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Maninder Kaur Coach helps others to transform their lives by using The 5 Elements of Yoga and understanding The 5 Layers to Freedom.

Relationship Growth - Maninder Kaur. 5 Ways to Grow in Life - Maninder Kaur. 1.

5 Ways to Grow in Life - Maninder Kaur

Spiritual Growth Spirituality doesn’t mean a religion, and everybody has spirituality in them. A deep connection with your true self will guide you in life. It means you will be in the present moment and connected in your conscious mind. Your own soul will guide you to take direction and just accept that you don’t need to figure it out all at once. A seated meditation will help you to connect with the in and out. 2. Personal growth plays a great role if you want to move forward and achieve more in life. Learn to love the way your body is and the way your face looks. 3. It’s very important that your relationship and family is growing all the time. Don’t be the type of person who wants to have control over everything – this can destroy a relationship.

Children play a vital part of your growth. You are their guide but you can’t take away the challenges they have to face in their life so don’t worry like everyone else, they will figure out how to learn and conquer their obstacles. 4. 5 Ways to find your Comfort Zone - Maninder Kaur. The definition of being in a Comfort Zone is when we are in a state of just being and existing, on a day to day basis.

5 Ways to find your Comfort Zone - Maninder Kaur

We create routines to manage our daily lives, but we end up becoming stuck, without realizing it. This applies to both our personal and professional lives, as we get up each day at the same time, without much thought or direction, whilst going into autopilot to get through, yet another day. To put it into simpler terms, all we are doing is functioning mechanically. We create the Comfort Zone unknowingly, coming from a place of low self-esteem, which in turn negates true passion, to want to drive your life in an alternative direction. We have little or no energy which is consistent with, poor physical and mental health, generating mood swings and irrational behaviour. We lack confidence therefore we are unable to focus, outside of the state of just being. Blaming. The Comfort Zone triggers certain behaviours and the blaming of others for our current unhappiness. Shaming. Well-Being - Maninder Kaur.

We become so busy in our lives that we tend to neglect our overall well-being, both physically and mentally.

Well-Being - Maninder Kaur

We fail to make the time to do this, until it begins to impact our daily lives as we begin to feel exhausted, we have lack of energy and the motivation to function on all cylinders. More often, than not, we tell ourselves that we do not have the time. In order, to improve our general well-being, we need to be in control and learn how to manage our self properly. Once we have mastered our well-being in the physical and the mental state, we are then in a position to address and control other factors that are impacting our lives, which have manifested, as a direct result of self-neglect, in these areas.

Clarity and focus - Maninder Kaur. Are you confused about your life and finding it difficult to focus because your vision is not clear?

Clarity and focus - Maninder Kaur

Do not be worried, this is a common factor for everyone. Clarity means freedom from ambiguity or clearness of perception. When you have mental clarity, the matter at hand or the situation that you may be dealing with, is in focus. The path ahead is illuminated, without hinderance. In your mind there are no pros and cons to be considered. Life is challenging and overwhelming, which generates the main reason for the lack of mental clarity. Stress Management – Maninder Kaur. Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted?

Stress Management – Maninder Kaur

Stress management consists of making changes to your life if you are in a constant stressful situation, preventing stress by practicing self-care and relaxation and managing your response to stressful situations when they do occur. Today stress management is important in everyone’s lives. It’s necessary for long happy lives with less trouble that will come about. Stress management involves understanding the psychology behind or that is causing the stress and finding strategies to deal with, reduce, or eliminate the stress. Time management – Maninder Kaur. Do you waste your day because you don’t know what to do first?

Time management – Maninder Kaur

Time management” refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities. It may seem counter-intuitive to dedicate precious time to learning about time management, instead of using it to get on with your work, but the benefits are enormous: Greater productivity and efficiency. There are too many distractions in these stealing people’s important and productive time. Through our coach you will master the technique manage your time, also understand the purpose of using time efficiently. Personal/Family Life Balance – Maninder Kaur.

Time management – Maninder Kaur. Blogs – Maninder Kaur. MANIDER KAUR BANNER 5 MORNING HABBITS2. Business development – Maninder Kaur. Career development – Maninder Kaur. Work–life balance is a term commonly used to describe the balance that a working individual needs between time allocated for work and other aspects of life.

Career development – Maninder Kaur

Areas of life other than work–life can include personal interests, famil Are you struggling with your career and looking to improve your skills, knowledge and confidence? Don’t worry look no where, you are on a right platform. Life always looking to grow. There is no stop for anyone. Maninder has changed her career completely from family retail business to Well Being Centre while she was raising 3 kids on her own. Manider mam 2 banner 2. Manider kaur banner with image 2 image. Mindset Journals – Maninder Kaur. MANIDER KAUR banner groe with life. Confidence and Self-esteem – Maninder Kaur. Do you feel lack of confidence and self-esteem?

Confidence and Self-esteem – Maninder Kaur

Confidence and self-esteem coaching helps anyone who is tied down and stuck by their lack of self-esteem, shyness, limiting beliefs and fear. As a coach, we will empower our clients by challenging their doubts and perceptions that is holding them back in a meaningful and constructive way. When we think about what self–esteem means, we can describe it as the way you feel about yourself, and how you view yourself in terms of your self–worth. Self–confidence is having the trust or faith in your own abilities, quality or judgement. We have helped many our clients to build confidence and self-esteem, which improved their life from inside out. “Self-confidence is a power, the more you have the more it grows” Why waiting??

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