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How to get your first 500 blog visitors. As a beginner blogger you know how it feels when you publish a great post but no one visits let alone shares it.

How to get your first 500 blog visitors

Attracting large visitor numbers is what every blogger wants. A blogger friend of mine told me that his wish is to have 500 unique readers per day within the next six months. How to Blog: Blogging Tips for Beginners. How to Craft a Blog Post – 10 Crucial Points to Pause. 4 Post Headlines that are Guaranteed to Get Readers Excited. How to Write Irresistible Blog Intros. 7 Powerful Ways to End Your Next Blog Post. How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress. Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – SEO. Ari Paparo Dot Com: Big List of Blog Search Engines.

My new theory on blogging is that whenever I can't find a particular piece of information on Google I should just create it myself.

Ari Paparo Dot Com: Big List of Blog Search Engines

What's the point of all this easy-to-use publishing technology if you don't publish stuff, right? Well, I recently created a new blog, and wanted to find a quick checklist of all the blog and rss search engines so I could submit the site and reap the tons of free traffic which would inevitably result. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a really comprehensive source. The best I found was this page which a) I found somewhat confusing; and b) did not address the ability to submit your blog to the engines. Introduction to Blogging. Introduction to Blogging Languages: English • Español • Nederlands • 日本語 • 한국어 • ไทย • 中文(简体) • 中文(繁體) • (Add your language) What is a "blog"?

Introduction to Blogging

"Blog" is an abbreviated version of "weblog," which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. 10 Essential First Steps When Starting A Wordpress Blog. Having created quite a few blogs, I’d like to think that I have a good system down for those essential first steps, and I hope it can be of use to you too.

10 Essential First Steps When Starting A Wordpress Blog

By following these you’ll get a good head start in the world of blogging and hopefully an influx of traffic to give you the motivation to carry on. If you’ve already started, think of this as a checklist as I’m sure there’s a few you haven’t done yet.