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Maogood was founded in 2010. is a global- oriented foreign trade company , integrating development and production together. Our main products include TV boxes, projectors, Bluetooth audio, video monitors, wireless keyboard etc. In 2011, it was Founded myself brand “Maogood”,the company has a professional management team, from product design 、procurement 、assembly to package, for each aspect and processes are rigorously testing and control. meanwhile,our company has more than 9 years of experience in product development. the company is not only excellent R&D team , but also stable logistics channels and supply capacity. the company has always adhered to "quality of products in order to survive, credibility and development services" business purposes. Committed to providing customer with high-quality products and services. Maogood is a reliable online store that combines wholesale and retail, it has diverse and high quality products.These products are very popular among consumers .the company is specialize in video games, TV boxes, computer accessories, mobile and mobile phone accessories, clothing, home and gardening supplies, jewelry, media players, auto parts, RC models and accessories etc. In order to better develop cross-border e-commerce business of Maogood, the company attract investment plans to develop rapidly .We will attract 10 million US dollars to take 20% of the company's shares, bring more returns to investors. For details, please send email

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