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Have you ever heard a representative complain that he grew a line by 110 percent but then lost the line to a larger rep? By John Beaver, GSA Optimum Or how about a remark from a prospective principal during an interview that the prospective principal liked the owner of the previous representative firm, but felt they just didn’t have the manpower to grow his line?

Have you ever heard a representative complain that he grew a line by 110 percent but then lost the line to a larger rep?

How about the representative owner who says he just can’t make any money as a manufacturers’ representative because his overhead and manpower costs were just too high? All of these questions apply to deciding when a representative should hire an additional person. Preparation Is Essential. By John Beaver, GSA Optimum Whether you are playing in the World Series, or running for President of the United States, or interviewing for a new line, the outcomes will all have two things in common.

Preparation Is Essential

Number one is that there is no prize for second place. And number two is that, although preparation won’t guarantee your success, the lack of preparation will almost certainly guarantee your failure. I have had the opportunity to interview for some very powerful and lucrative product lines over the years. Examining the Attributes Required to be a Successful Independent Representative.

By Danny Collis, President, Collis Group, Inc.

Examining the Attributes Required to be a Successful Independent Representative

As the result of the time I’ve spent in my career, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect upon the attributes one must possess in order to be a successful independent manufacturers’ representative. I had many other things written down before I came to a realization just recently that perseverance and risk-taking were actually necessary attributes. I was a corporate representative who felt I should be making more money. I worked for a great company but was only making $36,000 managing a $5-million territory.

Understandably, I felt underappreciated and overworked. There were definitely hard times, but I always felt as if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Selling to the Manufacturing Sector in Other Countries: Focus Mexico. By Ed Juline, CPMR, CSP, Mexico Representation While being a manufacturers’ agent or representative is a well‑developed profession in the U.S. and Canada, the entire concept of outsourced sales forces is still mostly unknown in Mexico.

Selling to the Manufacturing Sector in Other Countries: Focus Mexico

Many of the reasons companies fail to sell their products in Mexico through reps fall into these categories: Being unprepared to pioneer a new market.Making assumptions about the market based on current paradigm.Not embracing that the new market uses a different language.Not accepting that the new market operates under a different business and social culture.Not understanding that the new market operates under different business rules.Failing to understand that the country is not one country but as diverse as the socio-economic and geographic regions of the home country.Ignorance to the lack of infrastructure that exists in other countries. We have discovered four principal tactics for overcoming the possibilities of failure: Why Utilizing Independent Sales Representative Companies Is a Good Idea. Though the primary objective of a business or a corporate identity is to make a profit through the sales of products or services, there are lots of factors that go into play to achieve this objective.

Why Utilizing Independent Sales Representative Companies Is a Good Idea

From the quality of products and services to the efficiency of the sales team, it takes a lot for any business to make sales. And the key to success is the efficient functioning of a dedicated sales team that works relentlessly towards making sales happen. But not all companies have such aggressive and committed salespeople, especially at the start of their business (i.e., startups). How to Find a Trustworthy Independent Sales Representative. Doing business in today’s turbulent times is not easy.

How to Find a Trustworthy Independent Sales Representative

Businesses are presented with a new challenge every now and then that makes it difficult for them to keeping things moving forward. From manufacturing to sales, each and every business function can be approached in many different ways. But it is also true that managing business is all about making the right decisions at the right time in everyone’s best interest. The Advantages of Hiring an Independent Sales Agent. Sales are undoubtedly the most integral function of any business,without which a business can’t move forward or even survive.

The Advantages of Hiring an Independent Sales Agent

This is the reason why business owners emphasize this aspect of their business the most. The More Things Change, The More They #staythesame. By John Davis, Paul Davis Automation In the October 2016 issue of Agency Sales, Charles Cohon — MANA CEO — provided an excerpt from MANA’s Executive Secretary, P.

The More Things Change, The More They #staythesame

Edwin Thomas (MANA Minute — “MANA Featured in Billboard Magazine”). I am glad that Charley quoted Mr. Thomas for two reasons: (a) I learned a new word (multifarious), and (b) I felt a connection to my rep brethren of the past in that I — and I think it is safe to say that many, if not all of us — share the same concerns that Mr. Thomas cited in his essay. This same excerpt from Mr. Sales Representatives Wanted – Consult MANA Manufacturers & Agents. Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA): Independent Sales Rep – The Most Sought After Professional To Give Your Company Sales a Boost. Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA): How to Choose From the Leading Independent Sales Rep Companies?

Running a business is not a child’s play as there are hundreds of functions involved that work in sync with each other.

Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA): How to Choose From the Leading Independent Sales Rep Companies?

For businessmen, managing business successfully is extremely challenging and this is a bitter truth. Year by year, competition is rising due to the evolution of more number of players and technological innovation. To be in business, it has become mandatory for businesses to stay with innovative technology. Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA): Hire Independent Sales Reps and Improve Your Sales Figures Wonderfully.

A Manufacturer`s Representatives, or Independent Sales Rep is typically referred to an independent person or agency encompassed of sales, marketing and customer service people in each territory best-suited to the powerful inclusion of their operations.

Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA): Hire Independent Sales Reps and Improve Your Sales Figures Wonderfully

They tend to get primary wage through earned commissions. They focus on personal engagement with clients, and rely on the use of showrooms, trade exhibitions or mobile devices to connect with clients. More often, they travel to consult clients, display products and services, provide necessary training support and solve the underlying issue. They strive to win clients by providing them complimentary products at their places. How Involved Should Reps Be on the Internet?

By Craig Lindsay, CPMR, CSP, Pacesetter Sales & Associates I am sure for many Baby Boomers (like me) this question comes up on a regular basis and like many situations, we have options: Jump in with both feet and figure it out.Wait awhile and see what everyone else does (leading edge not bleeding edge).I don’t know what I am doing so I am not going to do anything.

Sadly, it appears that option #3 is selected far too often by some Boomers that run independent manufacturers’ representative businesses. Often, we refer back to what we know and are skeptical of the unknown, so we move slowly (or not at all) into the cyber world. July 1949 Independent Sales Rep Article Could Have Been Written Last Week. This article from the July 1949 issue of The AGENT and Representative magazine (which eventually became Agency Sales, the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA, monthly magazine, tells the story of an independent sales rep whose customer convinced a manufacturer to fire the independent sales rep and pass through the independent sales rep’s commission as a price cut. Whether you are an independent sales rep or if you are a manufacturer who sells through independent sales reps, it’s interesting to see that the concerns of the independent sales rep of 1949 mirror those of independent sales reps today.

And now, an article from the very first magazine ever published by MANA. The Story of Bill Herendon By Paul Edouard. Membership May Have Its Privileges, but Multiple Memberships Are Better. By Kenneth Hooper, President/CEO, NEMRA When a sales representative looks across the landscape of professional associations they will see a near-boundless variety of choices. Some choices are defined by vertical representation and industry-specific expertise. MANA the Matchmaker. By Tom Hayward, United Sales Associates So really, as a MANA rep member what has MANA done for you lately? Well, you get the iToolbox e-mails, and with each month a new Agency Sales magazine arrives. Good stuff. Oh, and there are the legal resources, consulting services, contract guidelines, videos, webinars, educational programs and discount programs.

And yeah, MANA is the driver in getting commission protection laws put in place. Independent Sales Rep Companies. Getting More of the Rep’s Time. By Greg Bruno, President, Midlantic Enterprises, Inc. Every principal that works with representatives will say that they want more time from their representatives. But very few seem to make a consistent effort to win the hearts and minds of their representatives and fewer actually achieve this goal.

The Purpose-Driven Salesperson. By Jerry Leth, Vice-President and General Manager, MANA. Asking the Right Questions? By Stephen Fowler, President, PERCS How to plan ahead so you can ask the right questions of customers and principals. Alice asked the Cat, “Which way ought I to go from here?” Backsell the CFO. By Jerry Leth, Vice-President and General Manager, MANA. Hire Independent Sales Reps. Independent Sales Rep Companies. When a manufacturer, distributor or service company determines that an important element of its marketing plan is contacting its customers face-to-face on the customer’s turf, it has three options: Conduct the field sales process with non-sales company executives and managers who sell part-time.Hire direct sales employees whose full-time job is to contact customers and service them.Appoint professional, multiple-line field sales firms as strategic partners.

Looking for Independent Sales Reps. Sales Representatives Wanted.