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CrunchBase Pro brings new search and analysis features for power users | TechCrunch. Today, live on the TechCrunch Disrupt stage, CrunchBase announced CrunchBase Pro, a major update to its heavily used startup database. CrunchBase will still offer the same free features to longtime users, but more advanced search capabilities, market trend analytics, and lists to track industries, people, companies, and investors will add premium value for power users. The new features will cost $29 a month and be available starting today. Side by side with comparable platforms like PitchBook, CB Insights, and Mattermark the new CrunchBase Pro is fast and simple. Nearly every task can be done from the main page and there is little to no lag, even on complex search queries.

The new colorful design, taking a page from Google’s material design, is a huge improvement on its dimly lit predecessor. To combat messy datasets that make diligence a pain, CrunchBase has been ramping up efforts to clean its data. Multi-joint dynamic searches Trend scores Custom lists. Getting better. Coote sykes gothic house 1116 lede. Opportunity Assessment Mint for Life. CrunchBase | TechCrunch. A Gothic Revival House in the English Countryside. Two centuries ago, the Coote Sykeses—that would be Harriet and Anthony, both members of venerable English families— would have lived in a great house with many servants scurrying up vertiginous stone staircases from dark basements to light the fires, dust the furniture, and serve the food.

But times have changed, and the servants, visible or invisible, are long gone. So some 20 years ago, when Anthony, a builder and property developer, decided to erect a new great house for his wife and their three children, he wanted a place that smacked of days gone by but was tailored to a simpler life. The result is Bellamont House, a sham-Gothic eccentricity that is the centerpiece of a sheep-and-pig farm tucked into a steep fold of the Dorset Downs, on England’s southern coast. In the decades since the house was constructed—using, of all things, concrete blocks—it has become part of the landscape, its stucco exterior worn by weather and blanketed with roses. Steller's Jay, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of Ornithology. To attract Steller’s Jays to your feeders, put out peanuts or other large seeds and nuts as well as suet. If you see jays hogging your feeders and taking large numbers of seeds, they may be carrying some away to store in a cache to help them get through the winter.

Find out more about what this bird likes to eat and what feeder is best by using the Project FeederWatch Common Feeder Birds bird list. Drive into the mountains, and as soon as an evergreen canopy closes over your head you can start looking for Steller’s Jays or listening for their scratchy, scolding calls. Also keep an eye out around feeders, backyards, picnic tables, and campgrounds, where they are probably already watching you, sizing up their prospects for a handout.

Watch for Steller’s Jays foraging for peanuts and larger seeds at your bird feeders – then send us your observations as part of Project FeederWatch or during the Great Backyard Bird Count each February. Enhance your yard for jays and other birds.