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3M and IBM to Develop New Types of Adhesives to Create 3D Semiconductors
Multi-touch Whiteboard - Wii Style (by @baekdal) #trends Johnny Chung Lee, from Carnegie Mellon University, is making wonders with his Wii remote. First of all he has turned it into a multi-touch receiver that you can use for whiteboards - or practically any surface you can think of. Here is the video: His first attempt, as you can see in this video (below), looks much more technical. Instead of using a pen - he uses reflective tape and his fingers to control a TV. It is still very impressive, but needs some "design" :) Multi-touch Whiteboard - Wii Style (by @baekdal) #trends
How To Prepare a Mac For Sale Friday, 14 November 2008 • Permalink It’s time to upgrade your Mac, and you’re thinking about selling your old one. Over the years, I’ve sold many Macs, and I’ve created a set of steps to follow (and learned a few tricks) along the way that I’d like to share. Following these steps will let you sleep a bit better at night and has the added benefit of creating a great first-experience for the buyer. Step One: Back It Up How To Prepare a Mac For Sale How To Prepare a Mac For Sale
How to Build a Hackintosh Mini for a Less Expensive, Faster Mac

How to Build a Hackintosh Mini for a Less Expensive, Faster Mac

nobody reads the terms, didn't you see the South Park episode? And anyway, if I buy the OS I'm gonna do damn well what I want with it. Once that disk has been legally obtained and is in my hands, it's not Apple's business what I do with it. To be fair, I mentioned off-hand to a Genius at an Apple Store I have a hackintosh. Without breaking stride, he asked if I bought the OS. I told him yes and he shrugged.