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Maple Lawn Montessori of Laurel

Maple Lawn Montessori is the best and only contemporary Montessori preschool which prescribes amalgamated diverse teaching methodologies: Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Pearson, and Web-based learning; all of which are transcontinental, time-tested, and successful.

Handle the Drop-Offs with Care. Many parents may feel apprehensive about dropping off their child in a Montessori daycare for the first time.

Handle the Drop-Offs with Care

Although they may have already given their child a briefing on what will happen, they’re still uncertain as to how their little one will handle the new environment. While some children are excited about the prospect of meeting new kids their age and seeing a new place, others are scared as they’re accustomed to the comforts of home. Keep in mind that every child is different. Each has a unique personality and perspective.

One helpful tip to ascertain that your child will feel comfortable during drop-offs is to give them something that will remind them of home. Children Can Have Learning Activities at Home. A place where your child can have learning activities is not only found in Montessori school in Jessup, Maryland.

Children Can Have Learning Activities at Home

At home, you’re your child’s teacher! However, there’s no need to make your house look like a classroom. Also, put away the textbooks! Help Make Your Child Feel Proud of Taking Tasks. Bombarding your child with many tasks may not be a good idea as they can get overwhelmed by them.

Help Make Your Child Feel Proud of Taking Tasks

While it’s healthy for a child in Montessori school in Jessup, Maryland to have a bit of responsibility with certain tasks, it’s much better for them to get accustomed to one task after another first. Handling too many tasks at once may cause your little one to feel resentful instead of being proud to have accomplished something. Your Child’s Confidence Matters. Boosting your child’s confidence in their early years may not be as easy as you’d imagine if your little one makes mistakes in what they do.

Your Child’s Confidence Matters

While it may take a while to open up and discover their talents and capabilities, they’ll eventually come around through your consistent encouragement and praise. Children can make mistakes and may result in them becoming withdrawn. But having the right approach in correcting their errors may still earn them their confidence back, according to a teacher from Montessori school in Jessup, Maryland. High-Quality Child Care: A Great Option for Busy Parents. Is your work schedule stressing you out because you worry a lot about your child’s welfare and can’t always be there for them?

High-Quality Child Care: A Great Option for Busy Parents

We feel you! Look for a Good Daycare Center. If you are looking for a Montessori daycare for your child, it helps if you start your search a few months before you enroll them.

Look for a Good Daycare Center

That way, you can learn more about what it offers, observe the environment during the tour, and observe how the staff interact with children and determine if the programs are suitable for your little one. A reliable daycare center must have a clean and nurturing environment. You can ask around or seek advice from your friends who have enrolled their children in daycare centers. You can also check the online reviews to know if the place has a good reputation for taking care of children.

Daycare programs must involve reading sessions, physical activities, group programs, recess, and healthy meals and snacks. Help Your Child Boost Their Immune System. Your child can be exposed to germs and viruses every day, especially when they go outside the house to play or travel to school.

Help Your Child Boost Their Immune System

Unfortunately, there is no escaping of them getting sick if they catch the virus, so parents must help them boost their immune system. Immunization is one of the many ways to help protect your child from catching a disease as they enter Montessori preschool in Maryland. Many clinics provide immunization services for children. Help Your Child Develop Their Study Skills. Study skills in preschoolers don’t always come naturally, which is why parents need to teach them to set them up for Montessori preschool in Maryland.

Help Your Child Develop Their Study Skills

If children start early in studying, then they will become used to it as they grow. We recommend that your child has a clean, orderly space to study like in the bedroom or dining table where they have access to any essential materials for studying and snacks if they need to take a break. We also believe that it’s necessary to have the TV turned off and toys put away. Children Need Calcium and Vitamin D. Calcium is essential for the growth and development of children.

Children Need Calcium and Vitamin D

It helps keep their bones and teeth strong as they grow up. It also enables their nerves and muscles to function well. Playgrounds Play a Role in Child Development. Many parents love it when their children are enjoying in a playground, because they see the happiness on their faces and hear the sounds of their voices squealing in delight.

Playgrounds Play a Role in Child Development

There is nothing more adorable than witnessing little ones’ giddiness and laughter! Academy preschool and community playgrounds are often the places where little ones play together with other children and forge friendships that may even last years. Running around, swinging on swings, and climbing the monkey bars are not only fun but are also great exercise! According to a mentor from Montessori school in Jessup, Maryland, children who often play in playgrounds have reduced rates of becoming obese and have more self-confidence.

However, modern temptations like TV, computer, mobile phones, and other gadgets can entice your children away from playtime as per an educator at Montessori preschool in Maryland. Managing Your Child’s Scribbling Habits. When you were still a child, do you remember scribbling on your house walls and then end up getting scolded by your parents? And now your child is doing the same thing! Now, why is that? Scribbling a form of expression, a way of communicating—and it goes back in the early peoples who have also done scribbling on cave walls. Isn’t that amazing? Many children in Montessori daycare enjoy expressing themselves through scribbling. According to an educator in Montessori school in Jessup, Maryland, some children move over to the walls to scribble, especially when their pads run out of space—or they feel like it scribbling on a more extended scope.

Provide them a black board with white and colored chalks and eraser. Educate Your Child About Other People’s Pets. Some children who are close to their pets at home may believe that other animals in the neighborhood, park, or anywhere are as friendly as their own. However, they can’t be more wrong about this. While it’s natural for house pets to be friendly to their owners, even their owner’s children, it’s not the same for stray animals or pets who live with different owners. Some are overly protective, territorial, and aggressive.

According to an educator in Montessori daycare in Maryland, children can get hurt just by petting an adorable-looking dog. Educating your child not to play, pet, or even go near any animals outside their home is necessary. Creating a Morning Routine for Your Preschooler. As a working parent, you may find mornings quite hectic. Natural Consequences Can Improve Problem-Solving Skills. As a parent, you’re wiser than your little one. You understand that every decision and action has natural consequences. Surely, you have experienced doing things that result in a good and bad outcome. Why Children Look Forward to Family Holidays. Family holidays are essential for children’s development. The time your child has spent in a Montessori daycare may have improved their learning and social skills. However, family holidays are an opportunity for them to rest, play, and fully experience being a child who savors the attention and affection that they get from their parents.

Nowadays, a lot of grown-ups are always busy. Most of the time, they only go out with their child during weekends or in the evenings at dinner. A Positive Environment Can Help a Child’s Development. Teach Your Child to Wait for Their Turn Before Speaking. The society usually expects good manners and proper social etiquette. As a parent, you must teach your child the right way to communicate with people as early as preschool. That way, it can benefit them immensely as they grow up. Children Need to Learn How to Use the School Bathroom. Many parents teach their children how to count numbers, cite the alphabet, and determine colors and shapes before they enter preschool. They also educate them on how to introduce themselves and get along with others in their Montessori daycare.

How about self-help skills? Teach Your Child Not to Talk to Strangers. Many children are outgoing and helpful toward other people. That’s a good thing because it means they have developed empathy skills at an early age. However, there are cases when they become too friendly that they entertain strangers. As educators in Montessori School in Jessup, Maryland, it’s not something that we encourage because that is a safety risk. Help Your Child Overcome Their Fears. At some point in your childhood, you may remember rushing to your parents’ bedroom because you’re afraid of the dark. If your child is experiencing quite a fright when you turn off the lights during bedtime, you must not take the incident lightly.

Help Develop Your Child’s Social Skills. As a parent, you must help build your child’s social skills, especially when they’re still young. When they learn how to communicate well with others, good manners and right conduct tend to follow. These characteristics can then help them as they grow up, especially when it comes to looking for jobs. As experienced educators in Montessori School in Jessup, Maryland, we understand that not all children are friendly and outgoing. Art Plays an Important Role in a Child’s Life. When you introduce your child to the joys of art during their formation years, it can help them in many ways. For one, art can develop their sense of creativity. It can also teach them how to become patient, focused, and confident in their work. Always Choose a High-Quality Daycare for Your Child. Why Enroll Your Child in a Daycare?