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Artificial Intelligence upbeats the HR Recruitment Process. Advanced technology has simply changed the problem solving and learning in the recruitment process.

Artificial Intelligence upbeats the HR Recruitment Process

As we all know technology is advancing, it has become a vital importance for the organisation to keep themselves upgraded with the latest technology. Looking at today’s scenario to job market it has become very competitive when it comes to attracting new talents for an organisation, hiring new staff with niche and specific skill sets as per the organisation need which becomes much more challenging and difficult prospect for the recruitment team. Nowadays recruiters are also finding new and innovative solutions to attract quality talents.

Artificial Intelligence for the recruiting is a new addition and also problem-solving and learning is displayed using this tool in the recruitment process. “Artificial Intelligence for recruiting is designed to automate the recruitment flow by reducing repetitive and high volume tasks. 5 Current Challenges of Marketing and Business Development. Best Moodle Development Companies in India - Moodle developer. Top 6 Things Web Designer Needs to Know About HTML Tables. HTML tables have already come since long at the time of web.

Top 6 Things Web Designer Needs to Know About HTML Tables

It may be surprising that some web designers have never worked with this element. In this article, our best graphics designers in India will discuss what you need to know about tables. We’ll start with basic syntax and semantics. Then, we will attempt to respond to our tables. So, let’s begin with this article in points of interest. Basic HTML Table. Tips For Successful Mobile App. ManavSMO — Android O feature spotlight.  Top 6 best features... What is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)? Amazing 9 App Extensions for iOS App Development. As we have already referred iOS App Extensions in the previous article, let’s check out the rest of the App Extensions below. 1.

Amazing 9 App Extensions for iOS App Development

Top Responsive Website Development Company In India. Mobile App Automation Testing. Success in test automation requires meticulous planning and strong logical ability.

Mobile App Automation Testing

Commence out by creating an automation plan. This enables you to identify the initial set of tests to automate. Automation plan gets converted to automation scripts using an appropriate framework which tests the software without manual efforts. Automated testing is an effective approach for all web applications. It includes web frameworks, JS based frameworks and also includes mobile testing methodologies. Test Automation tools help teams test quicker, allows them to test extensively more code, advances test efficiency, and frees up QA engineers so they can concentrate on tests that require manual attention and their unique human skills. 9series consider client as a most extreme significance and takes due care while handling any project that comes under their supervision. Top Android Application Development Companies in India, Android App Developers.

6 Reasons to Boost Up Business in Digital marketing. Search. Cucumber with Appium & their Advantages. TopandroidapplicationdevelopmentcompaniesinIndia. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...


Include... Search Results. ManavSMO — Gulp – A streaming build system. Sometimes called... TechGuide on the top 8 iOS App Extensions to boost up your Apps. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

TechGuide on the top 8 iOS App Extensions to boost up your Apps

How Single Sign On Authentication Work?

Graphic Design

How Franchise beats Battle on Social Media? E Learning and Education Technology Company In India. Educational Institutes are giving tech geniuses to the world then why should they remain behind with technological advancement?

E Learning and Education Technology Company In India

Institutes are no more out of competition. Being in the service industry, they are forced to deliver better and more personalized services in order to attract, recruit and retain the best students. Time is no more same as previous traditional classrooms, it's quite certain that future is technology in e-learning world to make the difference.

Completely new methodologies and techniques are emerging day by day. Node.js an Excellent Environment for Developers. Mobilize the Way of Attracting Customers. Top 5 Features of an Organizational Culture. Windows app development with .net developers. $27.1 billion revenue predicted from eLearning solutions. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text.

$27.1 billion revenue predicted from eLearning solutions

Moodle Framework: A Perfect e-Learning Solution. Top Graphics Design & UI/UX Developer Company In India. How E-learning Software Development Innovates Education Industry – 9series Blog. E-learning industry has proven to be one of the rapid growing industries.

How E-learning Software Development Innovates Education Industry – 9series Blog

There have been a lot of contributions by businesses right from content display to teaching online, online exams, training solutions, interactive solutions, etc. Nowadays e-learning solutions have replaced the stringent and tough methodologies which were used to impart education to students.Tools of e-learning development encourage people to create quality online courses which are visually appealing and at the same time render appropriate and engaging content. There is a broad range of tools that address certain areas of content authoring, instructional design, and even course delivery. All of these technologies are great, however, it all depends on how people manage and combine them.

Cloud computing is the advanced platform which everybody is looking for. It is said that technology brings more controversy and complexity than benefits to classrooms.


How E-learning Software Development Innovates Education Industry – 9series Blog. Dynamic Web Applications - A growing software development company offering mobile app, enterprise web, IoT & embedded system design, development & testing services & solutions world wide. 6 Unique Features of iBeacon App Development. The rise of iBeacon technology was one of the influential news of 2015 in a technology world.

6 Unique Features of iBeacon App Development

This brought about numerous business insiders to step in mobile application development of the beacon industry. Now, it goes without saying that every latest technology will demand time to explore the potential outcomes and best practices, even when it comes to app development. Today, almost two years after the launch of iBeacon, many Enterprises realized that a beacon app should be developed for the purpose of pushing promotional offers to users.

Go Mobile To Touch Business Heights – 9series Blog. With a mobile app turning into a great deal, more sensible speculation for a little business to swallow the future looks extremely positive. Nowadays, Mobile App Development is rapidly growing worldwide. More and more consumers rely on their mobile devices for personal and business use. When it comes to attracting and retaining loyal users for mobile apps, there’s another group of competitors you probably haven’t been watching, every other app in the app store. The Impact of Native Apps in Human Mind - Mobile App Development.

Laravel Developer

Mobile App Development. IOS Development. Ibeacon App Development. The Engine of Advertisement with your DNA. You have opened a business, and you got a few customers with a reference or without reference. The owners themselves know that there wouldn’t be a steady footprint of customers in the coming days because there are competitors and they would eat the shares. The majority of business owners faces few common questions such as “How can I have more customers? How can I make my business steady? How can I grow my business to the next level?”. Here, the most important thing is to get the name out there. “Creating ideas and building brands that truly matter to people” – Leo Burnett Well, at this stage you may be having a next question “what type of advertisement I should go for?”. 1. The first two options are very costly compared to the third one, and it may be out of range for your business.

At present, there are many third-party online advertising tools such as Adsense, AdMob, Mobclix, etc. But, have you thought of having your own customized advertisement engine? 1. Form uniformity with Responsive Web Design Company « Jack_Fernandis's Blog. Being a responsive web design company we have observed that responsive or device adaptive web designs has gained much popularity in the last few years. In today’s modern world, users access the websites through tablets and smartphones.

Hence, it is very important that your website should be accessed through all the major mobile platforms. Having a responsive website for your business will enable you to reach a larger audience in short time. Travel Technology Companies Extending Travellers’ Experience – 9series Blog. Travel technology companies are developing since the technology and internet users are increased. Moreover, the internet has also made this industry very competitive in the market. There are a plenty of people available in the market to manage their travel business.

Therefore, every player in the market wants to enhance their online visibility and traffic. Mentoring a Mobile Application is never an easy task – 9series Blog. In the competitive world of mobility, to develop an application for enterprise has been a quite obvious. So many newbies companies who has applications, developed even by the top mobile app development company have faced app failure. One of the reasons behind the downfall of the app is the improper maintenance of the applications. Due to an improper maintenance of applications, many startups are facing issues of app failure. Whereas, few of the mobile app development company have a no idea of how to maintain applications. Employees Hampering Business Security. Due to increase in a number of devices, data networks, and digital applications also increases the opportunities for exploitation. Apart from providing immediate access to all the information that is required, the internet has expanded their connectivity with suppliers, customers, and other business associates.

Today, most of the threats are not from outside but, within the organization. One need not be consciously wicked but, could result from carelessness or negligence on the part of employees. Data compromised by hackers, computer viruses, network outages and other incidents affect our lives in ways which range from inconvenient to life-threatening. It involves protecting systems as well as information on major cyber security threats, like cyber espionage, cyber terrorism, and cyber warfare. Apart from influencing the efficiency of an employee and business performance, such rampant misuse of the internet by insiders might even have serious legal implications for organizations.

Form uniformity with Responsive Web Design Company « Jack_Fernandis's Blog. Create Dynamic Websites using ASP.NET MVC Development article and examples. ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) is a three-tier architectural framework or design for web application development utilizing ASP.NET technology. 9series Blogs: Google I/O 2015: Part III – Developer Tools. 9series: IT Managed Services Provider. 9series:IT Technology Solutions & Services Provider Company.