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Three types of web resources for teaching phonetics. This guest post was written by Holman Tse, a PhD student in the University of Pittsburgh Department of Linguistics. In the past decade, advances in internet technology have made more and more multimedia resources easily accessible to a larger audience. The teaching of many different subjects, including language and linguistics, has undoubtedly benefited from the wide availability of new technologies. In this blog entry, I discuss web resources useful in teaching introductory phonetics to undergraduates. Since phonetics is a multifaceted subject involving the study of the properties of human speech sounds as well as how they are physically produced and how they can be represented (e.g. with the International Phonetic Alphabet), the teaching of phonetics is well suited for a multimedia approach.

Below, I focus on three types of web resources that are useful for teaching phonetics: 1. There are several keyboard options available. 2. This website is still in beta mode. 3.