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Sullo Scaffale. H. P. Lovecraft. H.

H. P. Lovecraft

P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) Hailed as the 20th century Poe, H. P. Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Life of a Gentleman of Providence. By S.T.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft: The Life of a Gentleman of Providence

Joshi This brief biography first appeared in theH.P. Lovecraft Centennial Guidebookand appears here with S.T. The Bookshelf.: Un Infausto Inizio, Una Serie di Sfortunati Eventi - Lemony Snicket. Buonasera a tutti!

The Bookshelf.: Un Infausto Inizio, Una Serie di Sfortunati Eventi - Lemony Snicket

Sono nel bel mezzo di un blocco. Non riesco a pensare ad un’introduzione. Perciò la salterò. Un po’ di tempo fa ho letto “Un Infausto Inizio”, il primo capitolo della saga di “Una serie di sfortunati eventi” scritta da Lemony Snicket (pseudonimo di Daniel Handler). (Mi secca dirlo, ma ho scoperto i libri grazie al film, voi non ditelo in giro, SHHHH!) (…ho scritto l’introduzione, alla fine. Lemony Snicket ci avvisa sin da subito che quello che stiamo per leggere non è un libro dal finale allegro… Bacheca eBook gratis. Want to Learn How to Think? Read Fiction. Are you uncomfortable with ambiguity?

Want to Learn How to Think? Read Fiction

It’s a common condition, but a highly problematic one. The compulsion to quell that unease can inspire snap judgments, rigid thinking, and bad decision-making. Fortunately, new research suggests a simple antidote for this affliction: Read more literary fiction. A trio of University of Toronto scholars, led by psychologist Maja Djikic, report that people who have just read a short story have less need for what psychologists call “cognitive closure.” Compared with peers who have just read an essay, they expressed more comfort with disorder and uncertainty—attitudes that allow for both sophisticated thinking and greater creativity. “Exposure to literature,” the researchers write in the Creativity Research Journal, “may offer a (way for people) to become more likely to open their minds.” Come sposare fantasia e impegno La doppia lezione di Gianni Rodari. David Whyte on How to Break the Tyranny of Work/Life Balance. The equilibrium between productivity and presence is one of the hardest things to master in life, and one of the most important.

David Whyte on How to Break the Tyranny of Work/Life Balance

We, both as a culture and as individuals, often conflate it with the deceptively similar-sounding yet profoundly different notion of “work/life balance” — a concept rather disheartening upon closer inspection. It implies, after all, that we must counter the downside — that which we must endure in order to make a living — with the upside — that which we long to do in order to feel alive.

It implies allocating half of our waking hours to something we begrudge while anxiously awaiting the other half to arrive so we can live already. StumbleUpon. 7 Books That Will Change How You See The World. If you’re a human and you have a brain, then you probably like using your brain.

7 Books That Will Change How You See The World

And if you like using your brain, then you love having those epiphany moments where your hair blows back and you go “Whoa” like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix when he learns Kung Fu from a USB drive in his neck. I know it’s not what the cool kids like to do, but I like to read non-fiction. Lots of non-fiction. The Brain That Changes Itself official website. Steven Pressfield Online. [This excerpt starts at the book's very beginning and continues through the opening few chapters.]

Steven Pressfield Online

I get up, take a shower, have breakfast. I read the paper, brush my teeth. National Novel Writing Month. Getting in the Writing Place Every Day. Getting in the Writing Place Every Day By now, participants of NaNoWriMo are more than halfway through writing 50,000 words.

Getting in the Writing Place Every Day

That’s about 1,667 words a day. Not necessarily that many good words. But the point of it is to get you to start, so that by the end of November, there’s a novel. A whole novel! Simple Thoughts From A Complicated Mind, Sort Of . . . Come Scrivere un Racconto. Scrivi una Storia BreveModifica di un Racconto Breve Modificato da WikiHow tradurre, Ciccio Veronese Per qualsiasi scrittore il racconto è il mezzo preferito.

Come Scrivere un Racconto

La scrittura di un romanzo può risultare una fatica titanica a differenza di una storia breve di più facile stesura. Mauro Covacich: sette consigli per scrivere un buon racconto. «La forza del testo breve sta anche nella sua miracolosa semplicità.

Mauro Covacich: sette consigli per scrivere un buon racconto

Ed è sbagliato puntare all’incredibile» di Mauro Covacich Ci sono delle regole per scrivere un bel racconto? Direi di no. Semmai ci sono delle regole per evitare di scriverne uno brutto. Ksenia Anske. 12 consigli sull’arte di scrivere racconti brevi. Come scrivere un racconto - Scrivere, concorsi letterari, concorsi poesia - ilmiolibro - ilmioesordio - ilmiolibro 2013. DP: Welcome. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) The Trustees of Distributed Proofreaders Foundation are concerned about a new international agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP will result in significant copyright term extensions in signatory countries, which will have the immediate impact of slowing or halting growth of the public domain in many parts of the world.

The agreement was drafted in secret. Apple and ebooks: iBookstore DRM and how to remove it. Last updated on 22nd March, 2013 Requiem — Stripping DRM from Apple’s iBookstore Ebooks Ebooks from Apple’s iBookstore are usually encrypted with Apple’s own Fairplay DRM scheme. Ksenia Anske. Books — Ksenia Anske. Literary jukebox. Why Envy, Dislike, Anger, and Procrastination are Awesome — Better Humans. Notice When You’re Procrastinating Usually, I am an advocate of action and defeating procrastination. (I’m a regular contributor at 99U because it forces me to continue looking for new methods of effectiveness.) However, procrastination has its uses: Actually I select the writing of the passages of this book by means of procrastination. If I defer writing a section, it must be eliminated. Blog. 4/14 UPDATE: Congrats to William Chan! We’ll get your poster in the mail ASAP. I started this interview series because I wanted to know more about the people who share their work with the world and inspire me to show up, be seen, and live brave.

Bacheca Ebook gratis. Recovered Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo. Ebook Search & Free Ebook Downloads -