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Ineedaresume. - Light Pollution Map. Content marketing guidelines 2016 2017. Velositey Version 2 - Photoshop Extension by D&K. Narración de Voz en Off, Narración en Primera Persona, Femenino & Masculino. VideoScribe. Whiteboard Animation. Wideo - Crea videos animados online gratis. The easiest way to create world-class Interactive Videos. Apple's New Mac Pro and Premiere Pro CC & GPU Debayer. A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Home Color Grading Suite. This is a guest post by Cinematographer Ryan E.

A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Home Color Grading Suite

Walters. As Moore’s Law continues to make technology more accessible to the masses, it is time to start exploring what it takes to build your own grading suite at home or in your office. Before reading the rest of this post, I recommend that you check out How To Get The Most Out Of CS6, DaVinci, & Your Mac Pro, as this article continues to build on what I’ve outlined. So let’s get started shall we? First off, I think it is important to acknowledge that this grading suite does not replace a high end professional suite. The Goals: The first thing to do when designing the layout out of any room is to clearly define the goals you want to accomplish.

The Environment: - Control The Light. . - Make Everything Neutral In Color. The color of your walls is going to depend on your viewing system- if you are using a projector, then you are going to want to keep your walls black. . - Use The Correct Light & Light Levels. . - Viewing Distance. The Gear: Links: Basecamp is everyone’s favorite project management app.


Musica. 3d. Infographics. Diseño. Nuke. Trello. How to Replace Your MacBook’s Optical Drive With an SSD. Just before the latest MacBook Pro updates were released, rumors swirled that the new models would adopt solid-state drives (SSD) in addition to hard disk drives (HDD) and drop internal optical DVD drives across the line.

How to Replace Your MacBook’s Optical Drive With an SSD

That sounded perfect to me. As I dove for the couch cushions in search of spare change to add to my computer upgrade fund, I considered that I didn’t really need a new computer. What I wanted was SSD. But SSD tech is expensive — really expensive if I wanted the same amount of storage offered by my MacBook Pro’s HDD. Luckily, there’s a way to have both. Advantages of Paired Storage I love this setup. You can install an alternate system on the HDD. Yes, I have to connect an external optical drive every time I need to install something from disc, but once I was done with the initial setup I haven’t needed it that much. The tools. What to Order Sizing Things Up As an example, I was using about 300 GB on my HDD. Picking the Right SSD Removing the Optical Drive Symlinks.

10 tips for painless collaborative projects. Working with another creative mind on a project can be rewarding and productive - but is fraught with potential pitfalls.

10 tips for painless collaborative projects

Follow these 10 bits of advice and you'll give your partnership the best chance of success. 01. Define the project Ideas generated on evenings down the pub or at networking events may crackle with potential, but take time to consider the reality of the project and define what it will involve. Are you biting off more than you can chew? 02. Wanting to work with a fellow illustrator or designer on a shared project because you like their work isn't reason alone to embark upon a collaborative project - especially an artistic or unpaid one. 03. There's little point agreeing to work with one or more creative collaborators if you're all pulling in different directions. 04. Everything needs a deadline - everything.


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