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Pourquoi les médiocres ont pris le pouvoir - Le Point - Page 2. Learn how to lead different types of individuals. Teamweek. Management. Susan Cain announces news to make introverts happy. Susan Cain spoke about the power of introverts at TED2012.

Susan Cain announces news to make introverts happy

Hear her plans for making the world a little quieter for them, starting with a line of Steelcase office furniture. Photo: James Duncan Davidson Susan Cain is planning a Quiet Revolution. In her classic talk from TED2012, she spoke up for introverts, pointing out the many ways our culture encourages extroversion. “I wasn’t prepared for the intensity and voracity of response to these ideas,” Cain tells the TED Blog two years later. In her talk during All-Stars session 5 at TED2014, Cain shared how she plans to empower introverts—for the benefit of us all—by creating quiet places at work, training quiet leaders, and empowering introverts in the classroom. Quiet havens in the workplace Susan Cain has teamed up with Steelcase to create office spaces that foster the needs of introverts. “Open offices are a tremendous problem for introverts and extroverts alike. QuietTV Quiet Leadership Supporting quiet children. Software: RFC: What is Stop Energy? Posted by Dave Winer, 4/25/02 at 10:11:08 AM.

Software: RFC: What is Stop Energy?

This is one of those terms I've been using casually, it's time to try to write a definition. Suppose someone, call him Mr. A, has an idea that he believes is ready to deploy, or is requesting comments as he is getting ready to deploy. So he posts an RFC, usually on a mail list or a website, in the hope that people will spot a problem and help him figure out a solution; or find no problems and co-develop an implementation, or develop a compatible implementation. In theory, the Internet is a collegial environment, with lots of people who want to do new stuff, where one should expect to get this kind of help.

In this scenario, A is a proponent of Forward Motion. Stop Energy is not reasoned, it never takes into account the big picture, it is the mirror image of Forward Motion. In my experience, FM only happens when no one else is interested enough to mount a SE campaign; or if the proponent of FM simply ignores the SE. To All the Bosses. It was on October 8th, 1975 when I walked through the front doors of Raytheon Semiconductor to begin my journey in the High Tech Industry.

To All the Bosses

“Way back then” many things were different, but some basic things have not changed even with the advances in technology: Human Connections and their memories. This reflection is about those memories. I have worked for 47 bosses in my 37 years career. (Yes, I can count by each name.) And from each one of them I learned some very valuable lessons. You can’t be a good engineer unless you have experienced all aspects of the processes yourself. Bosses came in all shapes, sizes and styles. Les bonnes « vieilles » pratiques de management qui marchent toujours. Il y a plus d'un siècle, les frères Lumière, Gustave Eiffel et, avant eux, Nicolas Fouquet avaient déjà identifié des leviers de motivation et de fidélisation Alors que l'on entend partout qu'il faut repenser le management et que l'avenir de notre économie passe notamment par l'innovation managériale, vous faîtes le choix d'un coup de projecteur sur des pratiques qui pourraient sembler un peu « datées ».

Pourquoi ? Anne Vermès est diplômée de Droit et d'Économie, mais également d'Urbanisme et d'Architecture (troisième cycle de l'Institut d'Études politiques de Paris). En outre, Anne Vermès est la fondatrice de Traits d'Unions, cabinet de conseils, d'accompagnement et de formation des dirigeants. Ces grandes figures du passé – Gustave Eiffel, Nicolas Fouquet et les frères Lumière – ont réalisé des chefs d’œuvre ou mis au point des inventions qui perdurent encore aujourd'hui alors qu'ils semblaient à l'époque infaisables, totalement chimériques. Auteure : Anne Vermès Editeur : Eyrolles. Vos collègues ont des défauts ? Sachez en jouer : Vos collègues ont des défauts ? Sachez en jouer.