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Genetics. The University of Arizona is the state’s land-grant university and a member of the prestigious, invitation-only Association of American Universities—made up of just 62 universities in the country.

Rising from the sands of the Sonoran desert in 1885, the institution is transforming science fiction into scientific fact, collaborating across disciplines and engaging in novel partnerships to make the unknown known. As one of the world’s premier public research universities, the University conducts more than $625 million of research annually. Home to two allopathic medical schools in Tucson and Phoenix, the UA Tech Park, The University of Arizona Health Network, and a member of the Arizona Space Grant Consortium, the University creates an $8.3 billion economic impact for Arizona.

U.S. News and World Report placed 14 University of Arizona graduate programs among the top 20 in the nation and it is one of the nation’s top producers of Fulbright Scholars. Quiz Maker - Create Online Quizzes, Online Testing, Exams. Biology Resources and Links. X-Linked Inheritance. Chromosome*s that both males and females possess in matched sets are called autosome*s.

X-Linked Inheritance

The X and Y-chromosomes that determine the sex of an individual are called allosome*s. Males have one X and one Y-chromosome while females have two X-chromosomes. Due to the differences between the X and Y-chromosomes, the number and type of genes inherited by an individual depends on its sex. The genes present on the X and Y-chromosomes are called sex-linked genes. Sex-linked genes and their related traits are further distinguished as either X-linked or Y-linked depending on which chromosome they are located. Virtual blood typing lab. Punnet Square Flashcards. View forum - Genetics. Genetics as it applies to evolution, molecular biology, and medical aspects.

View forum - Genetics

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Science. Science. Other science stuff. Science. Science. BBC: Bitesize - Genes & Alleles. Science: High School. GeneEd - Genetics, Education, Discovery. Huntington’s gene mutation carriers: Learning faster with neurodegenerative disease. Printer friendly version Share 14 September 2012 Ruhr-Universitaet-Bochum Learning faster with neurodegenerative disease RUB researchers examine Huntington’s gene mutation carriers Severity of the genetic mutation related to learning efficiency.

Huntington’s gene mutation carriers: Learning faster with neurodegenerative disease

Thinking Games. Color Blind Chart. Pattern baldness in men is a sex-influenced trait.

Color Blind Chart

It is not an X-linked trait like color blindness and hemophilia. Baldness is an autosomal trait and is apparently influenced by sex hormones after people reach 30 years of age or older. This condition is inherited as a simple Mendelian trait, although the biochemical mechanism is complex. Quick Trait Calculator - Genetic Heredity Calculator. Note These calculators use simplified models to calculate traits and their certainty is far from 100% due to the fact that human genetics is far more complex than a simple mendelian dominant/recessive model.

Quick Trait Calculator - Genetic Heredity Calculator

Personal Report and Heredity Report give better results, providing that you had your genome sequenced by a commercial personal genomics companies like 23andMe, deCODEMe or Family Tree DNA. In any case, these reports do not substitute for clinical tests, genetic counseling or paternity/maternity tests. If you have questions about your genetic heritage, its relation to diseases or any other health-related issues you should consult your doctor. Alcohol Flush Reaction. Genetics Practice Problems. Genetics Practice Problems You may type in your own answers, then check to see if you were right.

Genetics Practice Problems

If you’re totally stumped, you can tell the computer to show you the answer to a particular question. Monohybrid Cross: