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The 10 Best Real Estate Books That Transformed My Career. Over the years, I’ve read dozens of books about business and real estate.

The 10 Best Real Estate Books That Transformed My Career

When I was starting my brokerage, there were 10 key real estate books that helped me start my business, and later thrive. In my experience, not all real estate books are created equal. Some are written by authors who are just trying to upsell you to their courses or business coaching programs. Others are just regurgitated and stale marketing advice. With thousands of mediocre books out there, it can be challenging to find diamonds in the rough. Here are the 10 best real estate books that actually helped me in my career: 1. Sales and networking are critical components of succeeding as a professional real estate agent.

Sales you will get no matter what. 2. This book talks about how to get in the right mindset for success. Schwartz also gives helpful advice for maintaining your relationships and quality of life during your early years as a real estate agent. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 35 House Flipping Tips for Maximum Profit From the Pros. Despite what HGTV has you believe, flipping houses is more hustle than glamor.

35 House Flipping Tips for Maximum Profit From the Pros

Investing in fix-and-flip real estate can be incredibly rewarding but it’s not without risks. Before you get a fix-and-flip loan, do your due diligence. If you take the right steps, house flipping can be quite lucrative, too. In the first quarter of 2019, house flippers saw an average ROI of 38.7 percent, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. 6 Sales Tips For Real Estate Agents Who Hate Sales - Inman. As a new agent, you might be hating the sales process, worried to come across as pushy.

6 Sales Tips For Real Estate Agents Who Hate Sales - Inman

But it doesn’t have to be scary or unethical. Instead, sales can be an enjoyable process for both you and your clients. Here’s how. Miami's Best Neighborhoods to Live or Invest. Many people are looking to buy, rent, sell or invest in a property in Miami for good reasons.

Miami's Best Neighborhoods to Live or Invest

The diversity of the coastal area offers a wide range of different residential and commercial buildings, but also a wealth of amenities. 52 Marketers Share Their One Marketing Hack To Survive Bad Economy. The global economy is under recession and every business is looking for marketing hacks to survive the bad economy.

52 Marketers Share Their One Marketing Hack To Survive Bad Economy

Most of the economic research agencies, such as The National Bureau of Economic Research, confirmed the fact. It’s getting difficult to run businesses, generate sales, and maintain market standings. And it seems the situation will get worse in the near future. House Hunting Advice From the Experts. Homes for Sale In Miami Beach, Fisher Island, Bal Harbour, Coconut Grove & more.

Why are so many New Yorkers moving to Florida? South Florida, with its sunny, temperate climate, continues to attract New Yorkers looking for a new place to call home, one where they won’t have to deal with bitter winters.

Why are so many New Yorkers moving to Florida?

And there’s more than just the weather to recommend the region. Florida has no personal income tax—a boon to those tired of paying New York’s high taxes—especially now that there’s a tighter cap on state and local tax deductions. High Taxes Driving New Yorkers Out Of State To Miami. The sea.

High Taxes Driving New Yorkers Out Of State To Miami

The space. The style. They’re a few of the reasons people have long sought out property ownership in South Florida. But, especially since the end of 2017, there’s been another strong driver: The savings. Donald Trump‘s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 dramatically impacted the finances of property owners in high-tax states like New York. High Taxes Driving New Yorkers Out Of State To Miami.

Manhattan Miami Real Estate: Boutique UWS Firm Can Help You in Both Cities! - I Love The Upper West Side. Manhattan Miami Real Estate is a boutique real estate firm located on 67th and Columbus Avenue.

Manhattan Miami Real Estate: Boutique UWS Firm Can Help You in Both Cities! - I Love The Upper West Side

They’ve been in business for fifteen years and have another office in Miami which is run by two local agents. The firm represents buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in both NYC and Miami, with a special focus on luxury new development condos. A significant portion of their clients are non-US residents. The Foreign Buyer's Checklist For Purchasing New York Condos. It’s estimated that 15% of the real estate transactions that occur in Manhattan are carried out by foreign buyers.

The Foreign Buyer's Checklist For Purchasing New York Condos

These individuals are often in search of diversity and safety by investing in New York condos. Often, they are searching for a home for their child studying abroad, a second home for themselves, or an investment property that will provide yield and capital appreciation. In all cases, these buyers have unique needs and concerns. If you’re a foreigner looking to buy real estate in Manhattan, here’s a checklist to guide your search. Decide What Type of New York Residential Property You WantMake a Wish ListDetermine How Much You Want to Spend and Whether to Take a MortgageMake a Focused SearchKnow the Rules and RegulationsThe importance to use a New York Real Estate Buyer’s Agent 1. Manhattan Market Analysis. Table of Contents January 2020 A Video Update from Urbandigs A lot of clients have been asking what is going on in the NYC market, so I wanted to send you a quick update via a video from Noah at

Manhattan Market Analysis

Moving to Miami: The Ultimate Guide. Are you thinking of moving to Miami? You are not alone. Miami has seen significant migration from high tax states, Central and South America and even Europe over the last decade. NYC's Tech Sector is on Fire and Heating up Hudson Yards. Over the last few weeks, NYC has solidified its position as the second most important tech hubs in the world (behind only Silicon Valley), with massive office leases signed by tech companies such as Facebook and Amazon in and around Hudson Yards.

The bigger story, however, is that with every Facebook or Amazon, there are many more smaller NYC technology companies that were not here 5 years ago, that we never heard of, and which are now taking up enormous amounts of office space in Manhattan, and to a lesser extent, Brooklyn. Manhattan office leasing just had its most active year since 2001, with TAMI (technology, advertising, media and information services) industry tenants accounting for 61% of all new Midtown and Downtown leases. Average NYC Tech job wages are 49% higher than average NYC private sector wages. Museums Play Key Role In Area Property Values. Museums play a critical role in our communities, bringing vital access to cultural programming and enrichment opportunities for those nearby.

That’s not the only thing they do for communities, though. No, as any real estate investor can tell you, museums also greatly increase an area’s property values. The phenomenon even has a name: the Bilbao Effect, named after the developments that followed the Guggenheim’s opening in Bilbao, Spain. List of top US Boutique Real Estate Firms. @manhattanmiami. Manhattan Miami on Vimeo. Is International Investment Moving Out Of Cities? - Butterfly Labs. International investors have long been major players in US-based development, particularly in luxury industries.

More recently, though, these investments have become less lucrative and international funders have turned reticent, concluding that these properties may not be the best use of their funds. For the first time since 2012, international investors registered more commercial real estate sales than acquisitions, at least by a small margin; in the first half of 2019, international investors made $21.4 billion in sales, compared to $21.3 billion in acquisitions. A Cooling Market: Is Now The Time To Invest In Luxury Condos? The luxury condo market is in a tenuous state. Rents are rising and people don’t seem ready to move on these properties – but that might be good news for investors. For those looking to expand their real estate holdings, top apartments are priced to sell. Built But Unbought Since 2013, New York City’s luxury and “ultraluxury” housing market has been booming, at least in terms of construction. Unfortunately, the old saying, “build it and they will come,” didn’t exactly work here.

New York City isn’t the only place struggling with an overload of properties. Branding luxury real estate—insights and inspiration from the experts. 959 1st Ave 9P, Manhattan, NY 10022, US. Remarks This large, sun-filled, triple-exposure 2-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom apartment is reminiscent of a historic NYC loft. However, 959 First Avenue is a new ground-up development by Toll Brothers that was delivered in 2017.

Perhaps it is the combination of oversized casement windows and high ceilings give it a loft feeling. Chelsea, West Chelsea & Hudson Yards Apartments for Sale Guide. Go West! No, we’re not telling you to move to California or the frontier, nor are we talking about the popular song from the Pet Shop Boys and Village People. HSBC Foreign National Mortgage. September 2019 Update: Mortgage interest rates have plummeted since the same time last year and are resting near record lows. On Friday, September 6, 2019, the 30-year fixed mortgage rate clocked in at 3.48%, while the stock market was close to a record high of over 26,900.

Manhattan Miami Real Estate Experiences. Real Estate Investing: The Promise Of Today’s Luxury Condo Market. As the real estate market stays hot in the majority of US cities and suburbs, the luxury condo market continues to boom. Real Estate Investors Move On Oversupply Markets For Best Value. Manhattan Miami Real Estate in New York, NY. Babson College. Apartments in Miami. Best Areas to Rent Apartments in Miami Inside a city rated by Forbes because the cleanest city within the entire U . s . All about calgary florists. Suitable Apartment. Created LLC Owned by British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company for Condo Purchaser from Singapore - Romer Debbas. The Plaza NYC Residences. The Plaza Residences, located in the prime Midtown location of 1 Central Park South, offer an opportunity to live in one of Manhattan’s most majestic buildings. Its glorious pre-war aesthetics have been cleverly combined with the best in modern design to provide a unique residential opportunity.

Residences at The Mandarin Oriental NY. Along with 25 Columbus Circle, 80 Columbus Circle is in the top five of all condo buildings in all of Manhattan and is the same address as the exclusive Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The Apthorp. One Madison. 101 Warren. The Harrison. The Laureate. The Laurel. The Carlton House. Upper West Side Apartments for Sale Guide. Downtown Miami Apartments for Sale. Park Loggia is the Latest Condo in Columbus Circle NYC. Top Manhattan Condos for Sale. Astute Buyers Make Astute Decisions: Now is the Time to. Faut-il ou non investir sur l'or ? - One 57 Manhattan Miami. 10 Financial Tips for First Time Home Buyers - The Summer Lad. Tumblr. 15 Essential Things All Property Buyers Need To Think About.

外國人士輕鬆投資曼哈頓房地產的網上指南-美通社PR-Newswire. Manhattan and Miami Real Estate Market Trends Point to Higher Prices, Lower Inventory and Lower Down Payment Requirements for Foreigners. Ricardo Mello, Manhattan Real Estate Agent. 15 Central Park West Prices Hit Record Announces Anthony Guerriero of Manhattan Miami Real Estate. 15 Central Park West New York NYC. Best Manhattan Neighborhoods to Buy a Condo in 2018 & 2019. Property Investor Stories. These New Construction Miami Condos For Sale Will Change the Skyline in 2019. Luxury Apartments Miami. Home Buying Process in Manhattan and Miami.

Corporate or Individual Relocation. Selling Your Home - How to sell your NYC co-op or condo Apartment. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. NYC Property Taxes Miami. Buying an Investment Property NYC Real Estate Investors. Manhattan Real Estate Investments.