PetaPixel The AP Goes After George Zimmerman for Copying a Photo for One of His Paintings For the second time in one week, the Associated Press is making headlines of its own. Earlier in the week, the agency was praised by some and condemned by others when it decided to let a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer go over an edited photo, and now the AP is going after George Zimmerman over a painting he was selling. Read more… How to Photograph an Affordable Car Like a Supercar If there are two things I love in life it’s cars and photography, and the thought of putting those two together sounds better to me than getting chocolate in my peanut butter!
BLOG Just found out a 16x20 print of Air Force One (previous blog here) won an honorable mention at tonite's opening reception for this year's photoSPARK at SparkCon. And uhmmm...I didn't plan it this way but a 24x30 print is also hanging at Visual Art Exchange's N.E.W. show a few blocks down. That's definitely a first. BLOG