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Cómo escribir ensayos y artículos

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Tres consejos para detectar imágenes falsas. Desde ayer, lunes, se han difundido por las redes sociales muchas imágenes falsas de ‘Sandy’, algunas muy creíbles como para dudar de estas, pero para detectar estas fotos no solo basta el instinto.

Tres consejos para detectar imágenes falsas

Fiona McCann, editora de Storyful, escribió un post con tres consejos para no caer en la trampa. Learn how to write a research proposal. Plagiarism. Citing and referencing tutorial, Monash University Library. Accessible alternative versions of tutorial content Style examples AGLC3 Australian Guide to Legal Citation, third editionAIP American Institute of PhysicsAPA American Psychological AssociationChicago or notes-bibliographyHarvard or author-dateIEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersMLA (Modern Language Association)Turabian based on Chicago styleVancouver or numeric or footnote-endnote, for Biomedical publications Styles recommended by Monash University faculty, schools or departments.

Citing and referencing tutorial, Monash University Library

Writing a research thesis. Writing a research proposal. Purpose of a proposal The purpose of the proposal is to help you (as student) to focus and define your research plans.

Writing a research proposal

These plans are not binding, in that they may well change substantially as you progress in the research. However, they are an indication to your faculty of your direction and discipline as a researcher. They also help you to prepare your application to the Ethics Committee. The proposal is expected to: Guidelines on writing a research proposal. By Matthew McGranaghan This is a work in progress, intended to organize my thoughts on the process of formulating a proposal.

Guidelines on writing a research proposal

If you have any thoughts on the contents, or on the notion of making this available to students, please share them with me. Thanks. Introduction. PHD Proposal - Nottingham University Business School. A typical research proposal will be somewhere between one and two thousand words.

PHD Proposal - Nottingham University Business School

While we do not insist on a definite format, we encourage students to keep the following in mind: The proposal should begin by explaining the subject area in which the research is to be located, and providing an indication of the key theoretical, policy or empirical debates it plans to address.The proposal should then present a brief review of the literature you plan to contribute to in conducting your own research. Guide index. How to write a research proposal. Personality Test - *** Keirsey Temperament Sorter II. Thompson Writing Program: Writing as a Process.

La argumentación. IASC: The Hedgehog Review - Volume 14, No. 1 (Spring 2012) - Why Google Isn’t Making Us Stupid…or Smart - Chad Wellmon. The Hedgehog Review: Vol. 14, No. 1 (Spring 2012) Reprinted from The Hedgehog Review 14.1 (Spring 2012).

IASC: The Hedgehog Review - Volume 14, No. 1 (Spring 2012) - Why Google Isn’t Making Us Stupid…or Smart - Chad Wellmon

This essay may not be resold, reprinted, or redistributed for compensation of any kind without prior written permission. Please contact The Hedgehog Review for further details. Last year The Economist published a special report not on the global financial crisis or the polarization of the American electorate, but on the era of big data. Thompson Writing Program: Handouts and Resources. Genres of Writing Working on a laboratory report?

Thompson Writing Program: Handouts and Resources

Whales in the Minnesota River? A Rising Tide of Web Sites That Are Born of Hate. Url Decoder. Home > Research Help > General Research Help Topics > Evaluating Internet Information > Url Decoder Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs, are the Internet addresses that you see on the Location bars at the top or bottom of your Web browser (e.g., Netscape or Internet Explorer).

Url Decoder

URLs provide a standard format for the transmission and reception of a wide variety of information types. Teaching Web Search Skills: Companion Web Page. Search Engine Showdown: The Users' Guide to Web Searching. Search Engine Advertising. Home - Evaluating Information Found on the Internet - Library Guides at Johns Hopkins University. Com: Do more.

Ipl2: Information You Can Trust. Class Handouts for Teaching Web Searching-The Library. Weingarten Learning Resources Center. Click here for details The Weingarten Learning Resources Center provides academic support services and programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at the University of Pennsylvania through its two offices.

Weingarten Learning Resources Center

The Office of Learning Resources (OLR) provides professional instruction in university relevant skills such as academic reading, writing, study strategies, and time management to the Penn student community. The Office of Student Disabilities Services (SDS) provides comprehensive, professional services and programs for students who self-identify with disabilities to ensure equal academic opportunities and participation in University-sponsored programs. Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask. 1.

Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask

What can the URL tell you? Practical Steps in Evaluating Internet Resources - Evaluating Information Found on the Internet - Library Guides at Johns Hopkins University. OK, so where are we, in the geography of cyberspace? Look at the web page you are trying to evaluate. Does it include any of the following? 1. A header or footer that shows its affiliation as part of a larger web site. 2. A watermark or wallpaper that fulfills the same function. 3. Distinguishing Propaganda and Misinformation - Evaluating Information Found on the Internet - Library Guides at Johns Hopkins University. "Nobody's perfect" is an excellent rule of thumb in most cases but a bad omen when you're looking for information on the no-editorial-control Internet. Misinformation differs from propaganda in that it always refers to something which is not true. It differs from disinformation in that it is "intention neutral": it isn't deliberate, it's just wrong or mistaken.

Items to Consider - Evaluating Information Found on the Internet - Library Guides at Johns Hopkins University. Point of view or bias reminds us that information is rarely neutral. Because data is used in selective ways to form information, it generally represents a point of view. Every writer wants to prove his point, and will use the data and information that assists him in doing so. When evaluating information found on the Internet, it is important to examine who is providing the "information" you are viewing, and what might be their point of view or bias. The popularity of the Internet makes it the perfect venue for commercial and sociopolitical publishing. These areas in particular are open to highly "interpretative" uses of data.

Home - Evaluating Information Found on the Internet - Library Guides at Johns Hopkins University. The World Wide Web offers information and data from all over the world. Because so much information is available, and because that information can appear to be fairly “anonymous”, it is necessary to develop skills to evaluate what you find. sources %28W%29.pdf. Peer Review. What Does "Peer Reviewed" or "Refereed" Mean? Peer Review is a process that journals use to ensure the articles they publish represent the best scholarship currently available.

When an article is submitted to a peer reviewed journal, the editors send it out to other scholars in the same field (the author's peers) to get their opinion on the quality of the scholarship, its relevance to the field, its appropriateness for the journal, etc. Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals. Scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles are written by scholars or professionals who are experts in their fields. Thompson Writing Program: Working with Sources. Evaluating Sources Evaluating Sources of Information (Purdue): All sources aren't created equal. A Touchy Topic: Plagiarism. Evaluating Sources of Information. College Writing Guide - Patrick Rael.

Resumen de políticas de la apa para citas y referencias bibliográficas - Razón y Palabra. En revistas cuya numeración es progresiva en las diferentes ediciones que componen un volumen, se pone solamente el número de este último (en caracteres arábigos): Rules for Writers with Tabs with 2009 MLA and 2010 APA Updates - Diana Hacker. George Orwell’s 5 Rules for Effective Writing. In our society, the study of language and literature is the domain of poets, novelists, and literary critics. Language is considered a decorative art, fit for entertainment and culture, but practically useless in comparison to the concrete sciences. Just look at the value of a college degree in English versus one in computer science or accounting. Rules for Writers 6e.