Tekken Zaibatsu Forums - Tekken 101 Getting Up From the Ground Getting up from the ground is a question that a lot of people have been asking me about lately, and something a lot of new players don't understand, which causes them to get up in a risky way and eat another combo. Not fun in a game where 2 combos can put you into danger of a KO. Being able to get back to standing properly can save you a lot of damage from float into B! Tekken Zaibatsu Forums - Tekken 101
Tekken Zaibatsu Forums - The Tekken Zaibatsu Jargon Dictionary for all the people who are new here, i present to you this dictionary that will help you understand some of the jargon that people blurt out in the forums. and for all other oldtimers, i'd like to request for help with this list. i'll update the first post of this thread so that i can arrange the words by alphabet and so that new people won't have a hard time scrolling down, because everything's on the first post. NOTE: for additional information on character moves, we suggest you proceed to the corresponding character's movelists. also, for information on how to do special maneuvers (such as wavedashes, chickens, parries or reversals), i suggest you check out Xiang's Basics Guide. links to all of them can be found below the dictionary in case you're still not familiar with the Tekken Zaibatsu website. Tekken Zaibatsu Forums - The Tekken Zaibatsu Jargon Dictionary
Tekken Zaibatsu - Tekken 6 - System - Special Item Moves Tekken Zaibatsu - Tekken 6 - System - Special Item Moves One of the new features in Tekken 6 is the special item moves. These moves can only be done when a certain item is equipped, in general these moves are pretty slow and do very little to no damage (not all of them actually cause a hit). They are just fun little gimmicks, below is a list of these moves and required item information. If you are lucky enough most of these items can be gained for free in Scenario Campaign Mode.
As we all know, the current situation of North American arcades is kinda hard now. Currently, Super Arcade is having trouble standing on its feet with all of the expenses and renovations. With this, Mike Watson started a new kickstarter campaign to renovate the arcade. For a Tekken player who grew up playing in arcades, we as Tekken community, would kindly ask to help, by donating, praying and/or spreading the word out. The kickstarter link after the jump. Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken Zaibatsu