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History of the Osun festival. Osun festival. The influences that can affect the history of a people are said to be of two kinds, which can be called internal or external, the former resulting from the character and pursuits of the people, the latter from the historical contacts and the political or religious movements and fashions that have come from outside.

Osun festival

The early history of Osogbo is essentially the legendary account of the spirit-world; it is the history of the early people whom we call the spirits and fairies. This is in line with Yoruba traditions, which use mythical stories to explain the origins of the ruling families of an early Yoruba state. Research into our traditions which is becoming increasingly known in scholarly circles reveals that Osogbo had been founded as early as Oduduwa period. Oso-igbo, the goddess of Osun River, was the Queen and original founder of Osogbo. She was credited with many important achievements, which helped to establish the State. Another eulogy about the beautiful surrounding says: - Egbe Orisa Osun Festival – Atlanta  Ganga Dhaaraa River Festival, Trinidad and Tobago. Disclaimer Please note: the text contained in "Ganga Dhaaraa River Festival, Trinidad and Tobago" has not been corrected, edited or verified by Demotix and is the raw text submitted by the photojournalist.

Ganga Dhaaraa River Festival, Trinidad and Tobago

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The Trinidad Guardian -Online Edition Ver 2.0. Ganga Dhaaraa festival ties to ancient tradition Ganga Dhaaraa Teerath, an annual pilgrimage to Ganga Dhaaraa in the Northern Range, will be held on June 6, 2004 from 4 am.

The Trinidad Guardian -Online Edition Ver 2.0

Special preparations are being put in place for the festival, which features over 30 religious ceremonies. It attracts people from across the country as well as abroad. Swami Aksharananda, a scholar in Hindu Dharma, will travel to Trinidad for the event. Ganga Dhaaraa provides an interesting study in religious, social and cultural anthropology. This memory has been transmitted down several millennia through mantras, kathaas, songs, traditions, the deity Ganga and the event of Ganga Dashara which celebrates the coming of Ganga to earth.

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