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Sporcle - Trivia, Quizzes & Brain Games. Quizicon. Interactive activities. ProfPros - Online Exam practice. Online Flashcards/Study Helps. Quizzes and Study Helpers. Turn Assessments into Fun Classroom Quizzes with Quizalize. Quizalize is a great online tool that lets teachers turn quick classroom quizzes into exciting multi-player games.

Turn Assessments into Fun Classroom Quizzes with Quizalize

Teachers can create a quiz on any subject they want or use one of the hundreds of quizzes teachers have already created in the Quizalize Marketplace. Students can take the quiz on any device with a browser – laptop, tablet or smartphone – making it a great choice for BYOD learning environments. Teachers can choose to have all students play in class together or assign a quiz for homework. Teachers get real-time feedback on how each student is doing, so they can easily identify who needs extra help and who is ready for a new challenge. If you play with the Team Game feature, the whole class can compete in teams and see their results in real time on an interactive whiteboard. Online Quiz Creator: Play or Make a Quiz for Free! QuizSocket. Online Cloze Test Creator - Create gap-filling exercises, drag & drop, dropdown and multiple choice quizzes. Create and Share Online Flashcards. Flashcard Machine - Create, Study and Share Online Flash Cards. Simple free learning tools for students and teachers. Make your own study game.

W2L Info Published on December 1st, 2013 | by What2Learn Are you looking to make your own study game?

Make your own study game

Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes.