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Dragula - Browser drag-and-drop so simple it hurts. GitHub - ROUND/enhance.js: Zoom & dynamically crop images. Based on by @fat. jQuery Slot Machine. Smoke. Is.js - micro check library. Gif.js. 10 Page Loading Effects That Catch Your Viewer's Attention. Page loading time depends on several factors.

10 Page Loading Effects That Catch Your Viewer's Attention

Some of these factors involve either the Internet connection speed, the devices you use or the elements that compose the website people are visiting. Whatever the cause is, it is your job as a web designer to do your best to keep your viewers’ attention. How long users willing to wait for a site to load before they abandon the page sometimes depends on how you can entertain them while they are waiting. Krasimir/gifffer. Table plug-in for jQuery. Random Color. Why does this ex­ist?

Random Color

There are lots of clever one-lin­ers for gen­er­at­ing ran­dom col­ors: '#' + Math.floor(Math.random()*16777215).toString(16); Un­for­tu­nately, this code nat­u­rally pro­duces murky greys, browns and greens. ran­dom­Color gen­er­ates at­trac­tive col­ors by de­fault. More specif­i­cally, ran­dom­Color pro­duces bright col­ors with a rea­son­ably high sat­u­ra­tion. Ex­am­ples. jQuery Controls - Samples of jQuery Controls - IgniteUI Featured Controls.

CountUp.js. Test page. BackgroundCheck. Introduction To Polygonal Modeling And Three.js. Advertisement When the third dimension is introduced into an entertainment medium, it forever changes the way that medium is presented and consumed.

Introduction To Polygonal Modeling And Three.js

The photorealism of the CGI dinosaurs in Jurassic Park opened the doors for film creators to use computers to create visual environments that never would have been possible otherwise. VeggieTales spawned a new type of cartoon, one that uses 3-D objects instead of drawings and which inspired the creation of everything from Pixar and Dreamworks blockbusters to Saturday morning cartoons. Computer software was greatly affected by this new trend in visual media. 3-D computer games such as Wolfenstein 3D, Quake and Doom reinvented PC gaming, and classic franchises that inspired a generation with their two-dimensional games, such as Super Mario Bros and Zelda, were being updated to 3-D in their subsequent titles. Annyang! Easily add speech recognition to your site. Go ahead, try it… Say "Hello!

annyang! Easily add speech recognition to your site

" Annyang! Let's try something more interesting… Say "Show me cute kittens! " Say "Show me Arches National Park! " JsPDF - HTML5 PDF Generator. Guggenheim.js. Here is a demo for the Guggenheim.js gallery plugin.


Use the controls at the bottom to manipulate the gallery. Gallery Order. NProgress: slim progress bars in JavaScript. Tabulous.js. A jQuery tabs module for todays web!


Documentation Tabulous.js can be used with any contents you choose in the tabs and it couldn't be more simpler to use. ..:: Getting Started Include the relevant files.

Maps Native equivalents of jQuery functions. Update: many people have asked about browser compatability for the native methods I’ve shown.

Native equivalents of jQuery functions

Here are the links to that information: querySelector/querySelectorAll, classList, getElementsByClassName, createDocumentFragment. If you checked out my last post you’ll know that I have been doing lots of JavaScript coding as of late, both inside and out of Brackets. I have also been doing a series of performance tests (1, 2, 3) between popular jQuery methods and their native DOM equivalents. Yes I know what you’re thinking. Obviously native methods are faster because jQuery has to deal with older browsers and host of other things. I think there are many developers who don’t realize that most of the jQuery methods they use have native equivalents that require the same or only a slighter larger amount of code to use.

Selectors Easily being able to find DOM elements is at the core of what jQuery is about. AngularJS: More on Dependency Injection. In the AngularJS tutorials I’ve been writing, you might have noticed the use of dependency injection.

AngularJS: More on Dependency Injection

In this article I’m going to explain how dependency injection works, and how it relates to the small tutorial project we’ve created. Verlet-js. List.js - Add search, sort and flexibility to plain HTML lists or tables with cross-browser native JavaScript by @javve. Hack Your Maps. Web maps have come a long way.

Hack Your Maps

Improved data, cleaner design, better performance, and more intuitive controls have made web maps a ubiquitous and critical component of many apps. They’ve also become one of the mobile space’s most successful transplants as more and more apps are powered by location-aware devices. The core web map UI paradigm itself—a continuous, pannable, zoomable surface—has even spread beyond mapping to interfaces everywhere. Article Continues Below Despite all this, we’ve barely begun to work web maps into our design practice. Have you ever taken apart a map? This article is a long overdue companion to Paul’s piece. Opinionated about open#section1 Paul makes a strong case for why you might want to use open mapping tools instead of the established incumbent. Resemble.js : Image analysis. Sidr - A jQuery plugin for creating side menus.

You will be able to create multiple sidrs on both sides of your web to make responsives menus (or not, it works perfectly on desktop too).

Sidr - A jQuery plugin for creating side menus

It uses CSS3 transitions (and fallbacks to $.animate with older browsers) and it supports multiple source types. Get started Like any other plugin, you must include it after the jQuery script. For a better performance load them at the bottom of your page or in an asynchronous way. You have to include a Sidr Theme stylesheet too, choose between the dark or the light one, or if you prefer create one by your own. Using bower or NPM Instead of downloading the plugin, you can install it with bower or with npm: bower install sidr --save.


Effets CSS. Fonts. Graph / Charts. Responsive - Img, Layout. Canvas - SVG. 360° Video. Sliders. Parallax / Scroll. Listes Ressources. Superhero.js. Forms. AJAX. Tooltip. Lightbox.