. Air pump You never learn when and where the tire will be punctured by your vehicle. Fire extinguisher Electric motors and extremely combustible fuel are used to power vehicles. Jumper cable The battery is a form of energy that powers it, regardless of which vehicle type or types you are driving.

Get Cable Jacket Slitter Online. Purchase Heavy Duty Shears Angled Edged. 3 Essential Tools Every Electrician Needs To Carry. Tools in your storeroom play an important part in operating your business.

3 Essential Tools Every Electrician Needs To Carry

These multi-functional devices not only allow you to perform various tasks but also bring revenue to your business. For instance, if you have a service call for repairing an electrical appliance, you take a variety of items in your tool bag. Some of these basic items are versatile, and they are easily available in any hardware store. 5 Essential Tips To Choose The Right Shears For Your Profession. Posted by marcushodel0 on August 31st, 2020 Shears can be considered to be an integral part of hair stylist, and not only that, these practical can be used to heavy-duty tasks such as cutting material made from fibers such as Kevlar and Technora. Some of them can cut materials which you always thought was not possible and believed only after you saw it with your own eyes.When it comes to choosing the best fiberglass shears or any other shears for that matter, you must not try to save your money on these items. Also, do not fall for an unresearched and impulse-buy. Since you will using the products on a regular basis, you cannot take the risk of making a purchase decision that you regret later.

Mentioned below are few essential tips that you need to know before investing a good-quality shear. As for a shear, one-size-fits-all logic does not apply. Consider the points mentioned above and find kevlar fiberglass composite shears, if that is something that you are interested in. Find Cable Stripping Tool. Looking for Heavy Duty Scissors.