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Jade - Template Engine. Introduction This tutorial is a work in progress.

Jade - Template Engine

Once it's finished it will become a fully fledged getting started guide. Welcome to the Jade templating engine. Jade is designed primarily for server side templating in node.js, however it can be used in many other environments. It is only intended to produce XML like documents (HTML, RSS etc.) so don't use it to create plain text/markdown/CSS/whatever documents. This tutorial will take you through: The BasicsCreating Simple TagsPutting Text Inside your TagsAttributesIDs and ClassesJavaScriptOutputing TextSetting AttributesLoops and ConditionalsAdvanced TemplatingExtends & BlocksIncludesMixinsFilters The Basics Jade can be used just as a short hand for HTML. Creating Simple Tags Jade is whitespace sensitive, so there's no need to close your tags; Jade does that for you. Putting Text Inside your Tags By default, the content of a tag is parsed as more jade.

Adding Attributes to your Tags IDs and Classes JavaScript Outputing Text Setting Attributes.


Create a Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal Sliding Content Website with jQuery. Introduction Content Sliding website is one of the famous and creative design techniques for portfolio website.

Create a Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal Sliding Content Website with jQuery

One thing, please make sure you put the menu on every single page to avoid confusion/dizziness. You should put the navigation menu in every single pageOr, fix the position of the menuLet your visitors know exactly what section they're reading, like highlight the selected menu item and have a clear title In this tutorial, we will learn to scroll your web content vertically, horizontally and plus diagonally!

Don't worry, we won't rely on javascript too much, we will use css/html for the layout and javascript only do the scrolling. And, thanks to Ariel Flesler, his scrollTo plugin is simply amazing! Advertisement Depend on which direction you want to scroll your website, each of them have slightly different layout. I put <a name="name"></a>, just in case some of the browsers out there don't support javascript. Scroll Horizontally & Vertically Scroll Diagonally Scroll Vertically 3. Update.

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Virb › Build your own website. Code inc.Files. Sauce Scout Launcher - Sauce Labs. It's easy to go with Sauce because there's no infrastructure setup.

Sauce Scout Launcher - Sauce Labs

BrianO’NeillEventbrite Now we have less infrastructure to worry about maintaining. BenChessYelp Our QA group would be totally lost without Sauce. KevinDiamondHautelook The decision to work with Sauce Labs was a no-brainer. DaveKimGoInstant Sauce has been indispensable to the Web QA team at Mozilla. StephenDonnerMozilla An entire QA lab without the equipment and personnel investment. AnoukinMooshabadMcKesson Specialty Health We can ensure our customer's sites remain reliable and bug free 24/7.

JenniferNurseMobify With Sauce, we saw debugging time go from 3 days to 3 hours. DenaliLummaOkta.

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