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Joint Ventures Property in Pune | Joint Ventures Land in Pune. At Joint Venture adda (JVA) we deal with all types of property joint ventures, whether involving a company,builder,landlord or other structure, or simply a contractual arrangement between two or more parties, for example for developing property. As always, we take time to understand the nature of the commercial relationship and the underlying principles, identifying clearly each party’s objectives and any potential issues. To save you time and money, we aim to reach agreement on all the key issues before we embark on drafting contracts. We also try to explore what will happen if problems arise in the course of the venture, and put in place adequate mechanisms for exit, buy-out or termination if it proves impossible for parties to resolve their differences.

We have several Joint Venture projects in our hand and also we require end number of projects in India. We are looking for the new projects to undertake and the valuable support for the progress in the Joint Venture Projects. Online Mock Test | Guru Mavin. Preparing for any exam requires a sufficient amount of reading & practice, as practice plays a major role for cracking any exam. For various government job exams students need to solve question papers to increase speed and accuracy for better results. Online test is primarily check up to evaluate one’s educational standards. Through online mock test one will come to know about individual approach of tackling series of questions and to learn through mistakes. Mock test help students to improve their standards while reducing their fear about questions & answers. Guru Mavin is a website where we are availing the facility of free online mock test at anytime, from any where and infinite number of times.

All the test papers are prepared by experienced faculty of different coaching classes and institutes. Why mock test is required. Latest News and Current Affairs | Online GK Quiz | Guru Mavin. MPSC Current Affairs | Guru Mavin. Here we come up with the latest MPSC current affairs for the Maharashtra students who are preparing for civil services exam. ‘Coastal Road Project of Mumbai’ approved by Union Environment Ministry: This project will cover the distance between Nariman point to Kandivali – 6 km, with approximate cost 1200 crore.Swachhata Saptapadi Scheme launched by Maharashtra government: With the aim to spread awareness about Swachh Maharashtra Abhiyan by taking vows (like we do at the time of wedding). This scheme was inaugurated by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and bollywood actor Aamir Khan.Maharashtra gets state butterfly: Blue Mormon (Papilio polymnestor) announced as a state butterfly.

We will keep on updating all the current affairs, to keep you up to date. All the very best for those who are preparing for the exams. Keep reading the MPSC current affairs and do well in your exams. Latest News & Current Affairs | Guru Mavin. To make you aware of the latest news and current affairs, Guru Mavin has come up with the latest affairs which will keep you updated and will help students in their competitive exams Given below are the latest news and current affairs: Yoga Day a healthy global event !!! – International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June world-wide. In December, 2014 United Nations General Assembly declared 21 June as the International Day of Yoga. Yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice having its origin over 6000 years ago in India aims to integrate the body and the mind.Concerns expressed by stakeholders over Draft IIM Bill, 2015 – Ministry of Human Resource Development come up with a draft IIM bill, 2015. As we keep on updating our website day by day for the latest news from various fields as Economy, National and International events, Polity, Science and Technology, sports.

Online Civil Service Test | Guru Mavin. Studies cannot be completed unless our knowledge is tested. Therefore, Guru Mavin has brought to you an online test series, which will not only help you in testing your knowledge but will also enhance it, which ultimately boost your self-confidence. This will help aspirants in testing and evaluating their preparations, so that they can work on their weak points and strengthen them. As we all know “practice makes a man perfect”, the same formula also applies when it comes to civil services exam. To crack such exam one does not needs only knowledge, but also practice is needed to develop time management skills, to overcome exam pressure, solving tricky questions and several such tricks which are helpful in exams.

This site is for practice only, here you can give many subject wise test and judge yourself for the competitive exams. Subject wise sample paper is designed to give you an idea of full syllabus. Given below is the list of all sample papers Advantage of giving online test. Free IAS Online Preparation | Guru Mavin. Preparing for IAS is a dream for many students but it requires a good study material, and for that study material one has to pay, thus requires additional financial expense.

The increasing cost of study material as well as coaching has become a hurdle for many students in availing facilities which will give them a bright future. There are very few websites which are providing required study material, but they are charging their subscribers. Guru Mavin is a website where you can get free IAS Online preparation notes which are prepared by the experts and some IAS aspirants.

Guru Mavin started with an aim of giving quality and relevant study material for IAS preparation. Benefits of Free IAS online preparation Good study material just a click away.No subscription charges.E-magazines are available for free download. Online Mock Test Each year UPSC conducts Civil Services preliminary examination. Advantages of Participating in Online Mock tests: Paper-I Paper-II Our Aim for students. Free UPSC Online Study Material | Guru Mavin.

In India every student has a dream to work in government sectors, but getting a good study material which gives you knowledge from the beginning is the primary thing. The study material should give basic understanding to the beginners and an advance grasp to those who have basic knowledge. Guru Marvin is the place where you can get a good content for UPSC and all other government exam sectors. UPSC online study material also consists of suggestions and notes of some experienced students and subject experts. We cover up all the subjects like History, Sociology, Law, Science and Technology. Study Material provided for preliminary examination Paper-I History of India and Indian National MovementIndian and World GeographyIndian Polity and GovernanceEconomic and Social DevelopmentGeneral issues on environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate ChangeGeneral Science Paper-II Study Material provided for Mains examination The online test consists of two sections for Paper–I and Paper-II.

Online GK quiz with options & answers | General Knowledge Competition | Guru Mavin. At Guru Mavin, there is an opportunity for you to explore your general knowledge about every possible field in the world. It has been said that knowledge is what we worship, so you can have a casual check over how much you know in general about things happened earlier and happening around currently. It also gives you a chance to learn what you were never aware of and so would keep that knowledge with you always. Learn what you do not know then you are at the rightmost site which is ‘Online GK Quiz with Options and Answers’. Pick an area of interest, and start answering to the questions with the given options. Reveal the answer if make a wrong choice of answer, this way you will know it for life time ahead. Happiness about your general knowledge. Topics Covered: General Knowledge: In these Quizzes you can find all general knowledge questions with four options each.

You have to choose the correct option and click on it. Simultaneously highlight the right option. Social Knowledge: unaware of. sport. Online Free Quiz Competition with Cash Prize | Guru Mavin. People who are unaware of their dwellings, history, origin and culture are courtesy less about the efforts taken up behind their today’s safe and happy life. We at Guru Mavin, deliver you a one click solution for all the Government Exams by providing updated information, news and events around you. The site has been categorized into various fields of interest like Politics, Economy, International News, Environment, News, Sports, Social, Art and Culture and Personalities Etc. Guru Mavin has helped lot of Government Job Aspirants to reach their goals by reading and understanding the current issues in the simplest form.

We have organized a free online quiz competition. This competition consists of a dummy online exam with a specific time frame and specific no. of questions which give you a practice of Government Examination. Topics covered in these online quiz competitions are current affairs, Day by day news and information. Online Free Quiz Contest To Win Money | Guru Mavin. We at Guru Mavin, are here to play the role of a modern educator which is not to cut down jungles of information for you but to irrigate the vast deserts of minds through the continuous flow of knowledge which can be easily harvested and digested. And this is exactly the reason for us selecting the word Mavin. It is originally a Hebrew word (mebhin) which means one who has understood and who passes on the knowledge and wisdom to others. Recently we have started online free quiz contest to win money. Objectives:- Giving Cash Prizes helps to boost the moral of the student to study and perform in real time.It Influence online studding for the exams amongst the students as all the government exams are coming online.It may Increase the Competition Amongst the students to perform.It gives real time experience of online exam which may help student to crack any government Exam.

Understanding the above objectives Guru Mavin has started online free quiz content to win money.