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Jean-Marc Manach. Jean marc manach (@manhack) 4chan. 4chan is an English-language imageboard website.


Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest. 4chan is split into various boards with their own specific content and guidelines. Registration is not required, nor is it possible (except for staff). Rules of the Internet. About Rules of the Internet is a list of protocols and conventions, originally written to serve as a guide for those who identified themselves with the Internet group Anonymous.

Rules of the Internet

The list serves as a summation of popular catchphrases and axioms commonly associated with 4chan. Since there are numerous drafts and editions in circulation, the rules fluctuate in number and the validity of each rule remains debatable. Despite this, several of the rules including Rule 34 and Rule 63 are agreed upon across internet communities. Rule 34. About Rule 34 is an Internet adage in the “Rules of the Internet” list of protocols and conventions which asserts that if something exists, there is porn of it.

Rule 34

The humorous concept is commonly illustrated through fanart and fanfictions in which fictional TV and cartoon characters engage in sexual behavior, in similar vein to the Ruined Childhood meme. Origin According to the Lurkmore Wiki, Rule 34 originated from a comic posted on the website Zoom-Out, which was cached by Google as early as October 5th, 2004. In May of 2009, Something Awful user Electric Eggs posted a thread titled “Ask me about inventing Rule 34”, in which he claimed to have created the comic with his sister after learning the adage in an IRC chatroom.

File:Rule 36.gif. Mormon Porn / Bubble Porn. Editor’s note: Work in Progress About Mormon Porn or Bubble Porn, also known as “Bubble Collage” (Japanese: 水玉コラ, Mizutama Kora) in Japan, refers to photoshoped pictures of girls looking like naked, which are made by concealing their outfits by the “bubbling” technique.

Mormon Porn / Bubble Porn

Comment on peut, en trois clics, découvrir la carte des stations d'écoute des espions de la DGSE. Fatal Realities of Fortress Europe. Border management & externalisation Numerous deaths, especially those that remain undocumented, are a direct consequence of the repeated reinforcement of EU borders.

Fatal Realities of Fortress Europe

Not content with excessive policing and militarisation of the borders, common practice is now to extend, move and redraw them as a response to migration flows. The externalisation of the EU’s political borders can be seen mostly in North African countries, whose coasts are the starting point for many migrant journeys into Europe, especially to Spain, Italy and Greece. Listofdeaths. [APP] Mémorial des morts aux frontières de l’Europe. Missing Migrants Project. Refugees/Migrants Emergency Response - Mediterranean - Regional Overview.

Photos de Kadhafi à Paris: l’Elysée s’est trompé. Ces photos de Sarkozy que l’Élysée voulait cacher. A guide to Libya’s surveillance network », News, Augmented. After repeated interrogations lead by, OWNI, the Wall Street Journal and the Figaro, Amesys, the French company that sold Internet surveillance systems to Gaddafi’s Libya tried to calm things down with a statement posted on its website (mirror): The contract only concerned the sale of materials capable of analysing a fraction of existing internet connections, only a few thousand.

A guide to Libya’s surveillance network », News, Augmented

However, the documents in OWNI’s possession tell a different story, in fact, the exact opposite story. In contrast to traditional surveillance systems that target specific connections, the “massive” (sic) Amesys surveillance system is used to intercept and analyze the entirety of the telecommunications network, to the scale of an entire country. EAGLE is therefore able to aggregate, in an automatic fashion, email and physical addresses, telephone numbers, photos of suspects, but also to make automatic searches by date, hour, telephone number, email address, keyword, localization… Exclusive: How Gaddafi Spied on the Fathers of the New Libya », News, Augmented. They are poets, journalists, writers, historians, intellectuals, aged between 50 and 70.

Exclusive: How Gaddafi Spied on the Fathers of the New Libya », News, Augmented

Most occupied key roles within the Libyan opposition network. Until recently, seven of them were still living in exile: four in the UK, two in the US, one in Helsinki. Last August, one of them was appointed the Libyan ambassador in London. 4journalistes chronique arretsurimage. Le propagandiste du FN avait 15 ans. Original.81631. Que fait-on avec ça ? #JeSuisKouachi #NousSommesKouachi. ISIS Had a Social Media Campaign, So We Tracked Them Down - bellingcat. On Saturday, numerous supporters of ISIS posted pictures on social media from major European cities, displaying messages of support for the group.

ISIS Had a Social Media Campaign, So We Tracked Them Down - bellingcat

This social media campaign was in support of an imminent speech from ISIS spokesperson Abu Mohammed al-Adnani. In these photographs, backgrounds of various European cities can be seen, with the intention of, as described by Sheera Frankel of BuzzFeed News World, “instill[ing] fear by showing that the group had supporters in major European cities.”

As noted by J.M. Crowdsourced Geolocation and Analysis of Russian MoD Airstrike Videos from Syria - bellingcat. Since the beginning of Russia’s air campaign in Syria the Russian Ministry of Defence has been posting videos of some of its airstrikes on its YouTube channel, and initial geolocation analysis of those videos have shown there’s a number of issues with the details provided by the Russian Ministry of Defence along with those videos.

Crowdsourced Geolocation and Analysis of Russian MoD Airstrike Videos from Syria - bellingcat

In at least two examples the Russian Ministry of Defence has claimed videos show airstrikes in against ISIS in Raqqa, but the videos have been geolocated to locations over a hundred miles away, with no known ISIS presence. In this first video of airstrikes posted on September 30th the Russian Ministry of Defence claims to hit ISIS targets: Forensic Architecture - Home. Data-driven, participatory fact mapping. Open-source intelligence. Open sources for intelligence[edit] OSINT includes a wide variety of information and sources: OSINT is distinguished from research in that it applies the process of intelligence to create tailored knowledge supportive of a specific decision by a specific individual or group.[3]

Open-source intelligence

Untangling the Web: How to Search the Internet Like the NSA. In Archive, Hacking, Internet, NSA on March 25, 2014 at 8:06 PM The National Security Agency has produced a book to help its spies uncover intelligence hiding on the web. The 652-page book is titled Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research and was published by the Center for Digital Content of the National Security Agency. It was released by the NSA last year after a FOIA request filed by MuckRock, but that version is a redacted black and white copy. After doing a quick Google search, LeakSource has discovered the proper unredacted version of the book (source/pdf), in color with working hyperlinks.

It looks like it has been on the Internet since 2007. Facebook Graph Shortcuts. Investigation Techniques & Links by Bob Brasich. OSINT tools: Facebook, Twitter, Social Networks, Identity verification, and more NetBootCamp Facebook Search Tool Facebook Graph Queries: Profiles, Photos, Pages, Employers, Groups & More Facebook Search Tool NetBootCamp Facebook Search Tips Example queries created with NetBootCamp’s Facebook Tool:

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