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An easy guide for ODOO & ManageTeamz Integration. 1.

An easy guide for ODOO & ManageTeamz Integration

Get started with Logging into Odoo. You can Create Company if you are new and Update your Company Information to initiate the process. 2. Select the relevant Contact. The Address section will have the default Odoo Company Address which is provided at Company Info. 3. 4. 5. 6. ADD In function def button_validate(self): order_id =[0][‘sale_id’][0]product_id =[0][‘product_id’][0]customer_data = self.env[‘sale.order’].search([(‘id’, ‘=’, order_id)]).read()[0]order_id = customer_data[‘id’]note = customer_data[‘note’]status = ‘Unallocated’#6.1 picktime (Pickup time=Current Time+7hours )and schedule (delivery= Current Time+ time 10hours ) can be customized down below.date1 = customer_data[‘create_date’] + timedelta(hours=5, minutes=35)date2 = customer_data[‘create_date’] + timedelta(hours=7, minutes=35)picktime = date2.strftime(“%Y-%m-%d %H:%M”)date3 = customer_data[‘create_date’] + timedelta(hours=17, minutes=35)schedule = date3.strftime(“%Y-%m-%d %H:%M”) 7. 8. 9. 10.

Delivery Route Optimization System. 6 Industries that will need to embrace a Modern Delivery Platform in 2021. ‘There are numerous Industries that have successfully made use of the delivery management software to comfort both the Seller and Buyer while on a shopping transaction.

6 Industries that will need to embrace a Modern Delivery Platform in 2021

However, the introduction of the modern delivery platform should instill more confidence in the customers to do their everyday shopping even at a hyperlocal market with facilities to track home deliveries.’ Why Proof of Delivery is a Key to Highly Efficient Delivery Operations? ‘There are only quite a few businesses that have their intricate processes aligned to help its delivery drivers take up a low risk and still afford to improve the delivery operations efficiently.

Why Proof of Delivery is a Key to Highly Efficient Delivery Operations?

Therefore, we have identified the list of Electronic Proof of Delivery Software’s that might reduce the operational cost and improve the delivery efficiency by multi-folds.’ In most of the situation, delivering a parcel requires implementing the Electronic Proof of Delivery Software. This software can essentially smoothen out the process and achieve the most efficient delivery operations at any time. With this stage of delivery, it reassures the task lists of logistics driver and then promises to innovate a low risky way of aggregate operational efficiency. How Do You Automate Your Delivery Business During The Quarantine?

The far and widespread of Corona Quarantine Zones have invoked Delivery Business Automation to perform its regular tasks all the more successfully while preventing the pandemic spread of the virus.

How Do You Automate Your Delivery Business During The Quarantine?

Hence we have drafted a few tips for the small delivery business to acquire and then take advantage of the quarantine period through Delivery Business Process Automation. During the current phase of Coronavirus Quarantine, many of the delivery business is getting proactive and more than necessitates for automation procedures to be included. And that is how a safely order food, takeout and grocery business can be operated reliably. Moreover, there is no evidence of coronavirus spread through food or food packaging since the germ infection last together for up to only 9 days. Presumably, this cannot be transmitted from a corona infected chef while the food is cooking.

Must-Have Features Of On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps. With on-demand applications flooding the smartphones, it comes as no surprise that the shoppers of today are much more likely to order everything online, rather than stand in long queues at the checkout aisle of the stores.

Must-Have Features Of On Demand Grocery Delivery Apps

And, by everything, we certainly mean even the groceries, in this case. On-demand grocery delivery still remains quite an underpenetrated section of the on-demand application, even though it is growing fast at a steady rate. There are big names in the business, such as Amazon and Walmart that are expanding their reach to deliver groceries across the cities all through the world. In spite of an increasing inclination to shop online for groceries, there is still a sizeable section of the population that would much rather visit the brick and mortar stores. And, the way to bring this section online and retaining the customers that are already there, lies in delivering a great on-demand grocery delivery app.

Five Tips to Run Your Courier Delivery Business Successfully. Starting up a business, whether you are just starting or are a seasoned manager, is an exciting process.

Five Tips to Run Your Courier Delivery Business Successfully

However, with so many huge competitors out there, it can be tricky to truly put your business out there. Whilst most organizations seem to have pristine courier delivery service, mostly they have very flawed processes. Customers are only using their services because they are not able to find a better alternative. How to start a small courier service business? Couriers & delivery management service There was a time when courier information and logistics services were all handled by humans.

How to start a small courier service business?

The data was manually structured, managed, and transferred from one site to another for courier service operations. Digital transformation has powerfully impacted almost everything under the sun, and courier services are no different. Businesses are expanding and taking up various other smaller-side businesses for streamlining profits. Building a sustainable courier service is on the cards with leading delivery management systems and dynamic data structuring for e-commerce, food delivery, and a lot more. How Deliveroo and Uber have scaled their business with delivery management system? Location-enabled services & delivery management systems Delivery management systems use regular streams of digital data in the form of location-enabled services and several point-to-point estimation applications.

How Deliveroo and Uber have scaled their business with delivery management system?

It is one of the most beautiful uses of location-based services that have helped the concept of location-relevant personalization be more prevalent and much more realistic. There are several factors involved in the detail performance analysis of delivery management system. They are entirely dependent upon the location-enabled services available on the server and on-field digital terminal each corresponding to a service handler. Role of delivery tracking system in Swiggy and Zomato. Location-based services & delivery system in 2019 The increasing importance of location-enabled services has created a “domino-effect.”

Role of delivery tracking system in Swiggy and Zomato

It catalyzed the aggressive use of delivery management systems. Versatile delivery management systems were exploited for better problem-solving; delivery tracking systems were incorporated in the complete digital business solution. These are magnificent, highly productive, and efficiency incrementing services. They are helping the companies make their way through the lanes of higher profit and a more personalized branded customer experience. How the Delivery Tracking Apps are Changing the Logistics Industry?

Driving global businesses, logistics industry is the bloodline of several modern business organizations.

How the Delivery Tracking Apps are Changing the Logistics Industry?

The latest in the technology innovations that steer logistics industry is the Delivery Tracking App. The survey conducted on the logistics and transportation industry in the US has revealed that the spending in this industry is around 8 percent of the US GDP. The way of performing business processes has been changing considerably, thanks to innovative technologies that keep invading regularly. Mobility solutions and the conveniently available Internet connectivity have ensured that it is inevitable for almost all types of industries to make use of business-centric mobile apps.

Pros and Cons of Developing a Food Delivery App for Your Business. Started nearly eight decades ago during the World War days when there was need for delivering food to the war-affected population, food delivery system has ever since remained essential and much sought-after in various parts of the planet. Now, in the modern times, it has gone through tremendous changes. Even today, the concept of ordering and getting food delivered at doorsteps undergoes continuous evolution.

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in the Market. Ever since digital means started imparting innovative technologies in the food delivery industry, a great transformation has occurred in the online food ordering and delivery business. Not just computers, mobile devices as well have been used extensively today, for online transactions.

In tune with the growth of the food service industry, on-demand food delivery business is expected to continue growing at a fast pace. There’s no wonder in the rapidly growing Food Delivery Management Software market in the contemporary world. How do food delivery companies manage their delivery boys? Last mile delivery, convenience, and food delivery business Last mile delivery and the accessibility of services reaching your doorstep has been the story of the decade. It is magical to see how the trend has laid its foundation, sustainably grew in its self and finally propagated before it has captured everyone’s eye.

It has opened up numerous business opportunities in different fields. How is the mobile app solving the problem of ocean pollution? Ocean pollution and its acuteness Ocean pollution is a disheartening result of one of the most ruthless acts of humankind over nature. Every year humans are dumping 6,500,000 tonnes of plastics into oceans. The number is continuously growing and needless to say, it is amounting for about 80% of the constituents that comprise ocean pollution. It is causing a havoc in the marine environment and making life extremely difficult for the aquatic flora and fauna out there. It is a matter of great concern because one of the primitive ecosystems, prevailing on earth is continuously disrupted at an alarming rate. ManageTeamz: 5 Challenges a Delivery Management System Can Help You Overcome.

Five ways Electronic Proof of Delivery can improve productivity. PoD: The trend born out of a need. Must Have Features for your Restaurant Delivery Management Software. The first and foremost thing to consider before developing a Restaurant Mobile App is the design that is user friendly and intuitive. How can app-based delivery services be more profitable? – ManageTeamz Blog. How Can Route Optimization Software Helps To Optimize Personal Delivery Routes? How to Minimize The Problems In Food Delivery Business? The old system of going to the restaurant, order your favorite food and wait for it to be parceled is becoming obsolete. Thanks to progressive technology and vibrant service being meted out by modern food businesses, the once time-consuming process of ordering food and the burden of manually visiting food joints for getting your preferred delicacies has given way to comfortable online ordering. Today, similar to mobile solutions in any other industry, food industry also offers convenient, quick, and easy food ordering and delivery solutions.

How Can A Logistics Company Reduce Its Delivery Cost? Cost reduction and productivity enhancement are the two major concerns in almost any modern business. How the Delivery Software is Helping Restaurants to Deliver Food on Time. Food industry has been keeping busy already; now, thanks to the entry of technology, restaurant business is seen to gain a lot. Which is the Best Food Delivery Management Software in UAE? Why? All over the world, prompt, proper and reliable food delivery has always been one sector that requires focus and disciplined approach, in the restaurant industry. How To Track Your Parcel Without A Tracking Number? Food Delivery Management Software. Why Do We Need The Delivery Tracking System? How to Choose the Right Logistics Delivery Management Software? Why Should Your Delivery Business Need Delivery Tracking Software?

Top Five Delivery Management Softwares for Delivery Businesses. Best approaches of Delivery Management Application. Ways To Improve Driver Performance with Delivery Driver Management Software. Ways To Improve Driver Performance with Delivery Driver Management Software. Easy Ways To Grow Your Food Delivery Business - Infographics. Smart Tips to Reduce Fuel Spend in Fleet Management – ManageTeamz. How Geofencing Can improve Your Fleet Operations? ManageTeamz – Delivery Management Web App: Version 1.3 Updates.

Regular Essential Tests for Fleet Maintenance. How Fleet Management Process Is Running Through Mobile App? Fleet Tracking App in India. How Do You Start A Locally Based Food Delivery Business? Diagnostic Tests You Should Be Doing Regularly For Your Fleet. What Are Some Innovations In Food Delivery Services? How to Build a Successful On-Demand Delivery App? Fleet Management Software Best Practices. Myths Busted About Switching To a Fleet Management Company. GPS Location Tracking App. What is the Future of Food Delivery? Field Force Tracking App. How Smartphones can Improve Fleet Management? How GPS can help in real life? Tips for effective Fleet Management Planning.

The Future Of Fleet Management. Asset Management Tips to Reduce Fleet Cost. Sign up-Team Management Software. How A Live Tracking App Empowers Employees? Tips to Improve Fleet Safety. Sign up-Delivery Management Software. Fleet Tracking App. Why Small Businesses Should Use Live Tracking Software? How Can Your Company Benefit From Delivery Management Software? -W2S Solutions Blog. Employee Management Software. Fleet Management Software for iOS - Android. Why a Fleet Management App is essential for your Business.

Live Tracking App for Fleets-Sales Team-Delivery Agents. Tracking App to manage your Delivery Agents.