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ErikvdVen/php-gif. Countdown timers for email. Creating a centered, responsive design without media queries. This was a technique discovered while we were working on Canvas.

Creating a centered, responsive design without media queries

While it didn’t make it into the final product, we think it’s worth sharing anyway. Getting responsive emails to look nice in the Gmail app is a never-ending challenge because of its infamous lack of support for media queries. I've previously blogged and written about ways to get a fluid email to look great in the app, but it comes at a design cost; you have to keep one column fairly narrow so that the other column will be wider than a mobile viewport and thus, when viewed on a mobile screen, take up 100% of the screen.

But what everyone wants to do, of course, is have equal-width columns that stack. Often this is achieved by using the align attribute to 'float' one table to the left and one to the right, but when viewed in the Gmail app (especially on larger mobiles), these aligned tables retain their positions, with undesirable results: Start with the fluid method (your table here) Responsive emails that really work - Code as Craft. If you’ve ever written an HTML email, you’ll know that the state of the art is like coding for the web 15 years ago: tables and inline styles are the go-to techniques, CSS support is laughably incomplete, and your options for layout have none of the flexibility that you get on the “real web”.

Responsive emails that really work - Code as Craft

Just like everywhere online, more and more people are using mobile devices to read their email. At Etsy, more than half of our email opens happen on a mobile device! Our desktop-oriented, fixed-width designs are beautiful, but mobile readers aren’t getting the best experience. We want our emails to provide a great experience for everyone, so we’re experimenting with new designs that work on every client: iPhone, iPad, Android,, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and more. But given the sorry state of CSS and HTML for email, how can we make an email look great in all those places? Countdown timers for email. A Simple Responsive Email Design Tutorial.

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with responsive emails this is a perfect place for you.

A Simple Responsive Email Design Tutorial

In this quick tutorial I will be going over how to code a simple and minimal typography based responsive email. It will provide you a fundamental understanding how responsive emails work. Responsive Design Because this is a typography based design, the email won’t require much visual differentiation between its desktop and mobile states. For the purpose of this tutorial it will be perfect; all I want to make sure is that you are familiar with the concept of responsive emails. Progressive enhancement, for the win! If you want to do anything responsive the right way you will need to embrace the progressive enhancement approach.

Email Set Up First thing first, we need a basic HTML page set up. <! <! Emails are notorious for being hard to work with, it’s one of the reason why we will be using inline CSS styles and embed the remaining CSS in the header of the page. Styling the Text Adding in an Break. How-to-responsive-email-design-infographic.png (975×5571) HTML EMAIL BOILERPLATE v 0.5 updated 11/5. Responsive Email Patterns. Ink: Responsive Email Templates. How to use our email templates Each template is a single HTML email built using Ink.

Ink: Responsive Email Templates

You can preview them and inspect the code to see how they were implemented, or download them and try making some changes. Each template already has Ink included in a style tag at the top of the file. You can see screenshots of how each template looks on different email clients by viewing its tests. Note that if you are going to send or test them yourself, you need to run them through the Ink Inliner first.

Bulletproof email buttons. Bulletproof background images. Creating a Simple Responsive HTML Email. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple responsive HTML email which will work in every email client, including all the new smartphone mail clients and apps.

Creating a Simple Responsive HTML Email

It uses minimal media queries and a fluid width approach to ensure maximum compatibility. How to design a responsive HTML email. Over the past few years, soaring mobile usage has sparked an evolution, or perhaps revolution, in the way that we approach delivering content to online users.

How to design a responsive HTML email

The ultimate goal is a fluid, mobile and device-agnostic web, and one school of thought has emerged as the widely favoured means to this end: responsive design. However, while the responsive zeitgeist has gathered steam, email design and development has struggled to keep pace. This is due, in part, to the fact that HTML emails are a notoriously tricky medium for developers to work with.

Archaic email client technology and a lack of standards have rendered many of the rules of modern, semantic code useless. Puts Mail - It's a mail test tool to test your mails before sending them. Guide to CSS support in email. 2 May 2014 Removed support for various selector options (E) in Gmail and added support for direction, vertical-align and list-style-type in Outlook '07/'10/'13. 19 September 2013.

Guide to CSS support in email