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NCGIA Core Curriculum in GISci - Detailed Outline. Official GRASS GIS Homepage - The World Leading Free Software GI. Table of Contents for the NCGIA Core Curriculum 1990 Version. SPACE - Spatial Perspectives on Analysis for Curriculum Enhancem. This website is preserved as an Archive for the NSF-funded SPACE program (2003-2007).

SPACE - Spatial Perspectives on Analysis for Curriculum Enhancem

Current resources in support of Spatially Integrated Social Science are now available at the following: The SPACE program exists to achieve systemic change within undergraduate education in the social sciences, with extension to the environmental sciences. Our approach is based on the value of spatial thinking, and associated technologies (geographic information systems and tools for spatial analysis), as the basis for greater integration among the social science disciplines, greater motivation for students, greater relevance to societal problems, greater integration of technology into undergraduate instruction, and greater employment prospects for graduates. Please download the informative brochure. Notes for GIS and The Geographer's Craft.

Sample Examination and Study Questions Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing by Shannon Crum -- An introduction to the basic concepts of remote sensing, with emphasis on air photograph interpretation.

Notes for GIS and The Geographer's Craft

Also includes background on common satellite imaging systems. Geography 165. Introduction to Cartography and Remote Sensing.