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The Human Mind This article is meant to be informational and primarily help us in the DS forums to call things by their proper name. This outline is not a tool for self-diagnosis. If you, by any chance, recognize yourself in one of the descriptions and are therefore concerned for your mental health, please check with someone who knows. Personality Disorders » The Human Mind Personality Disorders » The Human Mind
I Hope This Post Will Change Your Life! This post began as a simple video analysis and has evolved practical into a thesis. What I have written below is simply my current understanding of this reality. This post is meant to serve as a tool to help you broaden YOUR perspective. I hope I am able to coherently introduce new concepts and, with help of resources, demonstrate how your reality may be far different that what you currently perceive, as well explain the certain forces that wish to limit and control your perception. If it sounds like this post may be of interest to you, I recommend bookmarking this page at this moment. Nonetheless, I insist that you research beyond what is provided here. I Hope This Post Will Change Your Life!
Is Our Personality Our Trap? Have you done a personality test? Most people have, or will at least have a view about their own type of personality. Do you have a predictable way of behaving? Probably. Is Our Personality Our Trap?
The Narcissistic Ex, Part III The Narcissistic Ex, Part III There's nothing more crazy making than being on the receiving end of hostility or manipulation without really understanding what's going on. That's probably why we've seen a lot of interest in our current series on narcissism . And it's satisfying because the purpose of The Intelligent Divorce Project is to make murky subjects like narcissism a bit clearer. The feedback we'ver received has reinforced our efforts with many readers sharing that they're finding strength through understanding. Having worked with many, many overwhelmed parents , I can understand this. Yet life is never so simple.