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Top 50 Music Search Engines – Start Listening Now ! The Internet's IT Directory! The 14+ Hottest Music Streaming & Discovery Sites. These days there are so many ways to listen to free music online that one could become slightly overwhelmed by the choices.

The 14+ Hottest Music Streaming & Discovery Sites

Never fear – we’ve done some investigation into the best music services out there and can let you know what’s popular and tell you a little bit about the sorts of music you can find on these services. MakeUseOf also recently ran a poll on the top online streaming services which concluded that Grooveshark, Pandora and are the most popular services amongst our readers. We’ll give you a quick run-down on those services and point you in the direction of some other popular alternatives. The Top Online Music Streaming Services Grooveshark Grooveshark is the online music streaming provider of choice at the moment. For more details, read more about Grooveshark here.

Pandora Pandora was one of the first online music streaming services and it is still very popular today, despite not being available outside the US. Music: Styles: H: Hip Hop: Personal Pages. Rap and HIPHOP. Music Reviews, Ratings, Charts, News. 100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music. UPDATE 12/10/13: We’ve released a follow-up to this post with 100 More Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music.

100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music

Prepare yourself for another dose of Monday roundup madness! It’s time for another crazily comprehensive, yet carefully curated, look at an entire industry–the music industry to be specific. This if the first in a two-part series on the music industry which will conclude next week. This week’s focus is on the consumer side of music. Below you’ll find the best resources for music fans including ways to discover new tunes, the best tools and services for creating a perfect music listening experience, tons of concert and live show resources, many ways to enhance Spotify, social tools for getting down with your friends, iPhone and Android music apps, music locker (cloud) services and finally some miscellaneous resources that you’re bound to love. You might also like: exfm – See what’s trending. Find Music From TV and Movies - TuneFind.

100 Ways to Discover and Enjoy Music. Music Reviews, Ratings, Charts, News. Discovery. Rap and R&B. Top 100 Music sites. If you like this song. Web. Internet / Web Radio Websites Reviews / Overview. Guide to Download Free Music to iPhone. Written by: luis84•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/7/2010 Make the most of your Apple device by downloading free music to your iPhone.

Guide to Download Free Music to iPhone

Directly download free music to your iPhone and listen on-the-go without a computer or a single wired connection. Download a few songs or a whole album, it couldn't be any easier to download free music on your iPhone! 20 fantastic ways to find new music that you like (no & Pandora inside) OK, everybody knows that & Pandora are great services, but there are a lot of other tools that can help us to find new cool music.

20 fantastic ways to find new music that you like (no & Pandora inside)

Some of them just expose daily musical goodies, others make recommendations based on your very own preferences, and others take the web interactivity ever further. House Music Sites- Top Ten. House music is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago in the U.S.A. in the early 1980s.

House Music Sites- Top Ten

By the mid 80s it had started to become very popular and made its way across the Atlantic and entered the European music scene. Early house music consisted of a repetitive 4/4 beat usually produced by a drum machine with off-beat ‘hi-hat’ cymbals and synthesised bass-lines. Today’s house music still consists of these core elements, but styles have varied ranging from soulful and deep house to micro house, euro house, tech house and electro house with a new wave of success arriving through progressive house.

Today house music remains popular in clubs and in mainstream pop music, largely due to the volume of house DJs who strived continually to promote it in the underground clubs and gave it a strong foothold throughout the globe. 1. Deep House Page has many DJ house tracks to listen to and download with a section for featured tracks. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. HOW TO: Create Free Music Playlists Online. Sharing music can be as much fun as listening to it.

HOW TO: Create Free Music Playlists Online

There are a large number of legal services online that allow you to share songs with friends, but some require paid accounts and software downloads, while others suffer from restricted geographic availability. So, in the spirit of mixtapes from years gone by here we've hand-picked and tested three personalized streaming music services that will let you easily create a playlist online and, better still, share it with friends, wherever in the world they might be. Try out the services we've listed below and let us know which you like the most. Oh, and be sure to link to the playlists you create in the comments so we can have a listen.

Free and legal music downloads.