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Painter - Tutorials. Watercolor Painting Effect In Photoshop CS6. Written by Steve Patterson.

Watercolor Painting Effect In Photoshop CS6

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll learn how to take any photo and easily turn it into a watercolor painting in just a few short steps. This version of the tutorial has been re-written and updated to be fully compatible with Photoshop CS6 which means you’ll need CS6 to follow along. If you’re using Photoshop CS5 or earlier, be sure to check out the original version of our watercolor painting tutorial. To create the painting effect, we’ll be using a handful of layers, filters and blending modes, and new in this version of the tutorial, we’ll be using Smart Objects and Smart Filters to keep the entire effect fully editable, allowing us to go back when we’re done and try different filter settings to compare the results!

This effect works best on images where rich colors and strong contrast are more important than fine details. The original photo. And here’s what the final watercolor painting effect will look like: The final result. Digital Painting & Concept Art with Photoshop. You must consider many things while painting: Layers, Exposure/Lighting, Shadows, Highlights, Surfaces, Materials, Textures, Translucency, Reflections, Composition, and Color Temperatures Article by Arne Niklas Jansson The onion (Thinking in layers) Before laying down a stroke, there's a number of things you need to think about.

Digital Painting & Concept Art with Photoshop

Well, actually you shouldn't have to think about them, it should just go automatically. Feel volume and angle of the form. Concept Art Tutorials and Training. Éléments d'anatomie. Je vois souvent des gens qui, pour s'entraîner à l'anatomie, essayent de copier des références photographiques jusqu'à avoir une ressemblance parfaite.

Éléments d'anatomie

Je pense que ce n'est pas une très bonne façon de s'y prendre. En raisonnant de cette façon, on ne cherche qu'à imiter ce qu'on voit sans comprendre comment ça fonctionne. Si vous essayez de travailler l'animation de personnages, cette méthode ne vous expliquera pas comment le corps humain bouge, se déplace, se déforme. Par ailleurs, ceci ne vous donnera pas une bonne notion de volume mais seulement un bon rendu 2D.

En général, ça se repère très vite : les dessins réalisés avec référence photographique sont beaucoup moins bons que ceux réalisés sans et on a souvent l'impression d'un collage, d'un « effet 2D » mais pas d'un bon volume (ça aboutit souvent à ce que les anglophones appellent « flat face »). Grande version Je vais présenter ici un certain nombre de rapports de proportion qui se conservent plus ou moins dans le corps humain. Training & Tutorials - Art Resource Library. Figure Drawing References: Archive. Quickposes: pose generator for figure & gesture drawing practice. The hand.

The hands are a notorious source of frustration. This section won't concentrate on the muscle structure, since the hand is very complex in this regard, and knowing this won't help much in drawing them. Instead, we'll look at proportions, range of motion, and possible simplifications. Structure and proportions Figure 2.20. Online Life Drawing - 360° images for figure drawing. My Character Design Assignments. StepbyStep_Guache_Girl_web.jpg (1600×498) Tutorials - Photoshop software - free 3d,cg, digital painting, texturing, matte painting / tutorials / Making Of 'JK Simmons' by Bruno Hamzagic. Shadow-half way to black-01.jpg (700×541) Shadow-half way to black-03.jpg (700×541)

Halfway+to+Black+Cubes+Shading.jpg (1600×1372)


Learn How to Draw & Paint. Getting Started in Digital Art « Concept Cookie. Hello and welcome to the Concept Cookie Getting Started in Digital Art Series!

Getting Started in Digital Art « Concept Cookie

It’s finally here! The Getting Started in Digital Art has arrived and is ready for the viewing. In this course, Tim Von Rueden takes a look at the first steps to begin understanding digital art! The entire course is less than a hour long and is a crash course for becoming more familiar with the basics of digital art from the technical side of setting up, installing, and locating options, to more artsy perspectives on lighting, color, and material basics. Every tutorial has a corresponding handout sheet that is a quick references guide for what is talked about in the tutorial.

Citizen members can download each of the HD videos. The handouts can either be downloaded individually on each of the respected tutorial pages or you can download a .pdf containing all of them in one file: HERE If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them in the section below! Watercolor Sketches And A video Tutorial Using Sketchbook Pro 6. I read once that an artist kept a folder of photos in his studio.

Watercolor Sketches And A video Tutorial Using Sketchbook Pro 6

In the morning he would just put his hand in the envelope and whatever photo he pulled out would be what he used for his warm up that morning. I liked this idea and I have tons of photos that I have taken using my digital camera. When I paint outdoors I would usually take a few pictures so that I could have reference to finish the painting at home if I wanted to.

Drawing Lessons - How to Draw the Portrait - Drawing Figure - Drawing Still Life. Drawing Lessons. In 1988, an extraordinary thing happened in the world of animation.

Drawing Lessons

The film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit? "( Directed by Robert Zemekis, animation directed by Richard Williams) was released. The film gleefully celebrated the kind of imaginative slapstick cartoon violence that was the staple of the most popular short cartoon classics that were made during the period from around 1940 till the decline in the year that the film takes place,1947. The Sartorialist. Anatomy References for Artists. Com. Figure & Gesture Drawing Tool.