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Longboard stuff

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GAUCHOS DEL MAR. Venom Longboard Bushing Clinic. DB Longboards Venom Bushings Duro Clinic. ORANGATANG WHEELS. Longboard Girls Crew. Trucos para hacer con un Longboard!!:) Trick Tip: Kickflip. Go Longboard; Original Skateboards. Riding can take you where you want to go.

Go Longboard; Original Skateboards

Whether you are going out for a cruise on lunch break, carving your local hill after school or taking a cross country road trip to explore the worlds best longboarding locations, the result is the same. Longboarding is the opportunity to turn gravity and forward momentum into a personal experience with your environment, be it beautiful or not so much. See for yourself, get out there and go longboard. More flex. More pop. Documento sin título. Elevadores inclinados para ganar giro o estabilidad Rodamientos, todo sobre la certificación ABEC, mito y realidad Dureza y diámetro de las ruedas 72a, 78a,...97a, 65mm, 70mm,...85mm.

Documento sin título

Ejes Randal II, como hacerlos más estables o que giren más. Honey Skateboards. Tropicannibal Longboarding: Ian Joe Dutch Original Skateboards. Loaded Boards. Arbor. Documental sobre las tablas largas en la Ciudad de La Plata. Gravity Skateboards.