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Manufapp enables manufacturers to have better control & optimize their operations by increasing throughput, reducing expenses and optimizing inventory. Make your Manufacturing Intelligent.

Make your Manufacturing Intelligent with Manufapp Smart Industrial IoT Solution. The Internet of Things is not just the latest buzzword spreading in the manufacturing conglomerate’s board rooms but is a proven strategy, a developing trend, and an innovative technology.

Make your Manufacturing Intelligent with Manufapp Smart Industrial IoT Solution

It allows manufacturers to improve efficiencies reduce waste and increase profits. Industrial IoT is a way to digitally transform the manufacturing sector by employing a network of sensors to collect critical production data and make use of cloud software to turn data into valuable insights for increasing the efficiency of manufacturing operations. Manufacturers seeking higher productivity and better control of their operations can engage with Manufapp to make their manufacturing more intelligent through their smart IoT solution. Manufacturers use Industrial IoT for Operational Efficiencies. Unlock Efficiencies and Optimize Operations with Manufacturing Execution System Software. Manufacturing Execution System is powerful production-oriented software that manages, monitors, and synchronizes the production process, and allows manufacturers access to real-time visibility of operations.

Unlock Efficiencies and Optimize Operations with Manufacturing Execution System Software

This system provides the control of various parts of the manufacturing process and also helps to unlock efficiencies and optimize operations to reduce costs, speed production, and improve quality. The work orders execution is coordinated with production scheduling and enterprise-level systems and this system also provides feedback on process performance, support component, material-level traceability, genealogy, and integration with process history. This interactive software program delivers real-time visibility into shop floor data that assist in profitable decision-making in manufacturing facilities. Digital Quality Inspection- Real time and Inline - Manufapp. Manual visual inspection in the manufacturing industry has been there for ages as trusted means to ensure that products meet pre-specified standards.

Digital Quality Inspection- Real time and Inline - Manufapp

Almost every standard factory either has its dedicated product quality control team or has a third-party inspection service provider for manual visual inspection. On the other hand, in recent times, digital quality inspection has emerged as a new solution to automate the process, reducing time and ensuring better inspection. Indian Manufacturing: Key Challenges & Pain Points in the Value Chain. Industry indicators and Key statistics: Manufacturing contributes significantly to India’s GDP, accounting for 17.4%.

Indian Manufacturing: Key Challenges & Pain Points in the Value Chain

It has a potential to reach USD 1 Trillion. All That You Need to Know About Manufacturing Information Systems. Key Components of a Manufacturing Execution System. In the current times, manufacturing is growing as a competitive domain that demands quicker turnaround time, lesser production cost, and diligent compliance to industry standards.

Key Components of a Manufacturing Execution System

In order to meet all these parameters, using a real-time manufacturing execution system has come into the picture. This tool not only helps in streamlining manufacturing operations at all levels but also helps in driving business decisions. Dedicated to managing the core production operations, a customized manufacturing execution system developed by ManufApp is definitely a worthy investment. How is Maintenance Practices Evolving with use of Iiot? [Preventive to Predictive To Prognostic] Time-based equipment maintenance has been a general practice in the manufacturing industry.

How is Maintenance Practices Evolving with use of Iiot? [Preventive to Predictive To Prognostic]

The machinery age was the primary factor to determine the need for equipment maintenance. However, worldwide, only 18% of machinery was found to fail due to its age and the rest because of other reasons. It clearly indicates that manufacturers must shift their focus to other causes instead of the machine age. IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) optimizes the maintenance routine using a predictive approach, resulting in reduced cost, time, and effort.

A large segment of the manufacturing industry has already adopted IIoT worldwide, with 40.2% of IoT devices currently in use. How can COPQ be Reduced in Manufacturing Companies - Manufapp. Every organization is constantly under pressure to curb their COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) while enhancing their revenues.

How can COPQ be Reduced in Manufacturing Companies - Manufapp

Especially for manufacturing companies that often face loss due to defective products, thus reducing COPQ becomes a necessity. As per Dr. Joseph Juran’s research, the cost of poor quality in most of the companies is 20% – 30% of sales. Consequently, the COPQ becomes equivalent to the value of net profit. Key Advantages of Using Manufacturing Execution System (Mes) Don’t Let It Go! Bring Perfection and Improve Productivity with Mes. Why Implement A Manufacturing Information System? A manufacturing information system is integral to the present-day manufacturing facility.

Why Implement A Manufacturing Information System?

It is a computer-based software platform used for tracking and documenting the change of raw materials into finished goods. By implementing this system, managers understand the way conditions in manufacturing processes are improved and optimized for enhanced output. Manufacturing Execution System Software. A brief history of MES The development of MES could be traced to the late 1970s when manufacturers started automating their accounting systems with the help of software systems.

Manufacturing Execution System Software

Over time, the accounting software systems evolved providing the facility for inventory management both for raw materials and finished goods. Manufacturing Software Enhances Productivity and Provides Better Control. Get complete control over your manufacturing process with the state-of-the-art Manufapp software systems.

Manufacturing Software Enhances Productivity and Provides Better Control

They offer comprehensive solutions enabling manufacturing units to streamline the operation as per their scheduling. NEW DELHI - Sept. 18, 2021 - PRLog -- Manufacturers around the world are interested in manufacturing software. You may have planned but yet to decide whom to contact for the same? If this is the case, immediately contact Manufapp – a platform where you will get all kinds of solutions for your manufacturing credentials. The platform has been dedicated to manufacturers across industries for the betterment of the manufacturing process. Impact & Benefits it brings for Manufacturing Industries - Manufapp. Digital automation is re-shaping every industry and it is prevalent more than ever in the manufacturing industry in today’s times. Smart factory or Industry 4.0 is an aspect that brings the integration of cutting-edge technologies within a factory setting, creating intelligent factory automation that enables work-flow much cleverer, faster and efficient than traditional work process.

It brings about a change of evolving intelligent process in manufacturing with huge benefit potential. Manufacturing Execution System Software – Combating the Challenges of Manufacturing industry. Being a large scale and highly competitive industry, manufacturing sector is not devoid of challenges. In fact, with the high volume of work, this industry is subject to a lot of chaos in terms of manpower management, resource optimisation and in terms of crucial decision making.

Understanding this need, many digital solutions providers like Manufapp has come up with high-end manufacturing execution system software. Since this industry employs almost one-fourth of the global workforce, these challenges are crucial to be addressed to ensure that the process are streamlined. Type of Challenges Faced by manufacturing sector. Benefits Of AI and ML in Manufacturing Industry - Manufapp. The manufacturing industry is probably one of the most hard-hit industries during the pandemic. Now, when they are in the process of reviving their business quickly, they need solutions like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to bring down labour costs, minimize downtime, boost workforce productivity, and increase overall production speed. The global manufacturing industry is already one of the primary industries using these technologies to the fullest. Benefits of Introducing Manufacturing Software – A Boost in Operational Excellence – Manufapp.

A well-designed and customised manufacturing software with military-grade security is the need of the hour. These apps can be created to deal with business challenges and bring multiple benefits as outlined below: Consideration While Adapting to a Manufacturing Software.