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Charles Fréger. Neri Oxman creates 3D-printed structures for interplanetary voyages. Neri Oxman's team at MIT Media Lab has created four 3D-printed "wearable skins" designed to facilitate synthetic biological processes that might one day allow humans to survive on other planets.

Neri Oxman creates 3D-printed structures for interplanetary voyages

Neri Oxman and members of the Mediated Matter group at MIT Media Lab – an interdisciplinary research department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – collaborated with 3D printing company Stratasys to create structures with varied rigidity, opacity and colour. The team used an Objet500 Connex3 Color, Multi-material 3D Production System to 3D print the "skins" in a range of plastics with different densities – each one suited to a different planet in the Earth's solar system. 10 Bizarre Projects That Combine Art And Science.

The Arts We’ve previously covered how bridging art and science can inspire some weird yet interesting works of art, from clothes made of bacteria to a woman giving birth to a shark.

10 Bizarre Projects That Combine Art And Science

Yet more and more of these bizarre artworks are out there, reminding us that the boundaries between art and science only exist in our minds. Artist Rick Gibson Art. Instagranniepants on Instagram. Naomi Kizhner's jewellery harvests energy from the human body. Industrial designer Naomi Kizhner has developed a concept for an invasive jewellery collection that converts kinetic energy from the body's involuntary movements into electricity (+ slideshow).

Naomi Kizhner's jewellery harvests energy from the human body

Naomi Kizhner designed the Energy Addicts accessories in response to the world's impending energy crisis, looking for an existing energy source that is yet to be tapped in to. "It interested me to imagine what would the world be like once it has experienced a steep decline in energy resources and how we will feed our energy addiction," Kizhner told Dezeen. "There are lots of developments of renewable energy resources, but the human body is a natural resource for energy that is constantly renewed, as long as we are alive.

" "I wanted to explore the post-humanistic approach that sees the human body as a resource," she added. Wereldmuseum Het Reispaleis - Pronk. Cataclysm - a post-human art book (relaunch) by Ben Farrow. Who are you and why did you do this?

Cataclysm - a post-human art book (relaunch) by Ben Farrow

I'm an artist from England, currently in my final year studying Graphic Design. Cataclysm is my final major project, a self-initiated brief to fulfil for the end of the college year. I've never created miniatures this ambitious before, as until now it's only been a hobby of mine. I'm more often an anthropomorphic artist, a graphic designer, and a photographer. Update! Milo Moire Attends Art Basel Naked. Several weeks ago, Swiss performance artist Milo Moire arrived at Art Basel in Switzerland completely naked, except for her shoes, a pair of glasses and the words "pants," "bra" and "jacket" written on her body.

Milo Moire Attends Art Basel Naked

She wasn't allowed into the event as a result. When interviewed, Moire responded that "the art market needs the peculiarity of art...without this quality, even the prestigious Art Basel only sells illusions. " All images were taken from Google Image search. Parrots speak extinct South American language - Feature Story. THE UNMISTAKABLE SCREECH of a parrot splits the silence.

Parrots speak extinct South American language - Feature Story

A silhouette appears, beckoning me closer. Is that the arc of a wing - or simply the breeze playing with a leaf? Motion Silhouette: An Interactive Shadow Picture Book. Motion Silhouette is an interactive Japanese children’s book by Megumi Kajiwara and Tathuhiko Nijima that includes pop-up silhouettes in-between pages.

Motion Silhouette: An Interactive Shadow Picture Book

As a light source is directed toward either side, a different moving image is projected on the page to help tell the story. Fun! Situationist International. The Situationist International (SI) was an international organization of social revolutionaries, the exclusive membership of which was made up of avant-garde artists, intellectuals, and political theorists, active from its formation in 1957 to its dissolution in 1972.[1]

Situationist International

A Media System That Gives Physical Life to Digital Media. In the digital age, the tactile joy of flipping through a stack of CDs or records has been replaced with the thoroughly unsatisfying actions of scrolling through files on a screen.

A Media System That Gives Physical Life to Digital Media

Paris-based designer Ismail Salhi missed that feeling of physically choosing a record and putting it on the record player, so he dreamed up a new type of interaction with music and other files. The system is called Qleek. Portals: A Networked Mixed-Reality Playground. Portals is a prototype of a tangible and networked system/interface for interacting with a virtual world.

Portals: A Networked Mixed-Reality Playground

A portal, according to Wikipedia, is a magical or technological doorway that connects two distant locations separated by spacetime. Places that a portal will link to include a different spot in... Creepy Black Balloon Will Follow You, Repeat Your Convos. How terrifying would it be to turn around and see a levitating black balloon following your every move and repeating the last conversation you just had? Royal College of Art student Francesco Tacchini, in collaboration with designers Julinka Ebhart, and Will Yates Johnson, created exactly that, and called it Space Replay. The hovering balloon is stuffed with a battery-powered Arduino, an Adafruit Wave Shield hacked to record and playback, and a speaker.

The components were sealed within a plastic cone to both amplify the sound and protect the balloon from the wires and other pointy objects. A small amount of helium was added to let the balloon hover, but no so much that it would soar above people’s heads. The Adafruit Wave Shield records ambient sounds and plays them back with a short delay, turning a sort of phonic mirror on the people in the space around it. The great sleeping bear bag by eiko ishizawa. Apr 21, 2014 the great sleeping bear bag by eiko ishizawa the great sleeping bear bag by eiko ishizawa bruno the brown bear had his home in the italian alps, but it was inevitable that he would roam around, eventually making his way over to bavaria – the first bear sighting, in what is now germany, in approximately 170 years. unfortunately, while doing so he survived on sheep and hunters. posing him as a threat, the government saw him killed in 2006 despite much opposition from animal lovers. details of the bear head moved by the tragic story, eiko ishizawa decided to ‘recreate’ the incident in a way. the netherlands-based artist has employed this notion of camping gear, transforming the sleeping bag to take on the appearance of a bear, formulating association between one’s love of the wilderness, and the fear of the unknown in the great outdoors.

No Strings Attached by Emon Hassan Narratively. 3rd Eye / TAKEHITO ETANI. Exhibitions, performances, presentation 2005: Exhibition OKVF/ÖSTERSUNDS KONSTVIDEOFESTIVAL 05, Östersund, Sweden 2004: Presentation Patricia Carpenter's Cognitive psychology class, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA. Instead of Shooting People, this Guy Plays Grand Theft Auto as a War Photographer.

Jan 18, 2014 Talk about choosing your own adventure! Reddit user cy_sperling decided to participate in Grand Theft Auto V’s online multiplayer mode as a war photographer/photojournalist. To avoid being targeted as an enemy and notify other online players of his ‘reporting’, his custom character wears a black jacket with ‘MEDIA’ printed across the back. How to Make a Crystal Garden: 7 Steps. Free Vintage Posters, Vintage Travel Posters, Wall Art, Printables. The Gentlemen of Bakongo And Their Cult Of Elegance. Ever heard of a religion of clothing? Well let us introduce you to Le Sap - The society for people of elegance and ambiance in the Congo and the inspiration of Italian photographer Daniele Tamagni's book: The Gentlemen of Bakongo - The Importance of Being Elegant... A gentleman of Bakongo “It is our way of life and not just the dressing,” he continues. “ It is how we express our individuality and our character.

Along with our families, Le Sap, is our reason for being.” Cavory is part of a group of ‘sapeurs’ who emanate from, Brazzaville, the capital of The Republic of The Congo (AKA The French Congo or Congo- Brazzaville) and are the subject of a new, mainly photographic tome, The Gentlemen of Bakongo – The Importance of Being Elegant, by Italian snapper Daniele Tamagni. Edible Chocolate Art Supplies by Nendo. Untitled. De Urban Campsite, een reizende camping waar kamperen en kunst samenkomen. Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity by Antony Evans. Dutch Profiles. New Dutch Digital Design > DutchDFA. Chindōgu.


My Miniature Mouse Tree House. 10Steps.SG - Best Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners. OaKoAk. A Dream of Glowing Trees Is Assailed for Gene-Tinkering. The Business Networking Platform for the Built Environment. MyInkBlog - a resource for all things design. Materials.