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Last minute corporate lunch plans? Here's what you can do. We’ve all been in that situation.

Last minute corporate lunch plans? Here's what you can do

You step into your office with your entire day planned out, & then you get a call from your boss asking you to organize a corporate lunch for a client who is visiting your office. Last minute corporate lunches involve a lot of planning. What do employees widely consider as must-haves in their workspaces? Employees, on an average, spend 8-10 hours in their workspaces.

What do employees widely consider as must-haves in their workspaces?

Hence, a good workspace is an important factor to increase productivity & job satisfaction. Here is a list of 7 workspace must-haves that every employee would love. Good lighting If your work involves excessive usage of computers or laptops, it might cause a long term negative impact on your eyes. Why should you hire maintenance specialists for your facility? Depending on the size of your organisation, you will either have an in-house facilities management team or hire maintenance specialists for your facility.

Why should you hire maintenance specialists for your facility?

It is a wise decision to hire specialists as they would be trained & be specialised in various aspects of facilities management. Last minute corporate lunch plans? Here's what you can do. The collaboration of education and technology. Teachers play a vital role in every youth’s life. With the exposure to an ocean of data and resources, youngsters of the 21st Century are more focused on their learning and development.

Teachers play a vital role in every youth’s life

The smartphone age has brought education right into the palm of their hands. While the execution of information and technology is now being considered as a right step in the direction for Indian education, the value of a good teacher is something that is hard to beat, regardless of how savvy the machines are. Schools today are beginning to offer smart education as a part of their curriculum to cope with the increasing use of technology among young learners. In an odd yet expected twist, educators are being instructed by their students in the most proficient way to successfully work innovation in the classroom.

Nonetheless, throughout a child’s educative journey, teachers are still, and will always remain to be, vital elements of any learning institution. Early Education- Teacher as a second parent Senior years – Teacher as a professional friend. Re-inventing the college experience! The current college-goers are the millennial students, and their lifestyle preferences are distinctively dissimilar from those of the previous generations.

Re-inventing the college experience!

How to plan an office holiday party. Hosting an annual office holiday party is now becoming a common practice among most organisations.

How to plan an office holiday party

It is an ideal event to show your appreciation and celebrate all the success and milestones. However, planning this party can be a herculean task. It goes beyond just fixing a budget. There are plenty of steps and coordination involved. So if you are planning on hosting one, read on to see how to plan an office holiday party. How to plan an office holiday party.

Education in India 2016: Top trends to look at. Education in India has been evolving from time to time, and technological advancements have resulted in more powerful learning tools & pedagogy.

Education in India 2016: Top trends to look at

According to E-learning statistics, India has witnessed 55% growth in e-learning in the past one year. Evolution of Education in India. According to the Indian Constitution, education is provided as a fundamental right to children between the age of 6 and 14 years.

Evolution of Education in India

However, this has not always been the scene in the education sector. The Indian educational system has seen some of the greatest reforms and has evolved profoundly since the ancient times. From teaching traditional elements, like religion, scriptures, Vedas, etc., to learning technology, like programming, virtual reality, etc., the education system has changed over time. Security Service Company in Chennai, Mumbai & Delhi, India. Tips to have a safe Diwali.

From six-year-olds to 60-year-olds, Diwali is that time of the year where the entire family comes together to celebrate the festival of lights.

Tips to have a safe Diwali

However, it is also the time where we see a lot of accidents. A little bit of precaution can ensure you and your family are safe and secure. Here are some tips you can follow. 7 Ways to Keep Your Hostel Room Clean. When there are people around to do things for you, you get lazy about doing it yourself.

7 Ways to Keep Your Hostel Room Clean

It’s human nature and so true in the case of being home; the maid servant does all the cleaning and mom tolerates your untidiness and sets things in their rightful place. Get thrust into a hostel and you face the harsh realities of room maintenance. Difficulties an Organization Faces While Managing the Operational Services. Managing the operations of an organization, big or small, is one of the most challenging tasks.

Operational managers need to have the know-how when it comes to dealing with various fields related to the organization and ultimately ensure the day-to-day workflow runs without any hiccups. Operation managers form the backbone of an organization, making sure every element of the organization is held together firmly and ensuring a steady and prosperous growth. One of the key skills every operation manager must have is the ability to solve any given problem and find tactically intellectual solutions for the benefit of the organization. There’s a lot on their plate, making the operations manager a highly valued personnel.

Top reasons to keep your workplace clean. Being clean is the key to staying healthy. Take a look around you – does your surrounding give you a pleasant, happy feel or a clumsy, annoying feel? Yes, after an entire day of work, you might not feel energetic enough to clean your desk or your workspace, but you fail to realize that your next day’s work and mood depends a lot on how your work space looks. Top Ways to keep your Organization/Institution Clean and Healthy. There are various factors that contribute to a successful business – idea, planning, team, strategies and finances to name a few. But one of the most important factor is the workspace, considering an average person spends 87% of their time indoors, it becomes obligatory for any organization to have a clean, safe & healthy work space. Clean environment does not just contributes to healthy employees, but also enhances the productivity of the organization.

Here are a few secrets to keeping your workspace clean and Healthy Keep clean, healthy and green office environment Nobody likes to work from a dirty environment. Ensure the desks are periodically cleaned Besides the organizations responsibility to have people cleaning the offices desks, tables and floors. Food Solutions for Organizations/Institutions. Every organization today has a cafeteria within the office space.

Keeping that in mind, finding the right food service provider is a very crucial issue for all the organizations, because it is not just about hiring any caterer, it is about hiring the right one. Student Living: Integral Pillar for Educational Institutes. Today students spend a majority of their time in schools and colleges.