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Marc A Resasco

My name is Marc A. Resasco and I am a Dental Surgical student. I own and operate Airmid Solutions LLC. (Medical Staffing Firm National), Airmid Medical LLC (Medical Device and Supply Company), MedRX Urgent Care LLC ( Urgent Care Practices), Dynamic Dental (Dental Practice), and Pro Health Pain & Rehabilitation (Interventional Pain Management and Physical Therapy Practices). These are start-ups and will be active in 16 states. I am a highly respected and sincere professional that delivers the highest in customer satisfaction to my clients. After obtaining my BS in Biology from St. Francis College, I went onto applying for MD and getting accepted into SUNY downstate Medical center. I built my staffing firm in the course of 2 years to netting $2,500,000.00. Grew to 3 offices. Then sold it. Created a new staffing firm which operates in 16 states in the county. I have now started my Urgent Care Practice in Soux Falls, South Dakota. We are a start-up facility which plans on growing into 16 states with a projected 500 clinics to open in the next 3-5 years. In the interim, I am starting Dental Practices, Interventional Pain Practices, Medical Spas, and Fertility Clinics. Looking to provide the ultimate in patient care from all age groups.

Marc A. Resasco: How to help the elderly manage depression. Geriatric nursing is the specialization that trains nurses to handle the elderly, which isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Marc A. Resasco: How to help the elderly manage depression

Caring for the elderly not only needs professional skills, but empathy and compassion as their age can often lead to forgetfulness, tantrum and severe depression. They may have special needs which medical science may not have an immediate solution for, but still deserves your care and compassion. Why is depression often visible in the elderly? Studies claim an astonishing 20% of folks over the age of 65 suffer from chronic depression. Forced relocation into external facilities, can greatly increase their frustration and mental pain to unbearable lengths. For certain folks, their lives feel empty with lack of clear cut goals and ambition, while others feel abandoned by their dear and loved ones. Then there is deteriorating health, the foresight of impending demise and so on which contributes greatly to this problem.

What can you do about it? Marc A. What makes a good nurse great? – marcaresasco. Nursing is a career which has been championed by greats such as Florence Nightingale and the others that walked down her path.

What makes a good nurse great? – marcaresasco

It has largely stayed pure, unadulterated and non-degraded over time depending upon character of the folks who commit to its obligations and responsibilities. To me, the tenets of nursing as a profession and a higher calling has remained intact over time, which being: Nursing is a techno-social profession which integrates multiple disciplinesNursing places emphasis on ethical knowledge backed by scientific factsNursing was built upon a solid foundation of core human values So how to begin your journey from being a good nurse to a true champion of greatness and compassion? These simple tips can help achieve your ambitions if those are indeed what your heart desires: 1- A great nurse is empathetic to the needs of others As a nurse, your responsibilities lie in being considerate to your patients and willingness to listen to their concerns.

Marc A. Like this: Marc A. Resasco: Why choose the Healthcare industry? Let's talk about your dreams We all share dreams of doing great things.

Marc A. Resasco: Why choose the Healthcare industry?

Our careers are said to be an extension of our personalities, we attempt to dig our way to the best and most successful post we can find in the industry our heart goes after. But when it comes to the healthcare industry, our society jumps to the forefront and paints an almost impenetrable canvas of high stress and continuous tectonic shifts. Here we try to diffuse those landmines and help you get the bigger picture about the opportunities in the healthcare industry and how you can grab them.

For starters, healthcare offers a plethora of options for those interested in a career. Job stability is admirable According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about half of the 20 fastest growing professions are located within the field of healthcare. Types of Nurses- What will you choose? – marcaresasco. If you have visited a hospital, called in a healthcare hotline or applied for home care, you have interacted with these angels.

Types of Nurses- What will you choose? – marcaresasco

There are approximately 149,718 registered nurses in the city of New York. And none belong to the same tribe! There are diverse career choices in the healthcare industry with nursing having myriad options. With almost 92% of nurses being women and the rest men, today’s healthcare has matured far from being restricted to a hospital ward to the confines of our comfort zones- homes and private institutions.

Here are some highly sought out job categories in nursing that our recruiters keep an eye out for: #1 Anesthesia These nurses are assistants to anesthesiologists who help with providing sufficient amounts of anesthesia to the patient- for surgeries, childbirth and so on. #2 Cardiac Being a serious division, cardiac care nurses assess and take care of the cardiac patients. #3 Critical Care #4 Midwifery They play an important role as the facilitator of child birth. The two challenges facing today’s healthcare workforce – marcaresasco.

Our clients have loftier goals of providing good quality patient care, unique infrastructure aesthetics, maintaining state of the art security, run quality research centres for advanced studies into vaccines- the whole bag, with limited resources.

The two challenges facing today’s healthcare workforce – marcaresasco

Despite all of the above being morally correct, none of these are likely going to happen. It’s a mess. With a rapid jump towards e-hospitality, the industry is going through a massive revamp. The recruitment process of medical staff is heading to a candidate centric economy. According to a study published by the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the recruitment graph shows a spike of up to 19% by 2024- that is a spurt of 2.3 million new jobs waiting to happen! With such a spike in demand, why is the healthcare industry losing its finesse in catching up with its ambitions? 1- The Great Debate- Education or Experience? Employers face the daunting task of picking the right candidate on these two diverse terms. Mistakes that costs a career in nursing.