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Manuel Martínez

Estudiante de Licenciatura en Matemáticas de la UNAD. Gran vocación en la Enseñanza y Docente desde hace un poco más de veinte años.

NewsBlur. NewsBlur.


Es un lector de noticias personal que reúne a las personas para hablar sobre el mundo. Compartir historias, leer sus Feed RSS. Este es un lector de RSS más social, su fuerte es precisamente la interacción con otras personas que están hablando de un mismo tema. Es una alternativa gratuita que incluye algunas características que otros lectores no incorporan. Características Sincroniza con los servidores de NewsBlur, así que mantiene las historias y su estado de lectura / no leído consistentes.Lee todas las suscripciones de noticias (feeds RSS)Lee sin conexión y vuelve a sincronizar las historias leídas y guardadas cuando vuelve a estar en línea.Comparte y comenta las noticias con amigosCompatibilidad con varios dispositivos Web, Android, IOS.Nuevo entrenador de inteligencia.

Novedades. Inoreader - News App & RSS - Apps on Google Play. Used globally by techies, business professionals, digital marketers, research institutions, content publishers, and more - Inoreader is a news app that offers not only a beautiful and light reading experience, but also powerful news aggregation and curation features that let you build a perfectly personalized news feed.

Inoreader - News App & RSS - Apps on Google Play

By installing Inoreader you will finally get control over the mind-boggling amount of new content being released into the web every single day. Here is what you get with our plans: FREE Plan. ‎Canvas Student on the App Store. The Canvas student app is really responsive and high functioning, almost easier to use sometimes than the actual desktop site.

‎Canvas Student on the App Store

It makes doing school work while on the go a total breeze. HOWEVER, I knocked a star off because there is just one MAJOR issue that I hope they can fix in a future update. I’ve noticed that whenever I navigate away from the app and then return (for example, checking a module for an assignment due date, navigating away to my calendar app, then navigating back to canvas to read further) the app backs out from where I was and returns to the main screen. This is really ANNOYING and I wish it would be fixed. Moodle - Aplicaciones en Google Play. Log In. Box - Apps on Google Play. Winner of PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award: "There are plenty of excellent file-syncing storage services, but, on Android, the Box app takes the cake.

Box - Apps on Google Play

" Securely store, manage and share all your files, photos and documents with 10GB of free cloud storage from Box. With Box, you can easily:* Access and work on all your files at your fingertips* Access your content online, from your desktop, and on your Android phone or tablet* Share important documents, contracts, visuals and more * Preview 200+ file types with full screen quality* Give feedback from anywhere by commenting and mentioning colleagues and partners Box helps you get work done on the go. ‎Waze Navigation & Live Traffic on the App Store. I had been using Waze for about a year and LOVED IT!!

‎Waze Navigation & Live Traffic on the App Store

But since the most recent IOS update, it continually is “searching for GPS” and looking for language (I still speak English 😉). I went to my cellphone provider, then Apple, and logged off of Waze to see if the app would reset itself and be fixed. This didn’t work. I even did a total reset of my phone, and nothing worked on Waze and Google (who owns Waze). I then contacted Waze, but got nothing but constant/obvious automated answers back that stated things to do that I already started I HAD ALREADY DONE and listed in my email.

Maps. Pexels – Apps on Google Play. Browse the best free photos contributed by our talented community of photographers.

Pexels – Apps on Google Play

Get inspired by the amazing photos that get uploaded every day and create something awesome, whether it’s an Instagram post, a website or a presentation. On Pexels you’ll find the perfect free photo for your use case. You can help the community by uploading your own photos. You get massive exposure, meaningful recognition and insights about your photos to take your photography skills to the next level. Join Pexels now! - Discover amazing photos and new photography trends.- Search for any topic to find the perfect photo for your next project.- Download all photos for free – even for commercial use. Fotolia - Home. Flickr - Apps on Google Play. ‎YouTube en App Store. Wikiversity. Wikimedia wiki for learning materials that anyone can edit Wikiversity is a Wikimedia Foundation project[2][3] that supports learning communities, their learning materials, and resulting activities.


It differs from Wikipedia in that it offers tutorials and other materials for the fostering of learning, rather than an encyclopedia; like Wikipedia it is available in many languages. One element of Wikiversity is a set of WikiJournals which publish peer-reviewed articles in a stable, indexed, and citable, format comparable with academic journals; these can be copied to Wikipedia, and are sometimes based on Wikipedia articles. As of November 2020, there are Wikiversity sites active for 17 languages[1] comprising a total of 124,274 articles and 1,038 recently active editors.[4] History[edit] Wikipedia - Home. Aplicación - Xataka. EscoLAR - Apps on Google Play. Com seu login institucional, professores e estudantes de toda a rede estadual do Espírito Santo poderão, por meio de celular e sem uso do pacote de dados, conectar-se a sua Sala de Aula Virtual a qualquer tempo e lugar.

EscoLAR - Apps on Google Play

Acesse todas as suas disciplinas em uma única sala virtual. Fale com seus professores de forma online. Acompanhe as atividades postadas pelos professores em cada disciplina e esclareça suas dúvidas. Troque mensagens com seus colegas de turma. No aplicativo você também acessa: - Videoaulas produzidas pela Secretaria de Estado da Educação do ES - SEDU.- Notas no Sistema de Gestão (SEGES)- Notícias da educação (Site SEDU) Aceso para alunos do ensino regular da rede estadual do Espírito Santo. Meet – Apps on Google Play.

‎ZOOM Cloud Meetings on the App Store. Stay connected wherever you go – start or join a secure meeting with flawless video and audio, instant screen sharing, and cross-platform instant messaging - for free!

‎ZOOM Cloud Meetings on the App Store

Zoom is #1 in customer satisfaction and the best unified communication experience on mobile. It's super easy! Messenger. WhatsApp. Instagram - Home. Educanetwork. Red de Radio Universitaria de Colombia - Home. Gmail - Email from Google. Tweet / Twitter.