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Learn why Motion Kit is better. Expert Kit – Palette Online Store. Pulse Camera Remote : Wireless Canon and Nikon Camera Remote - Alpine Labs LLC. Untitled. Illuminate: Light Leaks - RocketStock. : DSLR foldable Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Spider Steady Rig for Camera shot : Video Camera Shoulder Supports. Amazon. Rokinon 24mm T1.5 Cine ED AS IF UMC Lens for Nikon F CV24M-N B&H. RexSpecs - Protective Dog Eyewear – Rex Specs K9. Macro Lens Fold Bellows Close Up Focusing Focus Rail Slider for Nikon DSLR SLR. Freedom360 Mount. The original 360×180 degree mount for GoPro Hero4, Hero3+ and Hero3 cameras: 360 video made easy The Freedom360 allows you to use (your own) six Hero4/Hero3+/Hero3 cameras (black and silver models) to record six videos that can be stitched into a full spherical, equi-rectangular 360 video.

Freedom360 Mount

The original and innovative geometry gives you the freedom to hold the rig in any direction, no nadir blind spot to worry about. Capture everything around the rig, without obstructions. Simply insert the Hero4/Hero3+/Hero3 cameras (6) into the appropriate slot, fix them in place with the numbered mounting braces, mount it to the support you are intending to use (i.e. monopod), and start recording with the wifi remote that comes with the Hero3+/Hero3 black, or purchase it separately with the Hero4. We recommend using the black models through-out. Learn more about the software options. Buying Choices: BeStableCam Full Shot Alu Case 360 Degree Gopro Spherical Panorama Frame Mount for Gopro 3 3+ 4(Mount 6 Gopro) Second Shooter — Kessler. MindShift Gear rotation180&deg Horizon 34L Backpack 215 B&H. The charcoal lightweight rotation180˚ Horizon 34L Backpack from Mind Shift Gear features a detachable rotating beltpack that allows for quick-access to your camera gear while still wearing your backpack.

MindShift Gear rotation180&deg Horizon 34L Backpack 215 B&H

The rotating beltpack holds a DSLR with an attached lens, an additional lens between padded dividers and an up to 10" tablet behind a padded divider at the back. Simply swing the beltpack around to return it to the backpack and secure it in place via a magnetic tab. On shorter outings, the rotating beltpack may be worn separately. : Syrp Genie Mini Panning Motion Control System. Whale by Niels, Arnhem, underline tattoo. FocusMaker DSLR Focusing Tool FM01 B&H Photo Video. International Pricing Disclaimer Our price and the price displayed on the Comparison Shopping Site may not always match due to fluctuation in exchange rates.

FocusMaker DSLR Focusing Tool FM01 B&H Photo Video

Please note: We do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the foreign currencies information. It is provided to you for general information purposes only. The final amount shown in your cart is in US Dollars. The product price does not include customs, duties and/or taxes. Bubl Technology Inc. Nokia OZO. Amazon. Voltaic Systems Blog – Solar DIY and Device Charging. We’ve been working with a company called Cam-Do on how to power a GoPro camera for extended timelapse photography projects where battery life is a limiting factor.

Voltaic Systems Blog – Solar DIY and Device Charging

Our setup is now being used out on Jamaica Bay to monitor horshoe crabs, more pictures to come. Fuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger. 3DR - Drone & UAV Technology. Best lenses for GH4. Hi, I'm getting ready to purchase a GH4.

Best lenses for GH4

I will be using it primarily for directing and producing my own horror and comedy films, but I also need a nice stills lens to take photos of the vintage dirtbikes and parts that i sell online and for pics of my family and such. I am a learning about the different features of cameras and lenses, but I am buying a camera next week so I would like to get some quick advice from some more knowledgeable folk before I make a purchase. Mesa 100% Madera Sustentable Eco Trabajo Escritorio Grande - $ 2,209.00 en MercadoLibre. Silencer Lite - Trigger Controlled Follow Focus. With most follow focus systems on the market, you run into a few problems: You can't pull focus without taking your hands off the entire rig which loses stability, or you can't focus on your own.

Silencer Lite - Trigger Controlled Follow Focus

That's why we created the Silencer. Lowepro DryZone Duffle Bag 20L (Yellow) LP36579 B&H Photo Video. This yellow waterproof DryZone Duffle Bag 20L from Lowepro can hold a DSLR with an attached 70-200 f/2.8 lens, two extra lenses, a flash, and accessories.

Lowepro DryZone Duffle Bag 20L (Yellow) LP36579 B&H Photo Video

DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal B&H. Capture 4K video and take 12-megapixel still photos from the air with the DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter with Integrated Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal.

DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter with 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal B&H

Forgoing the fixed landing gear design found on many earlier quadcopters, the Inspire 1 features a retractable arm system whereby the underside of each prop motor has a foot to act as a landing pod when the arms are lowered. In-flight, the arms lift up to provide the camera an unobstructed 360-degree view. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds, GH4KBODY Digital Camera. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 4K Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera is a true hybrid camera designed for both professional photo and video use.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds, GH4KBODY Digital Camera.

It features a 16.05-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor and a 4-CPU Venus Engine, capable of capturing high-resolution JPEG and RAW stills, as well as UHD 4K 3840x2160 30p/24p and cinematic DCI 4K 4096x2160 video at 24p. Like its predecessor, the GH4 features a weather-sealed magnesium alloy body, while offering increased resolution on both the OLED monitor and electronic viewfinder.

It also features built-in Wi-Fi with NFC technology, in-camera creative controls, and a high-speed 49-point autofocus in both photo and video mode. Metabones Nikon G & F Lens to Micro Four MB_SPNFG-M43-BM1. The Nikon G & F Lens to Micro Four Thirds Mount Camera Speed Booster from Metabones allows a full frame Nikon G & F lens to be mounted to a Micro Four Thirds mount camera and in doing so, increases the angle of view and increases the maximum aperture one f/stop.

Metabones Nikon G & F Lens to Micro Four MB_SPNFG-M43-BM1

When a lens intended for full frame sensors or 35mm film is mounted to a camera with an Micro Four Thirds sized sensor, it transmits a larger area of light than the smaller sensor was built to accept and therefore the angle of view of the lens decreases and the equivalent focal length increases. The Speed Booster condenses light from the lens and projects it onto the smaller sensor allowing the sensor to utilize all of the lens' light and effectively produce a full-frame angle of view with an MFT sensor. Jib Crane with manual control Pan/Tilt head. CAME-H4 Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Suitable for DSLR Cameras [CAME-H4] - US$255.00.

Details: Photographic and camera video equipment wholesale & retail largest supplier from China. Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K (EF Mount) The Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K features a Super 35mm sized image sensor with a global shutter and a Canon EF lens mount. The camera is capable of recording Ultra HD 4K (3840x2160) and 1080p video using the 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 family of codecs, as well as the visually lossless, compressed 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW at 4000x2160 resolution. The built-in recorder utilizes removable 2.5" SSDs, which enable the high data rates required by RAW and 880Mbps ProRes HQ. The camera's ability to expose for 12 stops of dynamic range lends the image a truly film-like look, and the Super 35mm (21.12 x 11.88mm) sized sensor approximates the standard of traditional film. 360Fly. Product Catalog Monitors & Displays. Home > Monitors & Displays TRIMASTER EL series OLED Monitors View all.

CreativeCOW. The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. Sample Content. Huelux by Randy Halverson I shot Huelux from April-November 2013 in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. The weather in 2013 made it difficult for me to get some of the shots I wanted. There were many times I planned to shoot the Milky Way or Aurora, and the clouds would roll in. But that also allowed me to get more night storm timelapse than I have any other year. Sacramento Timelapse by Justin Majeczky Two years ago my wife and I relocated to Sacramento, California so she could attend school. TB3 - Motion Capture Time Lapse. Edgertronic.