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Pornopedia - The Sexy Encyclopedia. Creative Erotic Art of Male and Female Sexuality: Evolution, Education, Health, Oral Sex, Positions, Masturbation, Pornography, Laws. What Women Want: Porn and the Frontier of Female Sexuality - Lifestyle. Voyeurweb's Wiki about Sex. Thumbnail gallery post. A thumbnail gallery post (TGP) is a common type of ad-driven website that provides links to free Internet pornography.[1] In affiliate marketing terms, TGPs are the affiliates that drive new traffic to the product producers, paysites.

Thumbnail gallery post

Paysites offer free hosted galleries (FHGs) in an effort to attract paying customers, and it is these FHGs, as well as chains of TGPs, that a TGP links to.[2] Traffic trading and TGP scripts[edit] TGPs employ a variety of schemes to trade traffic with other TGPs; signing up for these trades is usually easy and free for other TGP owners. Perhaps the most basic trade is to link to other TGP sites. These trades are reciprocal: by looking at the referrer header of the HTTP requests, a TGP owner knows where their traffic comes from; a site that doesn't provide enough visitors will be excluded from further trades.

Scripts that automate the maintenance of a TGP, manage traffic trades and protect against hitbots are readily available. TGP2[edit] Fake TGPs[edit] Women in photography. Category:Sex industry. Category:Erotica and pornography websites. Depictions of nudity. Depictions of nudity include visual representations of nudity in all the disciplines, including the arts and sciences.

Depictions of nudity

Nudity is restricted in most societies, but some depiction of nudity may serve a recognized social function. Clothing also serves as a significant part of interpersonal communication, and the lack of clothing needs to have a social context. In Western societies, the three contexts that are easily recognized by a majority of individuals are art, pornography, and information or science. Any image not easily fitting into one of these categories may be misinterpreted, leading to disputes.[1] Nudity in art[edit] A myth is a sacred narrative explaining how the world and humankind assumed their present form.[12][13] The myth can be defined as an "ideology in narrative form".[14] Myths may arise as either truthful depictions or overelaborated accounts of historical events, as allegory for or personification of natural phenomena, or as an explanation of ritual.

Art nude. The nude figure is mainly a tradition in Western art, and has been used to express ideals of male and female beauty and other human qualities.

Art nude

It was a central preoccupation of Ancient Greek art, and after a semi-dormant period in the Middle Ages returned to a central position in Western art with the Renaissance. Athletes, dancers, and warriors are depicted to express human energy and life, and nudes in various poses may express basic or complex emotions such as pathos.[1] In one sense, a nude is a work of fine art that has as its primary subject the unclothed human body,[2] forming a subject genre of art, in the same way as landscapes and still life. Nude photography. Nude photography is any photograph which contains an image of a nude or semi-nude person, or an image suggestive of nudity.

Nude photography

The exhibition or publication of nude photographs may be controversial, more so in some cultures or countries than in others, and especially if the subject is a minor. Most nude photographs are made for private use and intended to be viewed only by the subject and their current partner. Most nude photography has traditionally featured female subjects; male subjects are more rarely exhibited.[1] Educational purpose[edit] Nude photographs may be used for scientific and educational purpose, such as ethnographic studies, human physiology or sex education. Erotic art. In Achille Devéria's "libertine watercolor" the explicit erotic scene is taking place clandestinely against the background of a "respectable" party seen at the back Erotic Netsuke made of mammoth ivory sculptured in Japan Erotic art covers any artistic work that is intended to evoke erotic arousal or that depicts scenes of love-making.

Erotic art

List of fetish artists. Example of fetish art.

List of fetish artists

Nudity Is Healthy for Brains and Bodies. Is clothing crushing us?

Nudity Is Healthy for Brains and Bodies

Are we trapped in tomb-like textiles, exiling our flesh from experiencing the environment? Are we atrophying our epidermis, our senses, our neuro-intelligence? If you put a plaster cast on a broken arm the skin starves for Vitamin D, the muscles weaken due to strangled range of motion, the nerve synapses depress to a whimper of their former joy. Twenty-first century hominids? We shroud our entire skin palette except for face, neck and hands - we obliterate symbiosis with the planet. We hide in cocoons, when we could be free as butterflies. History reveals many cultures that were not clothes-minded. There’s naked Japanese in hot springs, naked Finns in saunas, “sky-clad” Jain monks in India, plus millions of nudists worldwide going to “Nakation” camps, beaches, and resorts. Here’s evidence suggesting that skin-only can be superior: Born Free.

Weakened Bodies. Barefoot Medicine. Superior Socialization. Soothe Away Your Crazies. Financial Liberation.