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Ik ging naar een toneelstuk waar mensen letterlijk van moeten kotsen. Foto’s door Jules August, met dank aan NTGent “Elke voorstelling zijn er wel mensen die kokhalzend de zaal uitvluchten.”

Ik ging naar een toneelstuk waar mensen letterlijk van moeten kotsen

Dit is wat ik in De Standaard las over een nieuw toneelstuk van de jonge Duitse theatermaker Florian Fischer. Tijdens het toneelstuk Kroniek of een man ligt dood in zijn appartement sinds 28 maanden krijgt het publiek een waaier besproeid met de geur van een ontbindend lichaam voorgeschoteld, waardoor sommigen dus even hun avondmaal voor een tweede keer gaan proeven.

Voor mij klonk dit zeer extreem – zeker voor theater – dus ik moest dit ervaren. Het toneelstuk wordt nu opgevoerd door door de Gentse toneelgroep NTGent. Het toneelstuk gaat over de waargebeurde dood van de 53-jarige Michel Christen, die 28 maanden lang dood in zijn appartement in Genève lag en door niemand gemist werd. Niemand zag reden tot onrust. Philosophical Meditation.


DS. After getting 300-something comments, PMs, and emails the results are in... r/socialskills will be getting a course on creating interesting and natural conversations FOR FREE. Here's what you wanted! : socialskills. Carnegie 30-Day Chart. How It Works This chart is broken up into 6 weeks, each week with 5 days.

Carnegie 30-Day Chart

Each of these days will be a day that you practice the listed skills, all of which are thoroughly discussed in How to Win Friends and Influence People. [m25] Am i ugly? : amiugly. Smiling is the most attractive quality... How Not to Think on a Date. I made this silver ring for my girlfriend. Out of clay.


Travel. Physical. The Human Animal Ep. 1 - Language In The Body. Videogame Tropes. An article in this index will be about these things: Gameplay mechanics—including mechanics borrowed from Tabletop Games.

Videogame Tropes

Characterization and setting tropes specific to game characters and settings. Setting tropes that aren't necessarily specific to games but are used in games to the degree they are pretty much stock elements, or without which many games would be unrecognizable/unplayable. Now Your Cat Can Also Feel Like a World Traveler With These Architectural Landmarks. Cat owners can now offer their cats a range of architectural landmarks to inhabit.

Now Your Cat Can Also Feel Like a World Traveler With These Architectural Landmarks

The design studio, “Poopycat” has released a series of cardboard cat homes, modeled after iconic architectural landmarks. The series includes the Taj Mahal, the White House, the Eiffel Tower, as well as more monumental works like the Sphinx and a Mayan pyramid. Clearly designers have a love for pet-friendly architecture; "Poopycat" shelters, furniture like LYCS’s modular CATable 2.0 as well as these dog houses demonstrate this. How To Finger a Girl. Basic Electronics - All. There are two types of electrical signals , those being alternating current (AC), and direct current (DC).

Basic Electronics - All

With alternating current, the direction electricity flows throughout the circuit is constantly reversing. You may even say that it is alternating direction. The rate of reversal is measured in Hertz, which is the number of reversals per second. So, when they say that the US power supply is 60 Hz, what they mean is that it is reversing 120 times per second (twice per cycle). With Direct Current, electricity flows in one direction between power and ground. Speaking of voltage, electricity is typically defined as having a voltage and a current rating. Electricity can also be defined in terms of resistance and watts. If you want a better understanding of these different measurements, what they mean, and how they relate, check out this informative video on Ohm's Law. Most basic electronic circuits use DC electricity. Basic Electronic components. Switches are one of the most basic electrical components but are also one of the most used in electrical engineering.

Basic Electronic components

A switch responds to an external force to mechanically change an electric signal. Switches are used to turn electric circuits ON and OFF and to switch electric circuits. Basically what this means is that when you push down or flick a switch you are allowing current to flow through to the rest of the circuit. We have many different kinds of switches the most common are - Toggle Switch: Toggle switches work by connecting and disengaging two pieces of metal within the switch. Intro to Electronics. How-To: Make a digital synthesizer. This week’s How-To comes from our newest contributor: Logan Williams.

How-To: Make a digital synthesizer

This simple guide will show you how to build a digital synthesizer that generates and manipulates square waves. Your synthesizer will have one oscillator, which produces a variable pitch controlled by a potentiometer, as well as an LFO which modulates that pitch at a variable frequency. The part count for this project is quite low, and it can be built for under $20. Finding the Parts The first step in building this digital synthesizer is to procure the parts that you will need. Not Pictured Tools Note: The potentiometers and audio jack must be either taped or soldered to 22 AWG solid core wire.

Creating an oscillator Before we can begin with the digital synthesizer, we must generate the correct voltage. The most basic circuit in any synthesizer is the oscillator. The problem is that it oscillates much too fast. To build the oscillator, assemble the schematic below on a breadboard. Controlling the oscillator. Doelgroep profielschets. Live Groningen - Webcam. Andere webcams in Groningen Original text.

Live Groningen - Webcam

Humane Society of Utah - iPet Companion. Sign language. What's the best niche gaming experience you'd recommend to others? : truegaming. Courses.

Project Vrieskast

Books to read. Noors. Japan. Recepten. To keep an eye on. To see. Music to do.